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From Dhaka to Chittagong

Ali recognized us immediately the moment we stepped out of Zia Airport in Dhaka. It wasn’t very hard really. There aren’t many Chinese around. In fact, the number of foreigners on the flight could be counted with 2 hands. Our first meet up with Ali was a good one. He came with his friend Rubab (I am not sure if I got the spelling right!). Our first stop was the money changer, and then Ali treated us to Movenpick ice cream! I can’t believe we forgot to take a group photo with Ali when we arrived. We must have just been really engrossed with just talking to him.


A photo of Ali and Farhat that was sent to us before we left for Bangladesh.


Taken when we went to Movenpick. Ali has not been sleeping very much. He’s been busy mixing his music album which will be out soon! He is a singer and has his own band!

At Movenpick, we had a chat with Ali, and he said this to us… “OK I want to see your expressions… on the first day, I’ll be expecting 2000 people to turn up for the wedding.” Kee Sitt’s eye balls went really big, like ping pong balls. 500 people for the 2nd and 3rd event, AND… 6000 people for the actual wedding day! Wow!! That’s amazing! He said that the culture over in Bangladesh is to really invite every single person to the wedding, even if it’s the guy who works at the grocery shop that you just met 2 days ago.

It’s really exciting but I am getting nervous now! Ali reassured us that we should just hang out near the stage where the action is, and take random shots of the guests that arrive. Well, our first event is tomorrow night, so we’ll find out how it’ll be soon enough!

So today, we didn’t really do much except wait for our flight from Dhaka to Chittagong. We wandered the streets of Dhaka for a short while and captured some street photos. One of the things we found out was that the Bengali New Year Festival falls on the 14th of April, the day after we leave Bangladesh! We didn’t know about this festival before we booked the flight. So we’re going to miss it. :(


Dhaka is pretty chaotic with people and vehicles. There are beggars everywhere, and it is really hard to turn away when they come knocking on your car window persistently. Oh, my heart!


We found this place where lots of flowers were being sold. Later, we were told by Rubab that this is the central location where all flowers get distributed from in Dhaka.


20090405-bangladesh_travels-036 20090405-bangladesh_travels-050

The buses in Dhaka are really banged up. I must say the drivers in Dhaka are really skillful. It’s super challenging to navigate past trishaws, people, crazy buses, three wheeled tut-tut lookalike vehicles… etc!





We were stared at everywhere we went. Hehe, I think it’s really funny that even as we take a photo, the people behind us were ‘posing’ for the shot too!


We did some videos on the street, and will try to upload them when we can! Internet connection is quite slow where we are.



We had a following after a while.



Finally, we left Dhaka on a 45 minute flight to Chittagong. The view of Dhaka from our little propeller plane. More updates to come!

Leaving, on a jet plane…

Today, I had the privilege of giving some members of the Wedding Story a send off at the airport. They’re headed out to a foreign new land – Bangladesh, and none of them have been there before. Ali and Farhat, a wonderful couple from there found us via the Internet and were suitably impressed with the quality of work offered.

Several emails later, Grace was busy processing flights and visas for the team. Here’s a short amateur video clip by me of them at the airport before leaving.

Moving on to HD!

It’s a momentous event for Wedding Story. This year, we are making the move to offer HD video to our clients for all wedding film packages. The past few years we have been honing our skills and building our brand. In 2009, we started to expand our wings internationally and we believe that there is more to come in the future! Today, the 4 of us – Kee Sitt, Sharon Koo, Ian and myself will be flying over to Bangladesh to shoot Ali and Farhat’s wedding. Do keep in touch with our travels as we plan to blog frequently while we are there. It will be a week long celebration in the town of Chittagong. Apparently this is where the longest beach in the world is found! Wow!


The trip to get our new Panasonic AG-HMC 152 cameras is in itself an adventure. Alex and I booked our flight to Singapore on Monday, and on Tuesday evening, we flew over on Tiger Airways to Changi airport. What a coincidence as we bumped into people we knew on the flight! Chris Cheong from Berjaya Hotels and Michael Tang from Concorde were on their way to Singapore for a conference and coincidentally, they sat in front of us on the flight.



We arrived at 5.30pm on Tuesday, and took the MRT to City Hall where I met Sherine in Starbucks. She wrote to us to enquire about our services, and so we had a short consultation in Singapore that evening. The world is getting smaller!

Then Wang from Sensys came to meet us at the same Starbucks. It looked rather odd to do a transaction in the middle of a busy coffee place!



Our photo with Wang.


By 8pm we met a few friends for dinner.

And then by 10.30pm, Ian Chong came to pick us up to go over to his place to stay the night. I forgot to take a nice photo of him and his wife! :(But here are a few pictures of our new camera, fresh out of the box!




The next morning at 6am, we were already at the airport, to fly back to KL. And what a coincidence, we bumped into another friend Jerrica who was on the same flight! I was also supposed to meet her for a consultation this week in KL. What an exciting 14 hours.

Family Portraits: Andrew, Huey Yee & Family

We were supposed to have our portrait session at The Orchid Garden in KL that morning, but it poured! It was a challenge thinking of where to go in such heavy rain, but finally we decided to drive to the Solaris area in Mt Kiara for the shoot. It was my first time there. Huey Yee told me… “Don’t you know this place? All the young people hang out there.” Haha, I guess I’m not that young anymore! (or perhaps it’s a hint for my hubby to bring me out more often). With a combination of rain, hyperactive kids, and a cool location… we came up with some really fun shots!


Just look at that face of satisfaction as she grabs the plant!



20090403_family_portraits_andrew_hueyyee_070 20090403_family_portraits_andrew_hueyyee_069



20090403_family_portraits_andrew_hueyyee_020 20090403_family_portraits_andrew_hueyyee_107



The Wedding of Kelvin & Cathryn

If you talk about unconventional couples, Kelvin and Cathryn definitely fit the bill. Both Kel and PC as they are affectionately known, serve in Eaglepoint church in Puchong. In fact, PC is a pastor and Kel is the worship director in church. Their wedding theme is called “A Story of Grace“, done in a movie style. I love the movie posters that they have created as decorations. The excitement on that day was just incredible. The church was packed and people were standing everywhere. You would have thought that there was a concert going on!

There are way too many photos from their wedding to post here. These are some of my favourites.


Hehe, no cat. Get it?



20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-012 20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-010


Kel looked cool as always!



20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-015 20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-020

The boys. Kinda makes me think of Men in Black.



20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-006 20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-018

The groom and all 6 of his best men strutted their way down the aisle in style!




20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-024 20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-025

It was really sweet when Kel sang as PC walked down the aisle…


And then she started singing too!


20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-031 20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-028









After the church ceremony, we adjourned for lunch at a nearby restaurant, did the tea ceremony and then some portraits after!


20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-040 20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-042

After a while, storm clouds started to gather and we scrambled to maximize the clouds before it poured!

20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-001-4 20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-043

And finally, our own team shot from that day’s shoot. From left to right: Alex, Grace, Kee Sitt, Sharon Koo and Sharon Chong. We took this shot at 3.30pm in the afternoon. Want to find out how we turned day to night? Will blog about it in another post!