Pre-Wedding at Sekeping Tenggiri: Eu Jin & Elaine

Dear Grace and team,

We LOVED the photos..and we don’t know where to begin to thank you and your team for the amazing job.

Grace, thanks for guiding us throughout the whole photo shooting session, and not forgetting the jokes which made the session less tense, but more fun! Despite that you’re pregnant, you worked your best to capture every moment of that day.

Diane, Thanks for organizing everything for us and you have never failed to be there to answer my questions. And also setting up appointments with Grace and Skyping with Eu Jin when he was in Singapore.

We could never thank you enough and the DVD Slideshow is LOVELY. The song suits us very much.

Your work has exceeded our expectation and we would like to thank you and your team from the bottom of our hearts for capturing these beautiful photos for us. We hope to have more photo session with stories….Hmmm maybe maternity shoots…or baby shoots…hehheh

With Love,

Elaine + Eu Jin

Dear Elaine and Eu Jin,

The both of you have been really fun clients, and now I can pretty much say, friends! Despite the rain, we had heaps of fun during this pre-wedding shoot! I still remember meeting Elaine for the first time and you telling me how you wanted to have fun shots like ‘hitting’ Eu Jin on the head with your ballet slippers… :) We didn’t quite do that, but yeah, we did do a number of silly things including a pillow fight, a dance contest, running on the streets with your silly looking alien kite.. haha…

It’s people like you who make me feel young all the time… and smitten all at the same time, believing in the power of love!

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Pre-Wedding: Chris & Li Yen

It was at a neighbourhood park that Chris planned to do the big proposal. He had a group of friends hiding at some corner of the park, all ready with huge cards saying, “Will you marry me?”. Li Yen, well, she was completely unsuspecting. She went along with him to the park because he said, “A friend’s car broke down and we have to help him”. Little did she know that this group of guys would spring a surprise on her shortly after.

Out came the ring…

Li Yen was shocked, but she grabbed the ring before saying yes! There was not a moment doubt… Chris and Li Yen were on the road to marriage.

During our pre-wedding shoot, I found out how much fun Chris and Li Yen were. They were comfortable in their own skin and being silly in front of the camera. We started our day at Porto Romano Restaurant where they had their first date.

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Pre-Wedding: Chee Onn & Debbie

Everyone claims that they are not good in front of the camera. I don’t blame them, because most people would not have taken professional photos of themselves prior to their wedding day. Studio photos of you blowing your 1-year-old birthday cake candle doesn’t really count!

It’s the job of the photographer to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. To make everything look natural and not posed (even though it was!). To make it seem as if the photographer was non-existent, because the image should be about the couple and the moment they are sharing, not drawing attention to the person behind the camera. There are times when I ask the couple to look at the camera, but most of the time, their eyes are on each other. Just as it should be…

I totally enjoy photographing couples in love. Connection is something that cannot be forced. Of course, living in an Asian country, where most people have some ‘issue’ with public displays of affection, it’s normal to feel awkward initially kissing in front of a photographer! In every pre-wedding or engagement session, I tell my couples that it takes a bit of time to warm up, but once they do… they end up having a great time!

Debbie & Chee Onn:

Debbie didn’t really sleep the night before the shoot because she was really excited! It was kinda awkward at the very start because we are both not really the photo taking type. Grace, it was good that you were around to get us warmed up! We did not know what to expect on that day so we were just following your lead which was very good. After the shoot, we were pretty anxious about the pictures. We were afraid that we didn’t prepare enough for the shoot.

But after seeing the pictures, all worries were gone because it was good and you captured the right moments! We loved the black and white photos too, cause it gave a very retro feel to the pictures which we like a lot.

Thanks once again, for making the shoot memorable for us. :)

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Pre-wedding in Langkawi: Sam & Kathy

I almost fell off my chair when I read Kathy’s email some time back. Their trip to Malaysia was going to a whirlwind one, as they only had a short break before flying back to Australia again. The main purpose was to attend a friend’s wedding, but of course, why not squeeze in time for a pre-wedding shoot? Best of all, why not fly in to Langkawi for a day trip, just for the shoot?

I tried to convince her to spend at least 1 night in Langkawi (you won’t regret it!) but time really wasn’t on their side. So our shoot became a little adventure. They arrived in Langkawi by noon, did their make up & hair, had lunch, and by 3pm off we went! I prayed so hard for great weather because we only had that short window of opportunity to shoot. God smiled on us, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous.

By the way, don’t you think Kathy’s short dress is just gorgeous!? I love how everything looks really simple and casual. She had also brought some props for the shoot, all the way from Australia!

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Pre-Wedding: Eric & Jennie

Photographer: Grace
Hair & Make Up: Michelle Touche
Wedding Gown: That Special Occasion
Flowers: My Bridal Florist

It’s such a great honour when another photographer chooses to hire us as their wedding photographer. It’s also quite stressful, cause they have certain ideas about what looks great, and with their x-ray vision, can probably tell if I’m making a mistake. :) But thankfully, Eric is super easy going and went with the flow… and Jennie, well, she is used to being in front of Eric’s camera.

Eric is a destination wedding and portrait photographer, having set his footprints in Australia and Indonesia. Currently, both Eric and Jennie live in Jakarta, but last month Eric and Jennie traveled to KL; he had planned to attend CM Leung’s photography workshop and during the same trip, be photographed by us!

Since their flight was scheduled to arrive in KL the day before the shoot, that meant we had very little time to organize everything. Multiple emails were shot back and forth before the wedding. They chose the location, we organized the flowers and the make up artist. After their flight landed on Saturday afternoon, they headed straight to That Special Occasion and found a beautiful gown for Jennie.

We had an awesome time wandering the streets of KL, and it was great that we had so much help! Together with my assistant, Diane, Eric & Jennie had brought their entire family along! Eric’s sister Elsa was shooting some behind the scenes photos, and Jennie’s parents were there for moral support! Now this is a different sort of family holiday!

Eric & Jennie, thank you for your confidence in us. It was so easy talking to and photographing the both of you! I can’t wait to fly to Jakarta next year for your wedding… it would be my first trip there, so am excited about it! Perhaps I can spare some time after to go shopping as well. :) Hope you like these images!

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