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Portraits with the Extended Family: Alex & Wern Lu

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A family portrait session is the perfect reason to gather the entire family in one place. After all, if you’re going to be taking photos of your family to print up and place around your household, you might as well invite the others to join in. Grandparents love having photos like these to cherish their kids and grandkids. Very often, the house can feel quite empty for them after everyone has grown up and moved out.

So here are two wonderful ways to include your extended family and the grandparents into your photoshoot – with some colour coordination.

Choose a colour theme

Portraits that involve large groups of people mean that you have many things to look at in one photo. So to create a sense of harmony, choose a colour theme for your family and get everyone to wear clothes that match or complement each other! Wearing a white top with denim blue jeans like how Alex and Wern Lu’s family did here, is often the easiest thing to do if everyone has a different coloured wardrobe! White and denim are also versatile enough to look good on almost anyone. But if someone in your family prefers to wear colours that look better on their skin tone, here are some useful tips from an image consultant to help you plan that.

For more ideas on how to style your family for a photoshoot, read this.

Give grandparents the limelight

It’s always so nice to be able to see how rich an elderly couples’ lives are when they are surrounded by their grown up kids and grand kids. You think of all the years of hardship, courage, and love that they went through so that everyone else in the photo can be where they are today. Grandparents play such a significant role in everyone’s lives, so we love putting them right in the centre!

Here are more examples on how to position the whole family in large family portraits.




Photographer: Grace
Location: Stories Studio

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