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Types of Backdrops in Our Studio for your Family Photoshoot

By 04/10/2023November 26th, 2023No Comments

Although we love doing photoshoots outdoors (check out our article for best parks) and at our client’s homes, we understand why you might prefer a studio session – it’s more comfortable, convenient, plus it has air conditioning! You won’t even need to do housekeeping, we’ll get the space sorted for you before you arrive! A studio photo session can be ideal for those reasons, but it doesn’t have to be generic. You can inject your own personality and flair to the shoot by selecting a backdrop to match your style. Below are the options available should you choose to do a session in our studio. 

1. Plain or classic backdrop

If you’re those looking for a timeless and classy look, you can opt for a plain studio backdrop. We have backdrops in white, grey and black.  You will also have the choice of shooting with our studio’s brown walls if these colours don’t work for you. 

To help decide on your backdrop colour, plan your outfits and look in advance to ensure your clothes match with the background. The colour of the backdrop can influence the final outcome of the pictures – for classy vibe, opt for a darker background or choose a lighter background for something simple and versatile.


2. Lifestyle

Lifestyle photography involves more authentic background settings – think contemporary furniture and even plants! At our studio we have a variety of couches, rugs, pillows and blankets that you can incorporate into your shoot. These items will give a cosy feeling and will lend a more natural look to your photos. Plus they make the shoot more comfortable! 

3. With props

Finally the last option is to use some props for fun! Whether it’s to tell a story or merely for play, props can add another dimension of personality to your shoot. 

You can check out our article on our favourite props in studio here or ask us for our detailed prop list upon your booking.

We hope this helps you in your decision! If not, you can consider alternative locations that are not your home or our studio. Do have a look at our suggestions here. Contact us to book a family session at our studio today!