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pet photography

How to Have a Successful Family Photography Session with Pets

We invite all family members into our studio, including pets! Photographing pets can be quite challenging. They belong in the same category as the “terrible-two-toddlers-who-does-as-he-pleases.” Instead of getting frustrated that your pet (or your toddler) doesn’t behave the way you hoped, just go with the flow and take their lead! Whether you are shooting in our studio, your home or outdoors, here are some tips that would help create a better, more successful family photography session with pets.
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Thoughts on Photographing Pets

We all love our pets, don’t we? We treat them like a member of the family and because we love them so much, we want to take pictures of them. My cat, Cashmere had kittens during Chinese New Year and the kittens have brought a lot of joy to my family. So last Saturday, I decided to have my take on pet photography- not something that I normally do. It turned out to be quite a fun, yet challenging task!

I am not a pro at this, but here’s some tips for pet photography, which I’ve gathered from this experience.

#1. Sedate your pets before the shoot so they will stay still.

I’m kidding! :D

#1. Photograph your pets in their comfort zone. 

I am sure your pets have their regular “hang out” spots. In my case, my kittens love to play around in my living room, which is where I photographed them. I tried bringing them out to my car porch, thinking there would be more light and space for them to play around but they were just awkward out there. We stayed indoors, but I opened the windows to allow lots of natural light in so I get equally good lighting.

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