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Lovin’ You Like Coffee in the Morning: Chee Kiang & Jolene

A wedding that had a lot of heart and planning in it. From her Pinterest boards to frequent discussions with friends…Jolene gave her all as she planned her wedding. I loved the many DIY details that were present at her wedding and the coffee theme that was very strong (pun intended!) at the dinner reception. People who are coffee lovers know that people who love coffee group together like a cult. It was great that they even had a booth to serve cappuccino and lattes during the cocktail session before dinner.

The outdoor wedding ceremony was held at Holiday Inn Glenmarie. About an hour or so before the wedding was supposed to start, it poured. Even though the wedding set up was shielded under a gazebo, still, the rain poured in through the sides. But Chee Kiang and Jolene didn’t panic. It all turned out well in the end because the rain stopped in time, and there was a cool breeze that enveloped the place as they said their vows.


Pierre & Lay See, Holiday Inn, Melaka

One week prior to Pierre & Lay See’s actual wedding day, they had another grand dinner. This time, it was held at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Malacca. The theme: Chinese. I absolutely love the thought that went into every little detail of the wedding. Definitely one of the best decorated dinner halls I have ever seen! Don’t you agree with me?



Pink was the colour theme of the night. Lay See had 3 lovely dresses to wear, just that night itself!

20090711_WEDDING_PIERRE_LAYSEE_0032.jpg 20090711_WEDDING_PIERRE_LAYSEE_0074.jpg



20090711_WEDDING_PIERRE_LAYSEE_0149.jpg 20090711_WEDDING_PIERRE_LAYSEE_0174.jpg


I think Lay See looks absolutely gorgeous.



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