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Raw, Vintage & Classic: En Ruey & Jas Min’s Pre-Wedding

One of the things I love about my job is the ability to connect with my clients. Photographing people is such a personal task, and making them feel comfortable and look confident in front of the camera is a challenge I take to heart. Just knowing that I have managed to capture the essence of a person through my images makes me really happy. That’s how I keep going on and on, year after year, even though physically, the job is really tiring.

En Ruey and Jas Min, I am really glad that we could connect and get along so easily. I love all the random locations you brought me to, and of course, all the fun ideas you had! My two photography sessions with you and your family made me feel like long lost family members; I feel so welcomed. En Ruey, thank your mom too for the brunch after the shoot! I am looking forward to your wedding this January!


By En Ruey (Henry): Having done a family shoot with Grace a few weeks before, I was confident the indoor shoots would go relatively well. I was however very worried for the two outdoor shoots as we didn’t opt for the usual outdoor pre-wedding locations and went guerrilla instead. One of the locations we scouted was a piece of undeveloped land full of lalang, trees and was very secluded. To make matters worse, I heard a rumor the night before that a couple and their photographer got robbed at the exact location so I was quite stressed for everyone’s safety. But it was all for naught as nothing untoward actually happened on the day of the shoot.


The first shot of the day was a walk-by in front of some steel structures and vines with the morning sun hanging low in the background. Being directed by Grace on how to stand and where to walk while being engrossed in each other made it so easy. After taking a few shots, she walked up grinning and showed us the shot on camera and it was absolutely beautiful. To me, that really set the tone for the day and we really got into the shoot after that and went all out.

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Pre-Wedding: Christina & Sze Mai

Photographer: Grace
Hair & Make Up: Shinny Ong
Gown: Pretty in White

It’s amazing how two paths can cross… two distinctly different people who are opposites of each other, and yet these same two souls connect, and a relationship is formed. Christina and Sze Mai (also known as SM) first crossed paths as colleagues. Initially, there was nothing more than work that connected the both of them, but eventually, they started hanging out as friends, became best friends cum confidante, and eventually, discovered that they complemented and understood each other well.

Right from the start of the relationship, they talked about all things under the sun… from life, to marriage, childbearing, parenthood, religion… They held no qualms about discussing everything in life. Personally, I think the best relationships are formed this way, when couples start out as best friends. :)

Christina: What I love about SM… He is always the quiet and calm guy that takes everything in stride and is extremely patient! Since the start, we talked about everything… and I even told him about my dream proposal, wedding and future! He had always initiated the question to marry him right from the start, and I always joked, “Hey, where’s the protocol of a real proposal?”

SM: She’s always the happy and optimistic one and she keeps me in high spirits whenever she is around. Her smile, laughter and cute antics just lighten me up immediately. She always knew what she wanted, and I see that as her strength. I had always known that she is the one for me, and I knew that I wanted to give her a great proposal; which she would never forget.

A quiet beach. A relaxing vacation. What better way to propose!

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Pre-Wedding: Noel & Hui Yi

Photographer: Grace
Hair & make up: Doris
Wedding gown: Pretty In White
White lacy umbrella: Crafio
Location: Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya

It was 4am in the morning. Hui Yi woke up to discover her eyes were red, puffy and swollen. It wasn’t because of the lack of sleep the night before. It wasn’t normal. But with the courage to carry on, and under the talented hands of Doris, the make up artist, Hui Yi was transformed. When I rolled around to Pullman Hotel at 7am, I didn’t even realize her eyes were swollen.

Thank God for amazing make up artists, and for clients who have faith in them and also their photographer.

Hui Yi told me before the shoot that Noel is quite camera shy. I reassured her that 80% of my brides tell me their grooms are camera shy or don’t really like taking photos. Most times I meet my clients before our photography session, but when they live overseas or time does not permit, I only get to meet them on the shoot day. In a short span of time, I have to build a rapport with my clients and get them to feel comfortable with me. It’s definitely a challenge but I do enjoy the process!

Noel travels a lot for work and so this meant that a long distance relationship was necessary. I do respect couples who despite the distance, manage to make the relationship work. It takes resilience, patience, and also lots and lots of love!

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