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Akad Nikah: Amir & Halina

This couple seems to be complete opposites – he is an extrovert, loves the outdoors, enjoying time with friends, and taking photos. She, on the other hand, prefers to cuddle up at home reading a book or watching light hearted romantic comedies. A bit like a yin and yang, seemingly opposite in some ways, but still sharing and holding the same principal values that are important to them namely family and friends.

The fact that they are opposites is what makes the relationship work. They make sure each other is grounded or at times flying high. They balance each other’s extremes well, be it work, or leisure. Each personality trait complements the other, and it only brings out best of each other.

We love how their personalities really shone through in this wedding, and how relaxed Amir looked as he said his vows (though we’re pretty sure he must have been nervous!). The pantun exchange was a really nice touch, and we love the candid moments caught on video. Watch their highlights here!

The first time they met… 

Halina: I did not realise it was a set up till months later, but Amir realised what was happening as our common friend kept nudging him to find out about what he thought of me. We only met up a couple months’ later, at a friend’s birthday event. The next day, he messaged me to ask about my New Year eve’s plans. I was surprised as to how he had my number, only to later realise that our common friend passed him my number without telling/asking me first! He invited me to meet with a group of friends for New Years eve, which i declined. However, at the last minute, i attended it in the end. That started the ball rolling and we had our “First” date on 1 January 2013. And here we are now :) .

Amir – I didn’t know it was a set up either, but got the hint during the course of dinner. I wasn’t really sure at first what I needed to do and since she was travelling for work a lot, it didn’t cross my mind to immediately ask her out. It was at a second meeting that I told her friends I’d be interested to date her. And they helped out during the NYE party at the friends house. It was till a few months later that we decided to seriously date, but we both had some hectic work schedules at the time. Our first movie date was “Oz the Great and Powerful”.
Though we don’t necessarily share a similar taste for music and movies all the time, but we both give each other our space and enjoy it doing things together.

Videographers: The Stories Team (Chi Yin, Delvin, Nick)
Dinner Reception: KL Hilton
Wedding Gown: White and Lacy
Evening Gown: Amata Wedding Studio
Make up & hair: Jasmine Yoong
Shoes: Lewre and Nine West
Photographers: Funky Dali
Dinner Entertainment: Mosaic Entertainment
Wedding Planners: Sherly of Tie the Knot

Wedding of Wei Zhen & Jaclyn

Sumo. That just about sums up the fun session Wei Zhen and his heng tais had while getting to Jaclyn at her residence. I was just so tickled at this giant ‘blow-up’ sumo outfit that the guys had to use and dance to! (You HAVE to watch the video above). It was lots of great fun. Jaclyn looked stunning in her Vera Wang gown and Christian Louboutin shoes. Her attention to detail was just amazing at this wedding. Lots of little finishing touches, including the Lego representative of the both of them in front of the Sydney Opera House. Here’s a glimpse into their lives as they share their story with us.

Their Story

Jaclyn’s Account: The first time I met Wei Zhen was in primary school. We were in the same school and tuition class for 3 years but unfortunately due to Wei Zhen’s short memory span, he doesn’t remember anything. We briefly met again at a dinner with a group of friends right after we graduated from university (with pictures as proof) and again Wei Zhen doesn’t remember either. He finally realises the presence of his soon-to-be wife 16 years later in a ‘lovely’ (notice my sarcasm here) suburb of Sydney known as Woolloomooloo (it is Sydney’s Red Light District btw). He claimed that he had been trying to go after me for a year but I didn’t notice (revenge for not remembering me for more than 16 years). So now I am stuck with him for the next 16 years (or more) of my life haha!

Wei Zhen’s Account: It was love at first sight when I first met Jaclyn at my “lovely” apartment at Woolloomooloo. We were introduced by two of our very close friends, Chun Yang and Siau Yun. Going after Jaclyn requires careful and meticulous planning. Winning Jaclyn’s heart is a gradual process. I asked Jaclyn out for dinner, but the response was neutral. I tried the “what about us going for coffee together” trick, the response was also neutral. OK, I have to up my game on this, as I’m going nowhere. I bought an ice cream maker and decided to “test” it at Jaclyn’s place. She said yes, and invited me over to her place. My initial thoughts: YES LA, SCORED. Turned out, as soon as I entered Jaclyn’s apartment, her best friend emerged from behind and went, HI GUYS! Nevertheless, 1 year later, I succeeded. I finally sealed the deal by buying her 2 chocolate tarts from her favourite bakery. Everything else is history, and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with the woman I love: Jaclyn Goh.

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Glam, Glitter and Fast Cars: The Wedding of Nicholas and Lina


From their pre-wedding shoot in Krabi, Thailand to the beautiful garden ROM at Carcosa Seri Negara and now, to their actual wedding day, Nicholas and Lina’s wedding celebrations are full of epic moments. I am not really a car person, but my jaw did drop when I was told that the wedding vehicle entourage would consist of some superbikes, Maseratis, Porsches, Bentleys, Ferraris, and a Rolls-Royce. Did I even miss out anything? Needless to say, when they arrived at Lina’s home on the day of the wedding, the entire neighbourhood could hear the revving of the engines from these luxury cars.

So, you can tell that Nicholas is the kind of guy who loves fine things. He loves his fast cars and is a cool kind of guy. Once he sets his eyes on something he likes, it stays for a long time. With Lina, Nicholas becomes a soft-hearted person who delights in pleasing and pampering her… treating her like a queen.

If you watch their fusion wedding video here and also, the extended version of their wedding video highlight at the bottom, you’ll see with your eyes and hear with your heart the amount of love these two share with each other.



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The Wedding of Paul Tan & Jenny Phang

Prior to our first meet up, I had never met Paul Tan, the famous car blogger. I only knew about him through my husband, Alex, who one day, told me that I might get a call from Paul asking about wedding photography. And one day, I did receive an sms from Paul. Since he was traveling, and Jenny was in Sibu, it was really challenging to arrange for a meet up. Eventually, everything was discussed over email and sms, and shortly after, the Stories team was booked to photograph their wedding.

Ok I do admit that I sometimes google up or ‘check out’ my clients on Facebook, just to get a feel of who they are. Especially so when I have never met them in person. So I went to Paul’s Facebook page, and one of the first few things I saw was this photo of his wife posted on his wall… it said “Biniku gangster”. (translated, it means, my wife’s a gangster). Uh, she did look a little formidable in that photo, and I wasn’t sure what I was in for.

Fast forward to our first meet up (which was a few days before the wedding!), and I thought, Jenny has got to be the worst gangster ever! She was actually the sweetest thing, and really friendly too. I found out that she is a doctor working in Sibu, Sarawak. Being physically away made it a lot harder to plan their wedding, but eventually, they got around to it and everything came together.

I also discovered that Paul’s a man of few words (in person at least!), and my first impression of him was that he seems to be a really serious person. I found out that they met while schooling at Victoria Institution, and one of their favourite hobbies is eating together (that is soooo Malaysian!).

Well, enough said, here are some of the photos from their wedding day, including the same day slideshow that was shown during dinner. Congratulations, Paul and Jenny!

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Portraits: Kelvin & Corvy

Photographer: Grace
Make Up & Hair: Charlie from Michelle Touche team
Location: KL Hilton & Lake Gardens

What do you get from you combine a hot mom, a cool dad and a really cute kid?

Amazing images!

Corvy has a presence that is just so magnetic; when she is in a room, you can’t help but look at her. She carries herself well, has amazing poise, grace and exudes charm. I am sure that was what attracted Kelvin to Corvy in the first place. Kelvin is a man with style as well. Corvy’s charm and Kelvin’s calm demeanour and soothing voice make them such an alluring couple. Meeting after meeting at the KL Hilton for drinks and long chats soon turned to romance.

This December, they will be having an intimate reception to celebrate their love. I love it that even after a pregnancy and childbirth, Kelvin and Corvy makes the time to shoot some portraits! And here are the photos from the shoot…

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