Onward, preggie mummy!

* Credit goes to my hubby, Alex Lam for taking this photo of me. Of course, with a little guidance from the ‘bossy lady photographer’!

It’s now the 18th week of my pregnancy, and I must say, it’s been a good 4 months so far. Initially, I was really worried about how my body would fare, balancing pregnancy and photography. I am happy to report that I pretty much breezed through my 1st trimester…

  • I only had minimal bouts of nausea. The top 2 things that would trigger my nausea were the floor detergent used in my studio and the restaurant cooking steamboat downstairs from the studio.
  • I only vomited four times in my first trimester. And the toilet was not too far away too! Yay!
  • I didn’t have any cravings. Unfortunately, this meant that I deprived Alex of the privilege of buying roti canai for me at 3am in the morning. Oh wait, I did have a craving once. I insisted on having a Peranakan Itik Tim soup for lunch one day.
  • My taste buds did change though. Everything I ate tasted too salty or sweet. Until… I passed that phase and wondered why every dish my father-in-law cooked tasted bland.
  • I didn’t feel overly fatigued, though I did sleep slightly more than usual.
  • Finally, I had to buy new bras & clothes, but hey, who’s complaining when it comes to shopping!

Thankfully, I managed to get through all my shoots for the 1st trimester without fainting in exhaustion. It was great to hear feedback from my clients too, when they said things like…

“Grace, even though you are pregnant..  and assigned us a third photographer, we felt that it is very professional of you to help us capturing all the great moments of the day and all the hard work that you put in making that day unforgettable for us.   We were sort of a little worry for you as you trying so hard capturing some of the great moments for us in the church.  Make sure you take it slow in your upcoming photo shooting..

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for providing us with such beautiful memorabilia of our most precious day of our lives,  erm.. even though we didn’t have a chance to glance through our photos yet… and every one is asking for it already!!!!”

– Amy & Enoch – 

“Dear grace and team, thank you for those wonderful n absolutely gorgeous pics (ourselves included)! :) When we first met u, we were indeed taken back by ur TnCs (have to say v onerous :) ) but we saw what u can do and glad to say that we couldn’t be happier. So thank u for you and ur team’s profesionalism (ur pregnancy didn’t hamper ur ability, the mozzy didn’t affect ur team s spirit (mostly ours…hehe)..thanks!”

– Wilson & Elaine – 

So now that it’s the 2nd trimester, people tell me that it’s the ‘honeymoon’ stage of pregnancy. I would feel healthier, stronger and better. The months pass by so quickly. I am indeed cherishing every moment of my pregnancy!

Moving to the next stage of life…

In some ways, I can’t believe it’s happened. We were open to it, but the odds were against us, and yet, God made it happen.

I’ll officially be able to wear a “I’m a mum t-shirt” this December 2012.

Our little one’s 2nd baby photo ever! Even if it was taken with an iPhone camera. 

As of today (11 weeks), the foetus is only 4.31cm long. I’ve learnt so much these past few weeks. Like, did you know, at just 10 weeks old (about 3cm), the little baby has developed all of his/her vital organs like the kidneys, intestines, brain, liver, and other things like fuzzy hair is beginning to grow on the skin – even tiny fingers, toes and NAILS are being formed! At only 3cm long too! Some grapes are longer than that. I am just amazed at how wonderful this fact is, and how God truly creates miracles.

Truthfully, when I discovered about the pregnancy, there was joy mixed with anxiety. I couldn’t help but think about all my clients whose weddings I am due to shoot for 2012. What will they think? Will they be really upset with me? I suppose there’s a part of me that wants to please people all the time, though I know that you can never make everyone happy. I began to feel a little sad for the weddings I knew I just couldn’t shoot. At the same time, I knew that I have to let my life run its course. I can’t just put my life on hold for the sake of my clients. If it doesn’t happen this year, it might be next year.

When I told my close friends and family members about the pregnancy, they started to worry, “You need to slow down, don’t do too many shoots. Do you know it’s easy to get a miscarriage in the first trimester?”

Call me ambitious, but I still hope to shoot till the end of November.

Of course, I don’t do it foolishly, so I’ve made some plans. With much fear and trembling, I emailed all my clients to tell them about the news. I made sure I assigned a 3rd photographer for each wedding, at no extra cost to my clients, as a backup in case I only have the energy for half a day’s shoot. I gave them the option to have my other photographers shoot their wedding instead, in case they prefer to not have a pregnant woman prancing around on their wedding day.

Amazingly, almost everyone reacted positively to my email. I am blessed with great clients. They were totally understanding (though some were a little upset, but they said that my safety is top priority).

So I guess I’ll learn to adapt and life goes on.

I am excited! And yes, I have started thinking of baby names (though I don’t know the gender of the child yet!). The next few months will be challenging and yet, exciting. All I can say right now is, Thank God I don’t have morning sickness!

Maternity Portraits: Kimberley

I sat on the ground in the middle of the road, trying to sort out and arrange Scrabble letters for Kenneth and Kimberley. Good thing the roads were pretty clear. There’s benefit in choosing a new housing estate as a shoot location. It felt almost random. And totally cool. Kenneth and Kimberley, though it took us a while to organize this portrait shoot, I do hope you’ll like these images!

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A Journey Through Pregnancy and Beyond

Pitter Patter, one of our clients, is organizing a special event for women. Whether you are planning on getting pregnant, are currently pregnant or already a mother with children over 1 year in age… there are talks to cater to your needs. Registration is only RM10, and you’ll get so much value for money!

The best part is, Stories will be there! Come visit our booth on that day, and sign up for a discounted lifestyle portrait session with us. We’ll be excited to meet you to discuss any photo shoot ideas you may have.

If you’d like to register for this event, or find out more about it, please email enquiries@pitterpatter.com.my or contact Veron at 0123288368. See you there!


Maternity Portraits: May Lee & Adrian

It’s amazing when as a photographer, you can connect with your clients. It only took a few minutes for us to feel comfortable with each other. I only met May Lee & Adrian on the day of our shoot, and within two hours, we parted as friends. The love that they share for each other is just so obvious. May Lee, you look gorgeous! And Adrian, you’re not too bad yourself too! :)

I love this bib and clothing that has cute words like these. Even before your child forms their own opinion, the parents have decided what the kid should ‘think’. :) Yup, my kid will definitely have t-shirts that say things like “I have a cool mom”.

It was a beautiful day.

Thanks for a wonderful photo session together! Can’t wait to hear the good news really really soon! :)