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Mark Leo

Catholic wedding ceremony: Aaron & Sheena

Dear Diane, Mark & Johan,

I meant to send this earlier, but I didn’t expect the week post-wedding to be equally as hectic as pre-wedding. I actually just wanted to drop a quick e-mail to let you know how awesome it was having you guys as my photographers.

I thoroughly enjoyed the times on-camera as well as off-camera. (Chewah, mcm celebrity, liddat!) Seriously, though, I’m so glad & grateful for how (unexpectedly) easy it was to get along with you, right from the start –  tbh, I didn’t expect that having photographers around would be such a pleasant experience. I was surprised at how comfortable I was with you & how much fun I had just hanging out with you guys during those brief moments after the ceremony/during the luncheon/dinner.

It was a genuine pleasure for me to have you around, so much so I felt as though you were actual guests at my wedding. Having said that, I can understand how you might not share the same viewpoint, seeing as the cameras would’ve been a weighty reminder of the work at hand. All the same, thank you for being such great company.

Thank you, Diane, for all the chats & e-mails, and for all those gentle reminders – yep, I know we’re due to think of that extra song :) It was great to finally meet you in person – I’m so happy you came to photograph my wedding! :D :D – & you are just as nice as you sound over Gtalk. True story. I bet most brides say this, but we really should hang out sometime. Any friend of Switchfoot is a friend of mine & Aaron’s :) (Btw, I’ve got Vice Verses on repeat in my car – that’s probably going to run until I get the new David Crowder album.)

Mark, thank you for enduring my numerous rants regarding the breakdown of my precious system & my “Y U NO [insert appropriate bridezilla expectation here]?!?” Despite how the photo-session went up in flames – in FLAMES, Mark – I was actually present in each moment of my day & enjoyed it, from the chilled-out make-up session, to the ceremony (thank you SO much for giving me no cause for concern during the Mass – I personally thought you did a brilliant job of being unobstrusive & yet the pictures still turned out fabulous ;) to the dinner.

Btw, one of my overseas guests was particularly impressed with the slideshow you put together, esp. considering the limited amount of time you had. As was I: Thank you so much for highlighting what, or rather, Who was & is at the centre of Aaron’s & my union, and I noticed that the pictures came together beautifully at the chorus, so well done :)

Johan, we saw those great shots you’d taken from the balcony. My mother-in-law also made special mention of how you’d subtly (hehe) grouped the guests during the toasting & the different angles you used. Thank you for the efforts you took to to get those quirky & candid shots that I was hoping for, esp. at the main table. (LOL-ing at how you had to recall me from the meet-and-greet for the slideshow during the dinner!) It was a real pleasure encountering you & your sense of humour, and I know my sister was happy to put a face to the gentleman who was so impressed with her Gantt chart, haha!

All in all, I thank God the actual day went the way it did, and that He made our paths cross the way He did. Thank you for being a part of our wedding & I hope you enjoyed yourselves in our company as much as we did in yours. Looking forward ’til we next meet again. In the meantime, take care & God bless!

Yours sincerely,


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Wedding in Danna Hotel, Langkawi: Howard & Seok Poh

Photographers: Mark & Ben
Location: Danna Hotel, Langkawi
Wedding Gown: Noel Chu (HK)
Make Up: Pick-a-brush
Decorations: Darling Florist
Wedding Planner / Wedding Table Stationery: Sheau Hanng Ngui / Hanngevent

Howard & Seok Poh have been dating for almost 10 years ever since they got to know each other through the Malaysian Society in Imperial College, London where they were studying. A long distance relationship was inevitable but eventually, the both of them ended up working in Hong Kong.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of city life in a huge metropolitan area where the human density per square kilometer is one of the highest in the world, both Howard and Seok Poh decided to come back to Malaysia and have a wonderful wedding ceremony and dinner amongst close friends and family. Not only that, it was held on the beautiful island of Langkawi.

What more can you ask for? Beautiful white sand for a beach wedding, a huge tent by the seaside for the dinner and great friends and family to celebrate with. That is definitely a dream wedding come true. The atmosphere was perfect, the wind was blowing and both the couple were so relaxed that they decided to have fun and games before the ceremony. So much so a group of them decided to have a water polo match!

Housed at the beautiful and new Danna Hotel in Langkawi, it was great fun shooting and capturing their moments. Even through the weather and rain, both Howard and Seok Poh continued on with the events and everything turned out beautifully including the after party party!

Have a great marriage!

– Mark –

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The Wedding of Gary & Mun Hin

Photographers: Mark & Johan
Hair, Make Up, Wedding Gown & Groom’s Attire: Just Married
Decorations: Memories DeWedding
Videography: Istudio Productions
Dinner Entertainment: Happy Fish Productions
Dinner Reception: HGH Convention Centre, KL

While Grace was in Australia shooting Jamie & Ann’s wedding, Johan and I were in Malaysia at Gary & Mun Hin’s wedding. Shooting weddings brings a lot of blessings because as photographers we get to know our couples and this time it was a great blessing knowing both Gary and Mun Hin. As doctors (yes they are both doctors), I initially felt intimidated by two professionals but after meeting them, everything seemed to turned better than fine, it was amazing!

Gary met Mun Hin while they were studying and things just blossomed. Here’s their story from Mun Hin’s perspective…

We met each other during 1st year of medical school. During the orientation, my mom was the one to introduce me to him! Of course, we didn’t jump straight into the bandwagon, we became friends at first and then it got quite lonely when you’re away from family (haha!) and one thing led to another and we started dating. When i first saw him i thought he he was quite handsome and got attracted to him.

One thing interesting that happened when we were studying in India was that me and my housemate bought a scooter because EVERYONE owned a bike, and he tried to bring me one day on the scooter but instead got into an accident which required stitches at some places and after that, I was the one to bring him all around town on the bike for 2 ½ years.

We then went on to graduate together and also worked in the same hospital for about a year. So, altogether we’ve been in a relationship for about 7 years. Fast forward, to 2011, we are now getting hitched!

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A Bangladeshi Wedding: Nabil & Maisha’s Walima

Photographers: Mark & Andrew

The final post from Nabil & Maisha’s wedding – the walima. It’s the event where the men come dressed in their best suits, guests dine and enjoy each other’s company.

When you have such beautiful weather (I love the cool weather!) and out in the open, the entire place decked with gorgeous decoration and my absolute favourite, fairy lights, a seemingly normal venue is turned into one that is just beautiful and magical. Nabil and Maisha did such a great job with the wedding. I did say that the weather was cold, because Andrew was really freezing through the night. But me, I just love the weather and the idea of having little pits of fire burning where guests could just go and stand by them to keep warm.

So much attention was paid to the little details, the decorations for each place setting for guests, the cut out pieces of butterflies, the colour scheme of the tents, the waterfall behind the bride and the groom and all down to the choices of flowers and stage decorations. It was truly a sight to behold.

Check out the customized tag on the Giorgio Armani suit.

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Eric & Chew Yong

Dinner Reception: Concorde Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Photographers: Mark Leo & Ian Chew

I had a fantastic time shooting both Eric and Chew Yong’s wedding recently. The two of them met at work (gosh imagine that!) and now they are getting married. Throughout the day, there was never a dull moment as Eric’s friends were so sporting as well as enthusiastic in trying to help Eric get through some of the toughest challenges in the morning. Check out the photos below to see how tough they were.

The girls started the morning preparing all of their special “concoction” for the guys.

Meet Chew Yong, doesn’t she look beautiful here?

Eric and his “heng tais” before leaving for Chew Yong’s house. These guys are super dedicated!

One of the tasks, brush your teeth using wasabi as toothpaste! Talk about burning your mouth.

Brushing their teeth wasn’t enough, they even had wasabi put all over one of the “heng tai” where the rest of the guys had to lick it off.

Next task, bursting the balloon whilst eating a banana off the other guy. Seriously, the guys just did all of this without complaining and did it with gusto!

The guys even had a special shirt made for the wedding.

After leaving Chew Yong’s place, we headed over to their new home for a couple more shots.

I love the wallpapers in their new place, it looks so classy and elegant. They really have an eye for interior designing.

A big thanks goes to Ian Chew who helped me with the wedding throughout the day.

Watch the same day slideshow by clicking on the link below.

[flv:http://www.stories.my/wp-content/uploads/2010/slideshows/ericchewyong.flv http://www.stories.my/wp-content/uploads/2010/slideshows/ericchewyong.jpg 700 394]