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The Wedding of Tim & Doreen

I have good intentions to blog a wedding immediately after the shoot, but my good intentions never seem to become a reality. Currently, my blog posts are about 2 months behind schedule… we have so much to share but I have a hard time trying to catch up! So today, I am going to break the trend and skip a few other weddings at the moment to blog Tim and Doreen’s wedding photos.

Honestly, our first conversation over Skype and subsequent meet up felt a little tense. They were disagreeing about a few things regarding the wedding, and I wasn’t quite sure how to respond. But on the wedding day, everything changed, and Tim and Doreen were just grinning from ear to ear. They were just so relaxed with each other in front of our cameras. Ben and Weiming did a great job photographing alongside with me, and supporting me whenever I felt exhausted. All the night shots were taken by them since I was already home resting by then! :)

Tim and Doreen wrote a really wonderful testimonial for us which I’d like to share here:

“We would like to thank you and your team for our special day. From when you met us the day before to go through all the proceedings and putting up with us at a time when we were both stressed out beyond belief, you made everything seem easy and it was one less thing for us to worry about knowing we were in good hands. Your enthusiasm and energy carried us through the wedding and all our guests said how great you were plus the fact you were carrying a ‘mini me’ in your tummy.

The impromptu photo shoot after the tea ceremony for me was unexpected but we are so grateful you did this for us and it has made our day even more memorable.

The slide show for dinner which was made in such a short time still has my mum in tears and you captured Doreen’s amazing beauty which made me so proud to be her husband (you also made me look good in a couple of pictures which must make you a miracle worker).

Again a big THANK YOU from us, you and your team were brilliant. ”

Tim and Doreen

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A Winter Themed Wedding: Aldrian & Mei Mei

Their love story began as a chance meeting – two strangers enrolled as classmates back in 2001 during their A-Level studies.

“Aldrian was just hanging out with his cousin, Johnny, and refused to enter the classroom on his first day. – no pretty girls lah – he said. Minutes later, I brisked by with a friend, feeling truly nervous about my first day of college. As I passed Aldrian, I noticed that he was quite handsome too – but you don’t say these things out loud of course! Not long after, Aldrian sat next to me in that class…. and we have always been side by side ever since. Throughout the years we have truly become each other’s best friend and soul-mate. 

After college, we came to the UK together to further our studies. Finally, after 10 years – after completing my PhD and all that hoo-ha of trying to settle down in London, we thought that the time was right. And it was just perfect.

 We now live together in our very own love nest in Canary Wharf with our baby rabbit, Bijoux. Bliss :)”

 – Mei Mei – 

I got to know Aldrian and Mei Mei through a friend of mine, Adelene, who was Aldrian’s sister. I had never met them before, and all correspondence was done online, until they came back for the wedding itself. Since they were not in KL, it helped that they had a wedding planner to coordinate everything. I first heard about the winter wedding theme from Mun Tzin of Milestones… and I wondered how it would really look like. Frankly, I was a little hesitant at first, as coloured lighting in a ballroom can either work for you or against you. I have photographed some events with extremely strong multi-coloured lighting shining on stage, and the results… well, let’s say I was less than pleased with it.

Some colours tend to bleed onto skin tones, making people look overly purple or green. I was quite concerned that the light would be too strong and we would end up with shots that look like we were at a Smurf convention (sorry, Mei Mei!). But when I arrived at the ballroom that day, I was pleased to see that the blue light was not direct lighting, and that the stage had yellow light, which added warmth to the skin tones! So I loved the end results!

Be prepared, this is a super long post with heaps of photos! Sorry if it is taking too long to load, but I can’t help myself!

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Pre-wedding at The Danna, Langkawi: Derrick & Fanny

Derrick & Fanny:

It was very early morning at 8am that we reached Langkawi.  Grace and Alex were very kind to wake up so early in the morning (after a full day shoot they had a day before) to pick us up from airport to the hotel.  I wouldn’t say the weather was great but good enough for us as it wasn’t raining heavily in Langkawi as it was in KL.  We started the shoot after lunch and went on all the way till sunset.  It was really fun and both Alex and Grace were so accommodating and patient.  We were a bit uneasy at first, not getting used to “showing our love” in front of the camera, but they guided us through all the way.It was a long and tiring day until nearly at the end when I was chit-chating with Grace and Alex that I found out the lovely couple are expecting a new family member!  Grace was so energetic and dedicated to her work and Fanny and I were feeling bad to have made her work so long!  The Stories team made our day and Diane has been very helpful in connecting things up for us from Day 1 when we started to engage them and got me hooked on chosing Stories as our photographer.  The video clip was wonderful! We can’t stop repeating it again and again, how great would it be if there is one song that could fit all the photos in! =D

Fanny and I knew each other since we were kids.  We were classmates when we were 10 in our primary school, little did she know that I was already admiring her back then!  Fate brought us back again together 10 years ago and we had been through loads of highs and lows, we are gladly thankful to have found each other and for being able to start our own family.

The proposal was really a spontaneous thing I did last June 2011 and I forgot about the previous few plans which I was cracking head on. We were both busy with work after our ROM in August last year. Needless to say, when it is the right time, you know what you ought to do.

Once again, a very big thank you to Stories, for making it work and capturing the once in a lifetime memorable moments for us.

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Romance at Intercontinental Hotel: Jeremy & Theng

I distinctly remember chatting on the phone with Theng’s mum, a couple of months before the wedding day. Since Theng and Jeremy live in the UK, Theng’s mum helped to organize many aspects of the wedding, including hiring a photographer! After a few phone calls, some emails, then a confirmation came, and the funds were banked in. And just like that (without ever speaking to Jeremy & Theng), we were booked for their wedding day.

A couple of days before the wedding, I dropped by Theng’s family home to meet up with everyone and to get to know Jeremy and Theng better. I was glad to find out that the dinner was going to be an intimate affair of 200 people. That’s really small for a typical Asian wedding, since most dinner receptions would have at least 300-400 people!

On their wedding day, we spent quite a bit of time doing some portraits around Intercontinental Hotel. I recently popped by Intercontinental for another shoot, and to my dismay, found out that part of the lobby is under renovation. So yeah, this staircase has been boarded up. I wonder what everything will look like once it’s done!

“We got engaged in February 2011 and started planning the wedding quite soon after.   As we both live in the UK, we decided to hold a small reception in London for our immediate family and close friends, as well as dinner receptions in KL and Hong Kong.  Planning a wedding from abroad was exciting but definitely challenging!  We had to rely on wedding blogs and personal recommendations to source for potential vendors.  With the help of our parents, multiple emails over the months and some last-minute planning a week before our reception in KL, we eventually managed to pull it off!  We had a great time and were very grateful that most of our friends from all over the world were able to attend.”

Jeremy & Theng 

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Wedding in Andaman, Langkawi: Joe & Oanh

It was another beautiful day in Langkawi, and the sun glowed through the clouds, as if beaming its approval for that day’s wedding. It couldn’t have been more perfect. For Joe and Oanh, who had traveled many hours from London to Langkawi, the day started off beautifully. At about 4pm, flowers were strewn across the sand, oriental umbrellas were arranged and icy cold water was prepared for the guests. Most of the guests had flown in from various continents across the world just to be there to witness this wonderful occasion.

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