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You’ll Never Walk Alone: Pre-wedding of Andrew & Desiree

Andrew and Desiree are one of those couples who instantly make the ‘friend’ list the moment you meet them. They’re friendly, warm, and thoughtful. After our pre-wedding shoot, they even gave us a box of chocolates and a hand-written card, which really made our day! We photographed their wedding at Pulai Springs Resort, JB recently but before we share those images, here are some of the photos from their pre-wedding shoot.


A Parisian Pre-Wedding: Jun Ven & Adelene

It’s been more than 10 years since I got to know Jun Ven while studying in college. We had a group of mutual friends, and through the years, got to know each other better over mamak sessions, church, holidays like to Mulu caves and lots of other gatherings. He’s one steady, collected and easy going guy. Adelene, on the other hand, came into the picture a few years ago when she waltzed into Jun Ven’s working life as an intern in Maxis. I remember him telling me a long time ago that one of the things that attracted him to her was her chatty-ness! Yup, she’s sociable, is a kick-ass badminton player, and a driven person, especially when it comes to her career. She now helms the operations behind this amazing business venture called MyTeksi… if you are a regular taxi user, you should definitely find out more about it!

Since their wedding is this weekend, I thought I’d post a few images from their pre-wedding shoot as a prelude to the big day! And you guessed it right, their wedding is Parisian themed!

Congratulations, Jun Ven and Adelene! So happy for the both of you! Looking forward to the wedding this weekend… hope you managed to get some rest and are not too stressed with last minute preparation details!

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A funky pre-wedding in KLPAC: Kenny & Grace

The 3 of us have something in common. Kenny, Grace and I. Of course, the fact that Grace’s name is Grace, scores like, 100 points with me.  All Graces are cool. :)

But no, Kenny’s middle name is not Grace. The common ground we all share is the fact that each of us worked at the same place at one point in our lives. Many years ago, when I was a freelance video editor, I was based in a company called Edit House, and that was where I met Kenny for the first time. My first impression of him was that he was a really friendly and chatty guy. After my 2 month job ended, I left and we didn’t really keep in touch after that. Some time later, Grace joined the same company and that’s where they both met.

Sometime this year, I got a call from Kenny, and surprisingly I still had his number stored there! We chatted and he told me about his wedding and wanting to do a pre-wedding photo shoot – sorta gothic style, sorta street grungy and yet silly. When I met Grace for the first time, I thought…wow, they seem sooooo different! She came across as this sweet, gentle girl who spoke softly. Opposites attract?

But then again, as the shoot progressed, I realized she also had this funky and silly streak in her that matched Kenny’s. :)

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