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Mehndi, Bangladesh: Navin & Faika

Navin and Faika’s wedding celebration continued with the mehndi event, held at the poolside of their family home. Considering it was winter, the temperature was just right for an outdoor party (especially for a Malaysian like me who doesn’t like the cold!). It was quite an intimate event, with only close friends and family attending the event. I love the intricate mehndi art on the arms combined with the gorgeous bangles that were given as a gift to the guests.

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A Bangladeshi Wedding: Maisha’s Mehndi

Photographers: Mark and Andrew

It’s time I continued this series on Nabil and Maisha’s wedding. There’s just so much to share from their wedding that I have to put it in a few blog posts!

By the time Maisha’s mehndi rolled around, Alex and I had to travel back to Malaysia to cover another wedding. It was a really hectic week for me! I was just recuperating from my food poisoning and all that traveling made me a little tired. But it was really wonderful getting to know Nabil and Maisha, and experiencing the hospitality they extended to us. We were treated so well, like family. Not to be left out, Alex, Andrew and I participated in their holudh too… And our final photo with Nabil and Maisha before we left Dhaka.

The day we flew off, Mark landed in Dhaka. A new chapter began… so the following blog posts and images were entirely taken by Mark and Andrew.

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Raj & Charan, Mehndi

It was quite some time back that I blogged about Raj & Charan’s Maiyan & Sangeet ceremony. We’ve been so busy lately that blogging has taken a back seat. We have so many lovely shots to share from this wedding, that it cannot be done in just one or two posts. So I’ll be blogging about it over the next few days. Charan’s henna designs are so lovely! I admire the stamina that you need to have in order to wait for the design to be painted on, and then dry. She started her mehndi in the morning, and it was completed hours later, about 6pm!





Before and after…

20090905_wedding_raj_charan_1075 20090905_wedding_raj_charan_1146

More to come… here’s a sneak peek of Charan on her wedding day!