Wedding Video Highlights: Heng Hooi & Chyi Chern

Gosh, it’s already February! Happy Chinese New Year to those who are still in the holiday mood and not feeling like doing any work. :) As for me, I had a great time with my family who flew in from Australia, New York and Malacca. Yup, we ate and ate and talked about everything under the sun. Ok to kick start this week, I’ll share a video from a wedding that happened a few months ago. Heng Hooi and Chyi Chern are such friendly people, they are genuine and are not afraid to show their emotions during their wedding day!

Here’s their story as told by the groom:
We met over work where she was acting for the purchaser while I was the adviser for the seller. To this day, she swears that her first impression of me was that I was a loud person but helpful person. And all this while, I always thought that she found me smart and charming during the time we worked together. Sigh! My first impression of her was that she was wearing a blue skirt and she was very cheerful, pretty and funny. I guess it was these characteristics that made me want to get to know her more even though we were, so to speak, on opposing sides. As we spent more time together, we began to notice that our thinking and characteristics were closely similar. Who says that only opposites attract each other… Its because of these similarities that make me believe we fit so well with each other. Guess one can say in a cheesy way that we were meant to meet each other and share a life together.


Photographers & Videographers: Stories Team (Grace, Jamie, Chi Yin, Delvin & Nick)
Wedding & Evening Gown: That Special Occasion
Groom’s Suit: Hugo Boss
Make up & Hair: Aivy Yong
Shoes: Celest Thoi
Decorations: Flower Frenzie & Wishing Tree
Dinner Reception & Cake: Doubletree by Hilton
Dinner Entertainment: Malcolm Music

Singapore & KL: Pre-Wedding of Andrew & Katrina

We went everywhere. From the beach to the garden and also the city, Andrew and Katrina’s pre-wedding shoot was as epic as their wedding. We recently completed a 3 week wedding marathon with this couple but more on that later! I’m really glad we had the opportunity to be part of this amazing wedding and got to know this really warm and friendly couple. From the start, we were treated like friends instead of vendors. It just feels as if you’ve journeyed along with long-lost friends.

It was 9 years ago that Andrew and Katrina met each other but unfortunately, they were both attached at that time. But as fate would have it, 5 years ago, they bumped into each other at a club. It was already closing time, and the lights had come on. At the corner of his eye, Andrew spotted Katrina as she was being whisked out of the club. He quickly rushed to her and grabbed her by the hand.

Katrina turned, about to land a huge punch on this creep who dared to hold her hand. But much to her delight, it was Andrew… who told her to call him the next day.

The next day came but the call never came through. On the second day, Andrew ‘poked’ her on Facebook, and Katrina called him back… somehow she couldn’t remember meeting him at the club! (Andrew claims she was really drunk).

And so a beautiful journey started as #katandrew.


Family Portraits at the Studio: Chris & Anusha

Ever since Chris and I had decided on doing an official photo shoot with our precious baby girl Vida Nevara Gavin, we knew that there was no doubt in our selection for the photographer it had to be Grace! We loved our wedding photos done by her so much, that we still look at them until today with such happiness that it brings back such amazing memories of that special day! Vida came into our lives on 11 Feb 2014, weighing 2.7kg and we never knew how much we could love such a little human until we had her. We wanted to do a shoot when she was a bit older, so we could really capture the essence of her and she could move around more. She has such a wonderful spirit about her and we already see a strong personality about her, which Grace managed to capture in the photos, her big eyes and cheeky laugh will let her get away with murder (in our eyes) and she does what she wants, when she wants, no one can tell her otherwise! We are so lucky to have been blessed with her and we are so glad we got to document this part of our lives with Stories! 

– Chris & Anusha –

20150123_FAMILYPORTRAITS_CHRIS_ANUSHA_VIDA_028Aaaw, thanks for the wonderful testimonial, Chris and Anusha! I am so happy to have been able to see your family grow. That is one of the most biggest job satisfactions I get as a photographer! Honestly, when we did the shoot, I was a bit worried as Vida was really in a world of her own … she is exactly as you described, curious and with a strong personality! I am glad I could capture the energy this little girl has and the love between the 3 of you. Truly, we cannot imagine how much our heart can expand to love someone until we hold another life in our hands. Lots of love to all of you!


Catholic wedding at Church of Divine Mercy: Lionel & Rebecca

Lionel_Rebecca_001“I had to level up my charm in order to convince her to change her mind…”

Lionel and Rebecca met back in 2006 when they were studying for their Certificate in Legal Practice at the Brickfields Asia College. Unfortunately for Lionel, Rebecca didn’t quite notice him until he made extra effort in charming her with his good looks, intelligence and persistence!

Rebecca: We clicked well but I never thought much of him back then. Not long after, he started to appear at my doorstep unannounced to surprise me. It started with one of our usual MSN conversations and I mentioned that I was craving for an Oreo Mcflurry. About an hour or so later and around 11pm, my doorbell rang – the boy had gone to the nearest McDonalds to get that Oreo Mcflurry and rushed to my place just so that I could have my ice-cream.

I remember being stunned and I felt compelled to invite him in and to share the ice-cream with him since he had come all the way. I also remember being embarrassed because I was dressed in ‘home clothes’ and totally unprepared for visitors at that hour! From then on, Lionel started to surprise me more and did nice things for me. Just before the exam, he bought a whole box of brands essence of chicken to keep me going. Picked me up and gave me a lift to class when I was not feeling well. Even changing seats in class just so he could sit next to me (and ignoring the teasing in the process).

Lionel is a pretty shy and quiet person but clearly, he was not shy in showing that he was interested! Eventually, he expressed his interest with a bouquet of flowers. I was not sure if I was interested at that time but some time later, I decided to give it a go and I’m glad I did.

Throughout our 7 year relationship, we have had way more ups and downs. Lionel is incredibly calm, patient, supportive and kind. He balances the impatient side of me and accepts me for who I am including my faults. He gives the warmest hugs and makes me feel safe. He tells me I’m beautiful even when I’m not looking or feeling it. He tells me “its okay” when I’ve been silly. He makes me laugh. He enjoys going shopping with me. He shows me the respect every girl wants. I cannot get any luckier than that.

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Wedding Video Highlight: Stephen & Jen

Stephen and Jen love each other so much, they got married to each other over and over again! They had not one, but 3 ceremonies, with 2  Western ceremonies in the UK and the 3rd one in KL. Stephen who grew up in the UK, thought it would be really different and fun to participate in the Chinese tradition of ‘picking up the bride’. He was such a sport and even donned a Chinese outfit for the wedding (though initially, he lacked the pants that went with it!). Jen loves to laugh, and it was obvious that these two enjoy life and experiencing many different things together.

Watch their wedding video highlight to find out more:


Videographers: Stories team (Chi Yin, Delvin, & Nick)
Location & Cake: Prince Hotel, KL
Wedding Gown: Pronovias
Evening Gown: Divine Couture
Groom’s Attire: Aspey
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Make up & Hair: Chufan
Photographer: Sih Han Photography