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Vintage Chic Maternity Portraits: Diana

Darryl and Diana tied the knot a few years ago and had Kate shortly after, but they didn’t get a chance to take maternity or newborn photos then as she was born premature and sent to the ICU. But look at how she has grown! She will be receiving a baby sister soon, and I can’t wait to meet her as well during our newborn session. During our session together, I was warned that Kate may not take too easily to strangers, but thank God she liked my smiley face. :) I love how this set of images turned out.

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Rustic Maternity Portraits: Samantha

“To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and distressingly inhabited. Soul and spirit are stretched – along with body – making pregnancy a time of transition, growth, and profound beginnings.”

– Anne Christian Buchanan –

20170205_Maternity_Eu_Jin_Samantha-63 This is one couple I have had the privilege of journeying alongside with them from their pre-wedding session to their wedding, and now maternity session. The road to becoming a parent is really special, exciting, nerve-wracking and challenging, all at the same time. It’s the one thing that will challenge marriages, yet draw couples together, in one unified purpose – to give the best to their children. I am so excited for Eu Jin and Samantha as they embark on this new phase of their lives, this March! (It’s a special month too, cause I was born in March as well!)

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Wedding of Chee Onn & Debbie

Chee Onn and Debbie’s images have graced our Stories blog before, when we did a pre-wedding photo shoot with them a few months ago. This time, we feature their wedding day, with a special Buddhist ceremony and exchange of rings after the tea ceremony. These set of images were taken by the talented Johan and Benjamin, and the video was done by our team too! Congratulations, Chee Onn and Debbie! Lots of love over to you…and thanks for your testimonial too!

“Both Debbie and I are extremely happy with the service that Stories have provided. In fact, we can’t stop watching the same day highlights. We love the shots as well as the music. It fit the occasion really well.

The feedback that I would like to provide is that your team were awesome! Initially both Debbie and I were nervous about the fact that Grace was not able to shoot our wedding but all these worries were unfounded. Johan was so accommodative to the unexpected changes to the plan, polite and jovial (as mentioned by Debbie’s mum many times :)) and we instantly felt at ease with him as well. I have received a number of compliments from guests after they saw the same day edit. Keep up the good work! 

I would like to thank the team again for making it so easy for us to enjoy our big day. There were many people involved in the organization of the day and everyone played a role in making it happen.

Both Debbie and I felt instantly at ease the very day we decided to go with Stories for all our wedding photography. You have a great team and keep up the good work!

We will always spread the good word about Stories’ work wherever we go.”

– Chee Onn & Debbie –  

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Pre-Wedding: Chee Onn & Debbie

Everyone claims that they are not good in front of the camera. I don’t blame them, because most people would not have taken professional photos of themselves prior to their wedding day. Studio photos of you blowing your 1-year-old birthday cake candle doesn’t really count!

It’s the job of the photographer to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. To make everything look natural and not posed (even though it was!). To make it seem as if the photographer was non-existent, because the image should be about the couple and the moment they are sharing, not drawing attention to the person behind the camera. There are times when I ask the couple to look at the camera, but most of the time, their eyes are on each other. Just as it should be…

I totally enjoy photographing couples in love. Connection is something that cannot be forced. Of course, living in an Asian country, where most people have some ‘issue’ with public displays of affection, it’s normal to feel awkward initially kissing in front of a photographer! In every pre-wedding or engagement session, I tell my couples that it takes a bit of time to warm up, but once they do… they end up having a great time!

Debbie & Chee Onn:

Debbie didn’t really sleep the night before the shoot because she was really excited! It was kinda awkward at the very start because we are both not really the photo taking type. Grace, it was good that you were around to get us warmed up! We did not know what to expect on that day so we were just following your lead which was very good. After the shoot, we were pretty anxious about the pictures. We were afraid that we didn’t prepare enough for the shoot.

But after seeing the pictures, all worries were gone because it was good and you captured the right moments! We loved the black and white photos too, cause it gave a very retro feel to the pictures which we like a lot.

Thanks once again, for making the shoot memorable for us. :)

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Pre-wedding: Adrian & Phoebe

Photographer: Grace
Hair & Make up: Rachel Chun

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. I am always amazed at couples whose relationships stand the test of time. Traveling between Australia and Malaysia, while contributing to the airline industry economically, both Adrian & Phoebe have learnt that patience is definitely a virtue. Recently, Phoebe flew back to Malaysia for a short holiday, and they decided to contact me for a casual portrait session. In accordance with the long distance relationship and travel theme, they had an idea to do the shoot at KLIA. But I was a little concerned that we would be chased away by security guards (I can just picture the internet news… Photographer detained for questioning after trying to run away from security at KLIA or something silly like that).

Maybe one day I’ll be adventurous enough to try it out.

In the end, Adrian, Phoebe, Diane (who was assisting me) and I ended up at a park in PJ. Two hours spent together, but I felt that we have known each other for years.

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