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Running a Business

Expecting Number 2

Grace_6mths_KrystaPhoto taken by my talented hubby Alex.  

After going through pregnancy for the first time, the second round kind of feels a bit of a broken record. It’s terrible, I know, but somehow, you are not fully aware of what is really going on in your body (unless your morning sickness is worse compared to your first pregnancy!). I remember when I was pregnant with Krysta, I diligently followed the Baby Centre app, telling me which week she had developed fingers and what stage she was at. Now, I have to think twice when someone asks me how far along I am. (By the way, I am approaching my 7 month of pregnancy!)

But even though I may be ‘breezing’ through this pregnancy, the challenges of shooting while you are pregnant is still very real. I have more backaches than usual (I think it also has to do with carrying a 10kg toddler!) and squatting for even 2 minutes feels like a massive ordeal. Not to mention, I have to be more careful as I almost tripped over stones or cracks on the ground due to my heavy front load!

Maybe I am ambitious, but I still have 3 full day weddings and countless portrait sessions to shoot, before I stop early October. And I hope to take 1 month off and then I am back again end November for our peak season in December. Not too sure how I can accomplish all of these things, but I am trusting God that with His strength, I will be able to give my 110%.

I thank God for Alex who has been extremely supportive as usual, and for my staff who are efficient, dependable and able to work independently so that I can have an ‘almost’ stress-free lifestyle. Without all of you, I would absolutely cave under the amount of work and pressure that running a business entails.

As I head into my 3rd trimester, I look forward to meeting my new little baby this November.

We are still taking bookings for shoots this 2014, so even though I will be out of action for 2 months, rest assured that you’re in the good hands of the Stories team.

Wedding Tea & Talk: 27th April 2014


Come and join us for an informal tea session this 27th April and meet some amazing wedding vendors while you’re at it. We’ll be sharing some tips for couples planning their wedding and you can ask us anything at all during this gathering! Light refreshments, tea and coffee will be served. Here are the list of vendors that will be there on that day, other than ourselves.

Bridal Makeup, Hair & Nails – Bridal Glam
Wedding Planning – Milestones
Wedding Jewellery – OE Fine Jewellery
Wedding & Evening Gowns – That Special Occasion
Cupcakes – 12 Cupcakes
Cookies – Sugar Art Diva
Ice-Cream – Delizio

Please email Lee Kuen at [email protected] to book your seat.

What Motivates Us

If I could sum up everything in one word, it would be LEGACY. What connects us and brings us together as visual storytellers? It is the idea that we are creating something that will far outlast ourselves. The love that you share as a couple, the memories of your parents, your child as she takes her first step… we want to record these precious moments and build a family legacy that you can look back on, years from now… and remember.

I hope this video will give you a glimpse into our thoughts and motivations and why we keep on doing what we do.

Lots of love,
The Stories Team

Filmed by: The Stories Team, Edited by Felicia.

It’s a Brand New Year!

And we have a brand new website! It’s been 3 years since Stories first opened its doors to brides and grooms, families and children. Since then, we’ve photographed more than 200 bridal couples and 100+ families. From a business that started with one person (me!), we now have 5 full time staff.

I am truly grateful to God for providing for our needs. Running a business is probably one of the scariest things I’ve ever embarked on in my life. Even during the low seasons when we didn’t have a single booking in a month… God saw us through. Honestly, I never thought that one day, I’ll be running a photography and videography business. The worry that business owners face is something I never wanted for my life. I just want to live a carefree, easygoing life… pretty much take on whatever comes my way.

But I guess He had other plans.

I read this verse in the Bible recently.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which passes all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:6-7)

It sounds simple but often times, worry is a condition that usually doesn’t just ‘go away’. How often have you heard someone say, “Don’t worry…” but it made no difference whatsoever to your lives?

However, when I read the verse before that… “Rejoice in the Lord always, again I will say rejoice.” The little devotional I was reading reminded me that I can’t just start by praying and then expect my anxiety to simply vanish into thin air. We have to start by habitually drinking at His well for joy, with an inclining of our heart toward Him throughout every moment of each day and every moment of life. (Quoted from Worklife.org)

If this doesn’t really make sense to you, what it basically means is that I should focus on the positive things that God has blessed me with, and not on the negative. And ultimately, my source of joy… God Himself.

I look forward to another year with our team, creating amazing images for our clients and making a difference in people’s lives.

And so, with a thankful heart, we are feeling generous this season.

We hope you will join the hundreds of Stories alumni who have graced our cameras with their presence.

Have a look at the promo details here or contact us to make an appointment.

Stories Family Feature: Johan Sopiee

It’s time for another feature on one of our longest serving Stories family member… Johan Sopiee! Years ago, I got to know Johan through a photography workshop. We didn’t know each other very well, so it surprised me one day when he emailed me to ask if he could shoot with me. Honestly, I had just started out in the wedding photography business, and wondered why would anyone want to shoot with an unknown photographer like me who was still trying to define her style? (also, we didn’t have too many confirmed bookings at that time).

So for reasons unknown to me then, Johan and I started photographing weddings together. We had to adjust to each other’s shooting style and colours (I was with Canon and he was with Nikon, until one day, he said, I will switch to Canon if it made your job easier! Hurray!). Eventually, an unlikely partnership turned out really well.

Johan is one of the most humble persons I know. He always says that he is learning, but he has more experience in photography than anyone else in my team. I really admire that spirit of his, always desiring to do better, and always wanting to learn from others, even if the person he is learning from is the most junior in the team.

He always contributes ideas to make things better, which I appreciate a lot. Johan has shot so many weddings, so he is well versed with all sorts of cultural traditions from many different wedding ceremonies. Initially when you meet him, he seems like a really serious person, but he does have a wacky side to him (which usually surfaces during shoots!).

Johan, I am really happy to have you as part of the Stories team. You are indeed such a blessing to us, and we really love you very much.

Read more about Johan’s background here.

1. Describe what you do at Stories and what you love about your role as a photographer

I’m a Stories photographer and I enjoy photographing couples in love and loving family moments with flare, bokeh and reflections.


View more images from Chris & Anusha’s Hindu wedding and garden wedding.

2. Why do you like shooting weddings?

I like shooting weddings because every event is a new experience, with unique challenges and filled with joyous moments to capture. And they’re such fun too!

3. What was your most exciting / memorable experience with Stories

Photographically, the most exciting time for me was when I discovered how nicely flare can engulf and yet gently caress the loving couple in the photos I capture. The best weddings are when the newlyweds and their family are so happy with their photos that they are lost for words. Sometimes we can even see them “say” it with their smiles and it shows in their eyes.

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