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Jamie Ang

St Mary’s Cathedral Church Wedding: Joshua & TL

The evening sun crept into the side of the church, illuminating the pews in this beautiful church that was erected in 1894. 121 years later, it still serves as a house of worship and a place where couples walk down the aisle and say their vows to each other. Joshua and TL’s church wedding was one that was filled with meaningful touches, especially towards the end where they even had a surprise birthday celebration for Joshua’s father, who was the Bishop of the church.

After the ceremony, we managed to take some photos around Dataran Merdeka, which was pretty relaxing for the couple! From the photos, you wouldn’t have guessed that the grass was a little wet, too! Good thing that our reflectors acted as a nice ‘seat’ as well!

As for Joshua and TL’s story… we think it’s best you read their engaging write up below!

20141108_WEDDING_JOSHUA_TIENLI_0003 20141108_WEDDING_JOSHUA_TIENLI_001920141108_WEDDING_JOSHUA_TIENLI_0525 Continue Reading

Pre-Wedding: Eric & Tinasha

It was the way he looked at her, the stolen glances in between… the way he gave in to her sometimes silly requests to make her happy… also the way he makes her laugh that you can see Eric is head over heels about Tinasha. They met through a friend back in their hometown, Ipoh, on the eve of Chinese New Year. However, after a brief conversation, Eric was ‘hijacked’ by two other girls. Fate brought them together when they came back to KL and after a few dates, they decided to take their relationship to the next level.

I enjoyed watching the interaction between Eric and Tinasha during our shoot in Sekeping Tenggiri. The way they teased and played with each other was a big plus for me! I love it with when couples have fun in front of my camera! Both Eric and Tinasha were in high spirits despite the rain and we managed to capture some good images!

Here’s some of our favourites from the set.

20141008_PRE_WEDDING_ERIC_TINASHA_12420141008_PRE_WEDDING_ERIC_TINASHA_147 Continue Reading

Studio Family Portraits: Maya & family

Beautiful, broad smiles that exude warmth. A family that loves hugging as much as they enjoy smiling and laughing. It was easy photographing a close knit family such as Maya’s and Vidhya’s. Maya’s two children are absolutely gorgeous, with soulful eyes. By the way they interact with their uncle and grandmother, you know that this is one family that has love at the heart of it.

20140907_FAMILY_PORTRAITS_MAYA_03520140907_FAMILY_PORTRAITS_MAYA_057Two daughters and a mum! Continue Reading

Pre-Wedding in the Forest: Daniel & Rachel

When we first met Daniel and Rachel, they were rather nervous about the shoot. Both of them are admittedly camera shy and according to Rachel, Daniel doesn’t know how to smile for the camera. They brought along their friends, Aaron and Chrystin (who happened to be our previous clients), to help with the shoot. However, despite being camera shy, both Daniel and Rachel were naturals in front of the camera and they were so much fun to shoot! Daniel was constantly cracking jokes and making everyone laugh that it felt like we were hanging out with some friends instead of doing a photoshoot.

Daniel and Rachel are like the best of friends. Even after 10 years of courtship, they still amuse one another and make each other laugh. What amazed me most though, was that at the age of 17, Daniel already knew he wanted to marry Rachel someday. Talk about true love!

20140725_PRE_WEDDING_DANIEL_RACHEL_12420140725_PRE_WEDDING_DANIEL_RACHEL_138 Continue Reading