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Behind the Scenes of a Pre-wedding Session: Wan Hong & Yee Mun


Some weeks ago, we posted the photos from Wan Hong and Yee Mun’s pre-wedding shoot in Cameron Highlands. So, just because we could, we did a behind the scenes video to show you how much fun we had (so you can envy us), how we achieved the shots (with the help of ladders at times), and what challenges we faced.

Photographers: Grace, assisted by Jamie & Jennifer
Videographer: Chi Yin
Location: Cameron Highlands
Hair & Make Up: Angie Ng

Christmas 2015 Lifestyle Portrait Promo

Christmas is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to blast Christmas music in the studio, and wear reindeer ears! For my daughter who is turning 3, it’s also a reminder that her birthday is coming up (2 weeks short of Christmas!). We’re bringing back last year’s Christmas promotion for all our lifestyle portrait shoots.

Book any one hour family portrait session, photograph it this November, and get a set of customised Christmas postcards for free! (But hurry, because there are limited weekend slots!)

OR… if you are looking for an early Christmas gift for a friend, how about purchasing a half hour studio session for him/her? Usual rate is RM400 but it is now at a discounted rate of RM300. GST charges apply. Purchase the gift pack here.

Contact us to make a booking for other sessions.

2015-Option1Design Option 1

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2015-Option3Design Option 3

2015_STORIES_GIFTPACK_29The Stories gift pack (Now at a discounted rate of RM300)

God is Writing Their Love Story…

Photographer: Grace
Location: Some random park in Subang

It was 8am. I arrived at Aaron’s home in Subang to be greeted by his warm and welcoming family. In a matter of minutes, they made me feel at home, our conversation drifting from what they do for work to why I shoot portraits for a living to pieces of artwork on their family wall. For an hour, I took some informal photos of Aaron’s family. An hour later, Sheena arrived at Aaron’s place, having rushed over from work not too long ago.

She had just completed her night shift at the hospital, and hadn’t slept at all. After her shift ended, she rushed home, got dressed, did her own make up and made her way to Aaron’s place. I was really amazed at the energy this girl had! I was concerned that she would be really tired for our portrait session, but Sheena made everything look so easy.

The both of them are super easy to photograph. They kept laughing at every little thing I said (or didn’t say!). Our shoot location was no where glamourous. In fact, it was a tiny park across the road from Aaron’s home. I hope these photos show you that it doesn’t matter at the end of the day where we shoot, what matters most is the connection between the couple. Aaron and Sheena were so comfortable in their own skin and in front of the camera. Sometimes I felt ignored. But that’s totally fine with me. :)

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Pre-Wedding: Han How & Lydia

Photographer: Grace
Make up & Hair: Shinny Ong
Location: UPM, Selangor

In a month’s time, Han How will be tying the knot with Lydia. And what a beautiful day it will be, I am sure of it. I’m definitely looking forward to that big day! Years ago, I got to know Han How when we were working together in the same company. Han How’s the kind of guy you can’t miss. His smile and laughter is so infectious, soon, you’ll be smiling along with him. He’s such an easygoing guy, always willing to go out of his way to help others. I am sure Lydia fell in love with those qualities too. And the fact that he can play the guitar and sing well!

This scene below looks surreal, I know, but I promise you the clouds are real. This was the weather just before the storm started…

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Beach to Garden Pre-Wedding: Eric & Mun Wai

Photographer: Grace
Location: Singapore and Dusun Garden Fairies, Malaysia

It was in a little restaurant in Suntec city that I met Eric and Mun Wai for the first time. We chatted, had tea, and laughed over various travel stories. I found out that these two are an adventurous couple. They are full of life and love to laugh! In Dec, I came back to Singapore for part 1 of their pre-wedding shoot. We ended up on a somewhat secluded beach near Changi (it wasn’t completely secluded, I just cropped the rest of the people out!). Would like to thank Eulyn too, who came to assist me on the shoot in Singapore.

Yes every now and then we would see a plane flying overhead us.

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