A Majestic Affair: Vincent & Jen’s wedding

Photographers: Mark & Johan
Location: The Majestic, Malacca

How it all began…

Jen: We met through the AIESEC traineeship programme back in 2003 when I left Malaysia for Belgium. Vincent was the person in charge of my traineeship integration in Belgium. He was the one who helped me throughout the beginning with all the required paperwork. Over time, we got closer to each other and started dating 3 months later.

Vincent is an intelligent, calm and composed person. I sometimes get impatient more easily than him, as my behaviour is quite the opposite! I believe that I learnt to be calmer over time because of him. I never felt that we are from different parts of the world. It feels like we belong together and managed to complement each other in every way. And the most important thing of all… he always makes me laugh and feel secure.

Vincent: My first impression about Jen was that she is a serious girl, but also very beautiful. I never saw any difference between her Malaysian and my Belgian’s stomach. We have always been able to eat each other’s food and complement each other. It’s a thing we do on every aspect of our lives… I made the right move!

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#NicHil wedding

If you have your very own Twitter hashtag for your wedding, you are automatically in the ‘cool but geeky’ crowd. And if you have no idea what a hashtag is, then you’d better find out, so that you can be cool. But Nic immediately upped the cool factor by chartering a bus to transport his friends and family from Singapore to Malacca for his wedding.

Cheng Leng (also known as Hillary) and Nicholas are friends of mine. Cheng Leng and I have known each other for years, since we were both in school. Then in college, we saw each other almost every other day… had meals together, went to pasar malam together, hung out with the same friends… we had a great time. After we graduated, Cheng Leng worked in KL for a while, but then she moved to Singapore a few years ago. I felt sad to see her go, but thank God for social media networks like Facebook. We kept in touch through the years.

It was great that I could witness the wedding ceremony of Nicholas and Cheng Leng. I wasn’t meant to be there for the wedding, but due to some turn of events, I could be there as a guest! I managed to sneak a few shots during the wedding (all the time a little worried if I was being an ‘Uncle Bob’ to the official photographer).

Presenting, the gorgeous bride…

The one thing that immediately stands out about Cheng Leng – Her smile. She is such a warm and sincere person. I miss her hugs a lot. :)

So I had to give her a BIG hug.

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Pre-Wedding in Malacca: Jasmine & Kwan Seng

Photographer: Grace, assisted by Weiming
Make Up & Hair: Angie Ng
Wedding Gown: That Special Occasion
Location: Malacca

Football was what connected the both of them. It helped too that they both supported the same team, Man U! In between games, while cheering on their favourite team, slowly but surely, Kwan Seng was scoring with Jasmine too. And so it happened. Two individuals with similar interests started sharing time together. And now it’s leading to a lifetime together.

Initially, it didn’t start out all nice and rosy. In fact, on their first date, Jasmine had to pick Kwan Seng up and drive him to their date location… According to her, he didn’t offer to drive. In another incident, a few dates later, he apparently ‘forgot’ to bring his wallet out. Guess who paid. But I guess it was all part of Kwan Seng’s endearing plan to charm Jasmine. Good thing for him, Jasmine is a forgiving and accepting person. :)

It’s been a while since I went back to my hometown for a photo shoot. I had heaps of fun doing their portraits, from classic poses to fun photos… you can tell that they are extremely versatile! We started our shoot at the beautiful Peranakan themed Courtyard@Heeren hotel.

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