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Wedding Video Highlight: Ching Siang & Stephanie

They see each other as opposites, but with differences that naturally complement each other. Stephanie laughs a lot and is really expressive. Ching Siang on the other hand, claims to have lips that are way too small which means that he can’t laugh as loudly as Stephanie. He’s a perfectionist, a thinker… but… someone who is always late (which irritates Stephanie who’s a really punctual person). Good thing for Ching Siang – he was on time on his wedding day!

Their story began while they were in primary school… they were classmates for 6 years and she being the basketball team player… soon caught Ching Siang’s attention. He was an unknown geeky guy sitting in the corner in class (with big fat glasses too!), just noticing her from afar. Years later, they met again in Melbourne, and that’s when they began to get to know each other a lot better.

The proposal happened on top of a hot air balloon overlooking the city of Melbourne witnessed by a basketful of strangers. It was successful, because within a second of his proposal, she nodded enthusiastically!

Ching Siang and Stephanie, thank you for giving us the opportunity to record your story! :)


Videographers: Stories (King, Lester & Felicia)
Dinner Reception: Berjaya Times Square Hotel
Wedding & Evening Gown: I am a Bride
Groom’s Attire: Sparksmanshop
Make up & Hair: Jane Lee
Flowers: Wishing Tree
Photography: Jon Low
Dinner Entertainment: Queenie Chan (emcee) & Aurora Live Band

Wedding of Chee Onn & Debbie

Chee Onn and Debbie’s images have graced our Stories blog before, when we did a pre-wedding photo shoot with them a few months ago. This time, we feature their wedding day, with a special Buddhist ceremony and exchange of rings after the tea ceremony. These set of images were taken by the talented Johan and Benjamin, and the video was done by our team too! Congratulations, Chee Onn and Debbie! Lots of love over to you…and thanks for your testimonial too!

“Both Debbie and I are extremely happy with the service that Stories have provided. In fact, we can’t stop watching the same day highlights. We love the shots as well as the music. It fit the occasion really well.

The feedback that I would like to provide is that your team were awesome! Initially both Debbie and I were nervous about the fact that Grace was not able to shoot our wedding but all these worries were unfounded. Johan was so accommodative to the unexpected changes to the plan, polite and jovial (as mentioned by Debbie’s mum many times :)) and we instantly felt at ease with him as well. I have received a number of compliments from guests after they saw the same day edit. Keep up the good work! 

I would like to thank the team again for making it so easy for us to enjoy our big day. There were many people involved in the organization of the day and everyone played a role in making it happen.

Both Debbie and I felt instantly at ease the very day we decided to go with Stories for all our wedding photography. You have a great team and keep up the good work!

We will always spread the good word about Stories’ work wherever we go.”

– Chee Onn & Debbie –  

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The Wedding of Son & Jil

We would both like to say  how very very glad we are to have chosen Stories. It was the second largest expense on our tiny wedding budget (there goes the deposit for our home!) and as mentioned to Grace, we initially had doubts as to whether we could afford to spend that kind of money on just photos! However, I really fell in love with Grace’s work at first sight and watching our quick edit morning CD confirmed that it was worth the extra $$ we had to squeeze out for the photos! Everyone (including us) were so impressed by the professionalism and warmth exhibited by Grace, Ben and Andrew.

A special thanks to the team for the lovely shots (I really wanted the focus to be on the people, which Grace & team delivered beautifully), Ben for great editing (Son has burned too many copies of the DVD, my mum has distributed these to her entire village and Son has tortured our relatives and friends in Malaysia and Adelaide innumerably with it ‘cos he’s really pleased with how “yao-yeng” he looks in it) and we really really appreciate Ben and Andrew’s patience and understanding (in particular, Ben’s sensitivity towards Son’s nervousness at public speaking when he subtly suggested Son use the podium) during the loooong evening dinner.

Once more, we really really want to thank Grace, Ben and Andrew for making our special day all that much more special and we can’t gush on enough about how much we love Stories! :)

– Son & Jil –

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Mandarin Oriental Wedding: Colin & Kirsteen

She’s Malaysian and he’s Singaporean, but they met at school in Perth, Australia. Friendship blossomed and hours of conversation later, best friends became lovers. I truly believe that a relationship has a stronger foundation when it is built on friendship first. There’s just so much depth to it, especially since it started out with a love for mutual things. On the day of the wedding, everything felt really relaxed because this was their second event after their actual wedding ceremony in Perth about a week or so before.

Kirsteen gushed about her beautiful red evening gown that had her Iban heritage written all over it. In fact, it took her a long time to source for the right person in East Malaysia to weave the fabric and when it was completed, to find the right tailor for the job. Eventually, there wasn’t enough fabric to make the gown, so back to the weaving lady they went… and after much work, this gorgeous gown was made.

What struck me too was this really unique engagement ring that was heart shaped. I had never seen anything like that before. (I am sorely tempted to ask Alex to make one for me and propose all over again!). It was just gorgeous. It was then that I discovered that Colin’s mum is in the jewelry business and all the exquisite gems came from her.

There were so many rings, I had to ask Colin and Kirsteen which one was the wedding band!

We spent a few hours before the dinner reception just wandering around Mandarin Oriental for some portraits.

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Fuchsia Pink Wedding: Daniel & Keshia

In today’s society, getting married before the age of 25 is considered young.

“We need to save up enough money first” or “Let’s enjoy singlehood while we can!”

For Daniel and Keshia, these thoughts were never on their mind. They loved each other, ever since they were best friends at school, and they knew for a fact that they wanted to marry each other. Personally, I think it’s a great idea to get married young, especially when you know for sure that’s what you want. You have more years to build life together and you don’t keep each other waiting for too long!

Daniel and Keshia, we had an awesome time at your wedding. Thanks for sharing your lives with us. Loved the fact that you wanted us to ‘highlight’ your height differences… not to hide it, but to make it obvious! Haha… the both of you are absolutely fun loving people and I am sure you’ll build a great marriage together, with God in the centre.

For the people viewing this blog post, be warned, I am not very good at cutting down the number of images in one post! And if you still want to see more images, there’s a slideshow too at the end of the post!

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