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Church Wedding at Luther Centre: Jeremy & Melissa

Jeremy and Melissa’s wedding had all the elements that made it special for us as a team. It included a cool couple who really cared about us as individuals (not just as vendors), lots of interesting moments like when Jeremy took out his wedding vow ‘scroll’, Melissa’s vows that was sung emotionally, and a rather unconventional dinner reception with friends at an industrial area in USJ. I loved how there were lots of personalised touches to the wedding, like how Jeremy’s father officiated the wedding ceremony itself, all the DIY decor and flowers and the bride’s gown that included lace from her mother’s wedding dress. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously at their wedding! We wish you years of adventure as you put God first in your marriage!

Do watch their wedding slideshow for more photos and to hear Melissa’s beautiful voice as she sings her vows.

The #jeremelized story

I (Jeremy) first met Mel on a trip to Penang in 2008. She was the choir master of the carolling team and my first impression (in my defence, she was in work clothes) was that she was this older lady because she was so capable and talented. The next day, I wound up sitting next to her at breakfast and telling bad jokes and puns. I have no recollection of her next to me but she’ll tell you that she was wondering who this scrawny noisy boy was.

We properly met in university in 2009 when she came down from Penang to do her degree and we were group mates (and became good friends) for 3.5 whole years! We were dating other people at the time and Mel thought I was immature. I obviously thought differently. We saw each other (along with 3 other friends who are our groomsmen and bridesmaids respectively) through ups and downs, tough time and happy times, we celebrated and we cried, we worked together in various committees and on various projects and assignments.

Fast forward to 2014, we were both single and I was interested in Mel. We had stayed good friends after graduation and so I decided to tell her I was interested in her. I did, and she rejected me. Boo. But we decided to remain friends and continued spending time together until one day.. I’ll let her tell this part..

I (Melissa) always thought of Jeremy as a really great friend. In fact, he was my first friend in university! A mutual friend had introduced us and tasked Jeremy with looking out for me and getting me settled into uni. As time went on in uni, we worked well together but I’d always found him rather overprotective and annoying. Having said that, we did have lots of fun together but mostly in a group context.

Fast forward to 2014, we were both working in the university itself. We started spending more time together doing projects, mostly helping other people with whatever was needed. We did some music gigs with friends, and photography gigs together. Later in the year, I did my honours year in uni, and needed help with stats. Guess who came to the rescue!

The first time he told me he was interested in me, it wasn’t a surprise. Many people had forewarned me, but I was totally uninterested. Partly because I didn’t want to spoil the relationship we already had, and partly because I felt our personalities were too different (he’s way too emotional) and there was no way we’d get through a romantic relationship because it would be too hard to sort out those differences (for me).

One day after he’d dropped me home, as I was walking into the house, I felt a strange warm, prodding feeling and a voice at the back of my head that whispered “give him a chance!”. It took me 2 whole months to think about it but finally I thought perhaps I should put aside my pride and give this boy a chance :)

And so, I did! But how to tell him? To be honest, in the last 2 months, we’d actually been growing closer as well – he acted very differently after expressing interest the first time. It was as if he’d let go of trying to impress me and he really started being himself more. I enjoyed that. To cut the long story short I sneakily made him take me out for dinner, and told him we needed to talk about “the future”. I thought he’d gotten the hint! But trust me, boys often DO NOT get the hint. He took me to a fancy restaurant, dressed up all nice for that, even made a song request for me (that the pianist never played), and we talked about all our plans…. but NEVER got to talking about US! When we reached the car after a lovely evening, he offered me his hand and I held it back.. thinking it was time to talk about us! Still nothing.

Finally I said, “are we going to talk about this?”
“What?” he asked.
“THIS!” I said, holding his hand up and shaking it in his face.

So we talked.

And the rest as they love to say, is history.

We gave each other a month to “try” what being in a romantic relationship would be like for us. It was strange, but comfortable. The long time we had together as group mates, friends, committee leaders etc. was very good in providing us situations (often stressful) to really get to know one another and learn how to work with each other, and thus being in a relationship was just like another day in the life of Mel and Jem (what I call Jeremy).

All this has led us to today; we’ve been dating since 20 Nov 2014, and he asked me to marry him on his birthday, 8 May 2016. We’re getting registered on my birthday, 21 Dec 2017! No excuses for forgetting celebrations! While we do have our ups and downs, I think over the years we have learned to communicate better, fight better and are continually improving on working together as a team. He’s my favourite partner, the person I would always pick first to be on my team as I can see that together, we accomplish so much more. We’re so thankful for all that God has done in our lives and can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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Blue & Yellow Sunflowery Goodness: Wedding of Steven & Marilyn

Steven and Marilyn are such bubbly, fun characters, it’s no wonder they chose a bright yellow, sunflower theme for their wedding. We love how the bright blue pops in relation to the yellow too. Everything from the wedding invite, to the flowers, decorations and even Marilyn’s custom made cheongsam adhered to the theme colours!

Some of their friends also came dressed according to theme. From Day1 of the proposal, both Marilyn and Steven were really involved in the whole wedding planning process. Steven’s one of those grooms who actually ENJOY planning a wedding (not like some other grooms we have encountered who prefer to just pay and let the bride plan the wedding!). He is a meticulous guy, always looking at details whereas Marilyn’s a big picture person. So they complement each other in so many ways.

By the way, a bit of interesting info about Marilyn… her dad used to own the one and only ‘go-to’ photo studio in PJ called Photo Beauty Light. Apparently, everyone used to go there for graduation and family photos from the 70s onwards!

My friendship with Marilyn has gone back quite a few years as we have traveled together spiritually as Christian sisters through our DUMC cell group. I am really happy to have met Steven when they first started dating, and now to see her get married. Congratulations to the both of you, we love you very much!

Here are the beautiful photos taken by Weiming and Jamie.

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Church Wedding Video Highlights: Ch’ng Toh & Evelyn


“On this date, I will marry my best friend…..the one I laugh with, live for, dream with & love”

On 16 October 2012, he asked me to begin this crazy life together as husband and wife. God beautifully scripted our romance approximately 10 years ago. Ours wasn’t the usual love story. Not love at first sight or fancy romance. Instead it was steadily slow and it gets more beautiful year after year. Dating for 10 years certainly didn’t feel as thou it has been 219,000 minutes!

We met because of fishing! He convinced my all weather friend Lydia to fish at a pond nearby my home. Halfway thru it rained heavily. To seek shelter, she asked him to stop by my home. He stood outside and analyzed the fishes in my pond. He introduced himself and said nothing else. Once my friend got changed, they left. That was our first hello. Frankly, I laughed after he left…what a name!

3 months later, we met at Taylors Subang Jaya. Different streams but same pre-uni programme.  As we had common friends, we had lunches as a group. After class I had to walk home and one day, he offered to take me home via his daily taximan. A woman never hesitates a free ride! (moreover it was hot that day). We started talking on the phone; once a week became twice, twice became every other day.

6 months later….

Ch’ng Toh :     Do I have a girlfriend?

Evelyn :           I think so kua….

(Who on earth asks in this manner?)

And yes, that was 10 years ago….

I furthered my studies in Sydney whilst he stayed here. Thereafter, he came over for 3 years to complete his studies. When we got back, I practiced law whilst he worked with his dad. I switched career paths and joined the retail scene a year back. To date, I’ve left my job and opened a Hong Kong dessert place; Tong Pak Fu at Mid Valley & Paradigm Mall.

We are H.A.P.P.Y! Can’t ask for more and we don’t cling to each other like cling wraps!

His love for fishing has multiplied 10 folds since. He travels just to cast his rod into the ocean, pond and pool. (anything that contains water)

As for me, Scrapbooking is my passion…& whilst in the midst of preparing for my big day, I found a new love for weddings and thus found Moments together with Tricia. The Lord is my rock, shopping is my obsession and I love human interaction.

10 years now and everyday we’re still learning new lessons. Our relationship isn’t perfect. However, despite the idiosyncrasies, we choose to stay in love and take each step and hurdle as it comes along as a steppingstone for us to live the rest of our lives appreciating each other.

He has taught me to love with all my heart and take care of each other. Thou he’s not Mr. Romantic, never given flowers or made anything but he surely makes up for it with every smile, every song, every hug and kiss. He thinks of my in everything that he does. He brings me fishing lures to brighten my day, he calls me a thousand times just to say hello and he stands by me truly in sickness & health. Therefore….

“On this date, I will marry my best friend…..the one I laugh with, live for, dream with & love”

– Evelyn –


Videographers: The Stories team (Felicia, Wee Liem, Nick)
Church Ceremony: Luther Centre, PJ
Dinner Reception & Cake: Istana Hotel, KL
Wedding Planner, Decorations, Stationery & Flowers: Moments To Remember
Wedding & Evening Gown: Eleusis
Groom’s Attire: Sparksmanshop
Make Up: Joy Chong
Photographer: Victor Hew
Dinner Entertainment: Mosaic Music Entertainment & Melissa Chye


Wedding Video Highlight: Jeffrey & May

We love it when our clients share their life stories so candidly and freely with us. It just makes us feel as if we’ve known them for years! So much detail went into the planning for Jeffrey and May’s wedding… everything was executed beautifully by the vendors that came together for this wedding. Through the emotions shared on their wedding day, you can tell that they are very very much in love. :)

Jeffrey and May’s Story (and all the personalization that went into their wedding!):

Jeffrey and I have known each other for a long, long time.  We met through a mutual family friend, who introduced us on the pretext of introducing me to someone who did his postgraduate studies in Oxford and was in a position to advise me on the same, as I was also going to pursue my postgraduate studies then.  Little did I know then that it was a match-making event! While we hit it off almost immediately, I was totally oblivious to all these until much later!

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