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Behind the Scenes: Making the Most of Every Location

Sometimes I think of myself as not just a photographer, but also a furniture removal specialist, a clutter-free agent, and a lighting consultant. It’s very normal to find less-than-ideal situations at every wedding. Naturally, everyone would love to photograph at beautiful locations and resorts, but most times, I find myself in truly-loved family homes. Read: It usually includes lots of collectibles and objects that have accumulated through the years.

So, I’ve done all of these and more:

1. Moved furniture for the tea ceremony so that we can maximise on better light.
2. Packed clothing into cupboards, hidden rubbish bins, and the rogue red polka dotted mat.
3. Removed curtains because the colour clashes with the wall colour in the bride’s room.
4. Posed couples and families in the compound amidst shoe cabinets and vehicles. Just like these 2 photos of the bride and her bridesmaid were taken in what looked like a seemingly neutral background.

BTS-jon-priscilla1But in reality, was taken here:

BTS-jon-priscilla2I had two things that went through my mind when I chose this location: The beautiful light, and clean wall. 

Love the challenge! :)

A Grateful Christmas

Stories is part of the Integricity group

It’s true, God’s love is extravagant. God has blessed us abundantly, even more than what I could have imagined. My heart is overflowing with thankfulness…I see the business flourishing, and I know God definitely had a hand in it. Every year, I make it a point to reflect about the year that has passed, and to give thanks for good and bad experiences. In 2010, Stories turned one, and now, we’re two!

Last year, I gave thanks for the 38 wedding & pre-wedding clients that we photographed in 2011. This year, the number of clients increased. Collectively, the Stories team photographed 58 different wedding / pre-wedding clients and 30 other clients for lifestyle portraits & events. On top of that, we had a great year with a number of different corporate projects as well.

Our team grew as well and we now have a strong team of 7 core members with other supporting members. Everyone worked really hard this year and I am thankful for such a wonderful team.

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WPPM 2010

My long overdue blog post is finally here! For the past 2-3 months, the Wedding & Portrait Photographers Malaysia (WPPM) committee slogged to get everything organized for this inaugural conference. A few hundred photographers gathered at Berjaya Times Square hotel to hear from talented photographers such as Jerry Ghionis, Lito Sy, Charlie Lim and many other local photographers.

The event started off with a bang at the WPPM Canon Opening Night. Here’s Peter, one of the key persons behind WPPM. The other 2 key people are Alvin Leong and Patrick Low.

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Marketing yourself as a photographer

Alex and I are speaking at a photographers’ conference called WPPM, in less than two weeks. There are several simultaneous sessions and being the person I am, who is afraid of speaking to an audience of five, I decided to put together a video to try and market our session to the delegates. Please, PLEASE, come and listen to us share!

Who better to rope in to act, than Alex?

Details of our session are:

Topic: YOU, unleashed!
Date: Saturday, 14th August 2010 at 11am-12.30pm

We will share the story on how a new brand for photography was launched, the initial marketing and secrets on how we got the word out about the business. Also, you will find out tips and tricks on how the Internet can be harnessed as a vital tool for marketing yourself. If prospects cannot find you, how will you get business?

Oh, we did have a shortage of actresses, so I had to make a clone of myself! Hope you enjoyed the video. Let us know which parts you liked best. We may share a behind-the-scenes clip on how we filmed it, especially on the clones.

Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers

This June, I was featured alongside 9 other amazing female wedding photographers in FACES magazine. We were dressed in beautiful gowns from That Special Occasion and Pretty in White, and each had to carry our cameras for the pic! The women featured were Fiona Lim, Jenny Sun, Anna-Rina, Evelyn Lam, Naomi Ching, Ning Liaw, Visithra Manikam, Nurul Suhaimi & Fatini Zulnaidi. Taken in The Professional Gallery’s studio, make up & hair by Michelle Touche team and photographed by Peter Tan. And thanks to Fiona for these scanned images of the mag!

For those of you getting married, do get a copy of FACES magazine this June 2010! They have awesome prizes to give away, including a RM5,000 diamond engagement ring, loan of a Mazda 2 for a lucky couple’s wedding day, a 3-tier wedding cake, over RM1500 in dining vouchers, AND a 5-day, 4-night honeymoon to Monaco, which includes airfare, hotel stay and a helicopter ride around the state! Wow that sounds amazing!

Basically, you have to keep the receipt to be eligible to enter. Closing date is 15 July 2010. FACES is available at MPH, Borders and Popular bookstores. Here’s the cover and my feature page.

Here are some behind the scenes shots that I took on that day. Since our photo sessions were split according to group, I only have photos with my group of girls. I think this shot of me getting ready was taken by Fiona, if I remember correctly!

Here’s Anna goofing around as usual! :)

And Fiona doing her usual pose while Jenny looks on… Thought bubble: “What’s Fiona doing!!???”

Darn I look short next to these girls. :P Now where’s my non-existent 4 inch heels!?

In the meantime while we were doing silly shots, Evelyn was posing for Peter.

My turn!

Here’s a shot with Michelle and Summer who did the make up and styling for the shoot.

And Patrick… who was our official iPhone photographer! I think we kept bombarding him with iPhones “Please take a behind the scenes shot with our iPhone!”.

It was a fun time. Now stop reading this blog post and go get yourself a magazine, and a trip to Monaco as well!!