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A family’s day out at the park: The Suhaimi Family

It was a fun day out for the family. Shafinaz brought her parents and sister along for the shoot and we had a great time together. We even had to convince Shafinaz’s dad to put down his camera as he was being photographed instead! Before any family shoot, I send out a little questionnaire for our clients to fill. It’s a great way of getting to know the family. Some bits of fun facts:

Shafinaz’s mom (Putri) and her dad (Suhaimi) dated for 7 years and are now married for 36 years!
Shafinaz’s sister, Shaliza has 2 lovely children of Chinese-Malay parentage.
Shafinaz & her husband Henrik met through their shared passion of travel, underwater photography and scuba-diving. They dated for 6 months and got married.

What an awesome family.

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You Made me a Mother

This Mother’s Day, I’d like to share a poem that I came across on Facebook, written by this lady, Melanie Tan. It’s a really lovely piece adapted from another similar poem. I love how she has captured the feeling of motherhood through these lines. Wishing all amazing mothers out there, a Happy Mother’s Day.

20150429_FAMILY_NICO_MURIEL_YASMIN_27Two blue lines,
Tears, excitement and fears
Will I be a good mother?
Can I survive child birth?
I wasn’t ready

Then, the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard
Hearing your heartbeat for the first time
That fast paced rhythm
I told myself, I can do this

I felt you
Your first kick
I smiled
Your first in-vitro hiccups
I laughed

Suddenly, you were here
Daddy’s nose, mummy’s lips
and those eyes
staring at me when we first met
and I fell in love

I held you, fed you
You cried and I cried
Our 3am staredowns
Sleepless nights

That smell of your head
Little wandering hands
A sniff, a kiss
While you gently suckle on my breast
You doze off
With droplets of love on your lips
I wipe them off and put you down gently
Thinking how much I will miss this
When you grow older

But there are also times I wanted to give up
Then you smile at me
Your cheeky wide grin
And you grab my hands with those little fingers
I pick myself up and console myself
This only gets better

We are growing together
Seeing the world as new
I’ll open my heart and shower you with love
You’ll giggle and I’ll do it all over again
And we’ll walk hand in hand
Until you let go
and explore the world with your two little feet
and I’ll be right behind you
Cheering you on
Or to catch you when you fall
Wherever you need me most
I’ll be there, always

I made you…

But you made me a mother.

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Family Portraits: Meng Hwa, Celine, Amelie & Aiden

In 2014, we photographed many different families and couples, and we’re so glad to have made new friends through all those sessions. Now that it’s already February (where did the time go!), I can’t believe I still have a huge number of images that have yet to be blogged! So I am going to attempt to share more posts starting this week.

I met Meng Hwa and Celine at the Ibu Tots Fair that we participated in last September. They booked a family portrait session with us that day, and in no time at all, I was over at their home, photographing their two little adorable children. I loved the family dynamics and how Amelie loved Aiden. Now that I have 2 children of my own, coaxing an older sibling to kiss the younger one is sometimes a huge task on its own! The reaction ranges from willing participation to outright disagreement (which usually ends up in the younger one being pushed away a bit too roughly). But isn’t that the joy (and frustration sometimes!) of parenting toddlers?

Anyhow, I had a good time with this family, and even their extended family came to join in the shoot. I am sure the kids have grown since I last saw them! Hope to photograph this family again in the future. :)


Studio Family Portraits: Maya & family

Beautiful, broad smiles that exude warmth. A family that loves hugging as much as they enjoy smiling and laughing. It was easy photographing a close knit family such as Maya’s and Vidhya’s. Maya’s two children are absolutely gorgeous, with soulful eyes. By the way they interact with their uncle and grandmother, you know that this is one family that has love at the heart of it.

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It’s a Merry, Merry Christmas…

What? Christmas in October? Well, for us at Stories, yes! This October and November, we’re feeling a little generous! If you book any of our Lifestyle Portrait sessions for your maternity or family shoots within these 2 months, we’ll gladly print 30 personalised postcards / greeting cards for you for free! All you have to do is book and slot in a shoot date for October and November with us, and we’ll get the images and cards ready before Christmas rolls around in December!

Even if you do not celebrate Christmas, you can have a personalised greeting card printed for your family! Just choose from one of these templates below.

Option 1:


Option 2:


Option 3:


Option 4:


And a choice of 2 options for the back of your card:


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