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marina bay sands

Singapore & KL: Pre-Wedding of Andrew & Katrina

We went everywhere. From the beach to the garden and also the city, Andrew and Katrina’s pre-wedding shoot was as epic as their wedding. We recently completed a 3 week wedding marathon with this couple but more on that later! I’m really glad we had the opportunity to be part of this amazing wedding and got to know this really warm and friendly couple. From the start, we were treated like friends instead of vendors. It just feels as if you’ve journeyed along with long-lost friends.

It was 9 years ago that Andrew and Katrina met each other but unfortunately, they were both attached at that time. But as fate would have it, 5 years ago, they bumped into each other at a club. It was already closing time, and the lights had come on. At the corner of his eye, Andrew spotted Katrina as she was being whisked out of the club. He quickly rushed to her and grabbed her by the hand.

Katrina turned, about to land a huge punch on this creep who dared to hold her hand. But much to her delight, it was Andrew… who told her to call him the next day.

The next day came but the call never came through. On the second day, Andrew ‘poked’ her on Facebook, and Katrina called him back… somehow she couldn’t remember meeting him at the club! (Andrew claims she was really drunk).

And so a beautiful journey started as #katandrew.


The Wedding Trailer: Andrew & Katrina

Andrew and Katrina’s wedding will be an epic one this Oct. They’ve blocked us for 3 entire weekends for their wedding celebrations, two in KL and one on Naka Island, near Phuket, Thailand. We can’t wait to share their pre-wedding photos as well, but that will come after it is previewed on the wedding day. But I hope this wedding trailer filmed by Chi Yin will give you a taste of the craziness that is to come!!

Thank you for taking care of us so well, Andrew and Katrina! We are sooooo excited to be part of your wedding team, and can’t wait for the big day to come! Lots of love from all of us here.

Videographer: Chi Yin
Photographer: Grace & Jamie
Location: Botanical Gardens Singapore, Beach near East Coast Park, City shots near Marina Bay Sands
Hair & Make up: Michelle Touche

Pre-Wedding at Marina Bay Sands: Istvan & Shirley

Photographer: Grace, assisted by Alex
Locations: Marina Bay Sands & Southern Ridges, Singapore

Years ago, there was a possibility of me moving to Singapore. Other than the relationship pull factor (my ex was Singaporean!) plus the thought of earning a higher income… Singapore seemed like a decent place to live. Not surprising that Istvan and Shirley decided to hop over the causeway to work some time back. I met Istvan and Shirley for the first time on their pre-wedding shoot day. They were so easy to get along with. I am really thankful for clients like these because it just makes my work so much easier!

I was excited to shoot at Marina Bay Sands. The view is amazing! Thanks Istvan and Shirley for your generosity in putting us up for one night at Marina Bay Sands. Alex and I enjoyed the pool very very much. :) Hope you’ll like these images… I can still remember the heat from the deck! The both of you are amazingly sporting for doing all sorts of things under the hot sun.

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The Day After

The past 2 days have been a little stressful and tiring for me. Doing 2 wedding shoots back to back is something that I don’t do often, but when I do, my whole body aches like it has been through an entire marathon. Plus the emotional stress of doing my first ever official royalty group photo (which had its set of protocol and challenges); I think I need today to recuperate.

After a long day of shoot, I just want to spend the day doing nothing much but just chill with my hubby. In fact, he’s making me breakfast right now as I type this. :) Aaah… now what would make it even better if I had a pool like this in my backyard…

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope it’s a restful one for you!