Dec 2014 Pre-Wedding Promotion!

Hurray, it’s my favourite time of the year, December! Christmas music is already playing in the studio and we’ve pimped our tables with Christmas tinsel. Everyone is in a good mood and so we’re here to spread some extra cheer! If you are planning on getting married next year, we have a good pre-wedding deal this month.

Book any of our pre-wedding packages in the month of December and get a 20% discount off our standard rates. Choose any weekday date from the months of January – April 2015 (not inclusive of public holidays) as your shoot date. It’s as simple as that!

Contact us here to enquire about our pre-wedding rates.


A Colourful & Playful Pre-Wedding: Eric & Sin Yi

20140929_PRE_WEDDING_ERIC_SINYI_085For someone who tests 100% introversion on the Myers-Briggs test, and claims to be a really quiet person, Sin Yi actually surprised me. She must have an adventurous streak to her, since she had ideas of traipsing across construction sites to this relatively deserted amusement park that is called I-City for her pre-wedding photos. Both Eric and Sin Yi are really laid back and easy going people, and I got along with them so well at the first word! Eric claims to be the romantic one in the relationship (says that he cries while watching sappy romance movies) and so he didn’t have a problem cuddling up to Sin Yi during the shoot and giving puppy-eyed looks to her.

Jamie assisted me during the shoot because I was pretty heavily pregnant then, and I was really glad to have her there! We totally enjoyed ourselves that day. Thank you for putting up with our quirky ideas, standing on tables and doing all sorts of fun things!

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Pre-Wedding: Sunil & Belinda

After spending many hours with Sunil and Belinda for their various wedding events, it’s obvious that these two fun-loving souls are completely and deeply in love with each other. Never mind the fact that she’s into shopping and he’s into football and sports – two completely different hobbies altogether. What matters are their hearts – joined together over a common love of music, drinking, socialising and the love of adventure. I just love Belinda’s feisty character and quick tongue. She’s really funny. Sunil too, has the personality to warm up a room the moment he is in it. Together, they rock!

Soon, we’ll be sharing photos from their epic wedding celebration – the Chinese ceremony in Singapore and the Hindu wedding in KL. For now, enjoy some of these favourite pre-wedding images, photographed by Weiming and Nigel.

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Pre-Wedding at Sekeping Serendah: Jimmy & Rachel

20140627_PRE_WEDDING_JIMMY_RACHEL_139Jimmy and Rachel first met while they were both working in the same hospital. She was a freshy, only 5 months into the job. Jimmy was the medical officer in charge of the infectious disease ward at the time. Her first impression of him was that, ‘He surely talks a lot and comes across as being quite bossy!’ Naturally, they didn’t really hit it off then and Rachel was mostly preoccupied with surviving through working in that particular ward. It was only a year later when their paths crossed again. By that time, they were both in different departments.

It was a tragedy that brought them together eventually… a tragic Genting car crash that happened one day.

Rachel had to accompany one of the patients who was in critical condition for an MRI scan in the radiology unit while Jimmy was the doctor in charge of doing the scan at the time. The scan took more than an hour to complete, and while waiting for it to be completed, they had some free time to talk and sort of hit it off after that. Over that one hour, Rachel got a glimpse into a different side of Jimmy which she never noticed before. Her heart eventually softened towards him, and she thought, he is actually quite charming and easy to talk to.

Soon, another unexpected encounter in the hospital brought them together again. They started messaging each other and then went out for a movie date a few weeks later.

Jimmy and Rachel are total opposites in terms of character. Jimmy is a very meticulous person and very detail orientated; Perhaps that’s one of the reasons he is attracted to the radiology field while Rachel is more spontaneous and usually goes with flow. It is their differing personalities that make this relationship blend well. They just complement each other so well! Rachel can definitely attest to the fact that Jimmy has certainly helped her be a more organized person!

They have been in a long distance relationship for almost 2 years now since Rachel had to move away from KL for work. Despite the challenges of frequent traveling and their busy work schedule, being in this long distance relationship has taught them to be more thankful and appreciative for the simple and little things they are able to do together like having a quiet dinner or maybe just buying groceries together.

Rachel says, Looking back at how we met, I realized it was really fate that brought us together as I was actually reluctant to accompany the patient to the radiology department during that fateful day and had wanted to switch with another friend.

What a way to get together! Congratulations, both of you!

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Pre-Wedding: Steven & Marilyn

Years ago, I met Steven for the first time at a Christmas party organised by my church cell group. Marilyn and I attend the same group and so one day, she brought along this guy ‘friend’. I didn’t really get to know Steven very well personally over the years, but over the past few months, with the wedding coming up, I discovered he can be a pretty romantic guy, totally detailed and meticulous, funny, and loves to joke.

If you got to know Marilyn, you’d say that she is one of the most bubbly persons you’d probably ever met with a high pitched laugh. She is always tickled by something, which means she constantly has a smile or laugh on her face. I love that. She has a heart of gold, always looking out for others, self-less, loves God with her whole soul, and wears her heart on her sleeve. Over the years, I have been so blessed by this friendship, so photographing their engagement / pre-wedding photos was a privilege.

Here’s just a few sneak pics from their pre-wedding session…photographed by myself and Jamie. The rest will debut on their wedding day this December! :)