You’ll Never Walk Alone: Pre-wedding of Andrew & Desiree

Andrew and Desiree are one of those couples who instantly make the ‘friend’ list the moment you meet them. They’re friendly, warm, and thoughtful. After our pre-wedding shoot, they even gave us a box of chocolates and a hand-written card, which really made our day! We photographed their wedding at Pulai Springs Resort, JB recently but before we share those images, here are some of the photos from their pre-wedding shoot.


University Crush: Joseph & Jenna’s Pre-wedding at Monash

It was at the Monash Christian Fellowship gathering in 2009 that Joseph first met Jenna. A great place to meet like-minded people! As they got to know each other better through the semester, they started hanging out in campus. Long conversations with their Starbucks drinks in their hands, they discovered things about each other. Like how she absolutely loves to read – in between going from one place to another in malls, when she eats, before she sleeps…all the time! While Jenna is the introvert in the relationship, Joseph is the extrovert. He loves to meet people, sometimes to Jenna’s dismay.

So while books is pretty much a part of Jenna’s identity, music is Joseph’s.

When it comes to music, Joseph is the maestro. He is a pianist and can play by ear, so oftentimes, he sings songs without words which annoys Jenna to bits. (On the other hand, Joseph says that he can’t stand it when Jenna changes key while he is singing!)

So a good antidote for a grumpy Jenna is ice cream. Jenna enjoys scrumptious servings of ice cream and dessert! (According to Joseph, the McD’s RM1 ice cream does the trick!).

So life is definitely interesting for this couple!


Santorini, here I come!

Oia, SantoriniImage Source: Wikimedia 

With a gorgeous view like this, I think Santorini is probably on every person’s travel wish list. I can just imagine colour-coordinating my dresses with the blue and white hues of Santorini, wind in my hair, husband in arm as I stroll the streets looking like I belong there. Yup. Minus the kids.

So I am really excited to finally say that I will be heading there this 3rd-12th April! So here’s a shameless call for couples who’d love to have their portraits taken at this breathtaking place while I am there. Do email me at hello[at]stories.my if you’re keen. I would really love to capture your romance through my lenses.

Time to pack those bags!

Pre-Wedding: Eric & Tinasha

It was the way he looked at her, the stolen glances in between… the way he gave in to her sometimes silly requests to make her happy… also the way he makes her laugh that you can see Eric is head over heels about Tinasha. They met through a friend back in their hometown, Ipoh, on the eve of Chinese New Year. However, after a brief conversation, Eric was ‘hijacked’ by two other girls. Fate brought them together when they came back to KL and after a few dates, they decided to take their relationship to the next level.

I enjoyed watching the interaction between Eric and Tinasha during our shoot in Sekeping Tenggiri. The way they teased and played with each other was a big plus for me! I love it with when couples have fun in front of my camera! Both Eric and Tinasha were in high spirits despite the rain and we managed to capture some good images!

Here’s some of our favourites from the set.

20141008_PRE_WEDDING_ERIC_TINASHA_12420141008_PRE_WEDDING_ERIC_TINASHA_147 Continue Reading

Pre-Wedding: Vincent & Michelle

When we received the booking for Vincent and Michelle’s wedding & pre-wedding shoot, we were a little tickled. Years ago, we photographed another client by the exact same name: Vincent and Michelle. What are the odds of that? So it was nice to add this ‘new’ Vincent and Michelle to the Stories client alumni family. I was initially supposed to photograph their wedding and pre-wedding, but because it was too close to my delivery date, Weiming took over and did a marvellous job! Assisted by Diane, the shoot was done in just 2 hours at UPM.

Michelle is from Kuching, Sarawak and told me that she loves green shoot locations – I guess that was probably why they also chose Cyberview Lodge as their wedding ceremony location? As a couple, they used to live overseas for many years… Vincent in the finance line in Amsterdam and Michelle as a doctor in London. They told us they like to keep things simple, but beautiful!