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Childhood Love: Reuben & Jacqueline

It began a long, long time ago in 1997, when they were just 7 years of age. On the second day of school, he kicked her in the butt when she annoyed him, which was a very interesting start to a ‘beautiful’ and colourful relationship. Since then, every time they met at school, they would fight and scream at each other, until friends had to intervene. This was almost a daily occurrence, as they could not stand the presence of each other. To make matters worse, as if it was not bad enough, they suddenly discovered that they were attending the same Sunday School. All hell broke loose. This chaos went on for years, until the year 2003.

That March, his family shifted away from PJ, leaving her behind. He was enrolled to a boy’s school, while she continued to go to her regular school. During this period of absence and peace, both of them hit puberty.

At the end of every year, he would come down to PJ during the school holidays. During that period, he would still attend Sunday School where he would bump into his long time enemy and arch nemesis and the fighting will start.

However, towards the end of 2005, things took a sharp turn, as he matured and became less volatile. It was then too that he suddenly felt a slight and unexplainable attraction towards her. He was astonished to see all those incredible changes she went through during puberty. It was as though she had just morphed into this beautiful and very attractive teenager.

It was during these moments that he decided to once and for all put an end to all their constant fighting and arguing. He took the first step by composing an apology letter for her. This incredible gesture, left a very deep and positive impression on her, as she accepted the letter. They became friends and in 2007, started a real and beautiful love relationship.

Videographers: Chi Yin, Delvin & Nick
Church Ceremony: St Peter’s Church, KL
Dinner Reception: HGH Convention Centre
Groom’s Attire: Spark Manshop (Tuxedo) / Manyavar (Sherwani)
Wedding Gown: Cocktail Evening
Evening Gown: Jayalakhshmi Textiles (India)
Shoes: Christy Ng
Make up & Hair: Blush Beauty and Beyond
Decorations: GS Win Decoration
Flowers: Wish Flora Garden-Petaling Street
Cake: Bachoven
Photography: Joshua Chan
Wedding Planner: Shamita Rajendran

The Wedding of Gary & Mun Hin

Photographers: Mark & Johan
Hair, Make Up, Wedding Gown & Groom’s Attire: Just Married
Decorations: Memories DeWedding
Videography: Istudio Productions
Dinner Entertainment: Happy Fish Productions
Dinner Reception: HGH Convention Centre, KL

While Grace was in Australia shooting Jamie & Ann’s wedding, Johan and I were in Malaysia at Gary & Mun Hin’s wedding. Shooting weddings brings a lot of blessings because as photographers we get to know our couples and this time it was a great blessing knowing both Gary and Mun Hin. As doctors (yes they are both doctors), I initially felt intimidated by two professionals but after meeting them, everything seemed to turned better than fine, it was amazing!

Gary met Mun Hin while they were studying and things just blossomed. Here’s their story from Mun Hin’s perspective…

We met each other during 1st year of medical school. During the orientation, my mom was the one to introduce me to him! Of course, we didn’t jump straight into the bandwagon, we became friends at first and then it got quite lonely when you’re away from family (haha!) and one thing led to another and we started dating. When i first saw him i thought he he was quite handsome and got attracted to him.

One thing interesting that happened when we were studying in India was that me and my housemate bought a scooter because EVERYONE owned a bike, and he tried to bring me one day on the scooter but instead got into an accident which required stitches at some places and after that, I was the one to bring him all around town on the bike for 2 ½ years.

We then went on to graduate together and also worked in the same hospital for about a year. So, altogether we’ve been in a relationship for about 7 years. Fast forward, to 2011, we are now getting hitched!

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