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Pre-Wedding at the Banjaran, Ipoh: Aflaah & Cher Waye

When Aflaah left his home country Maldives for studies in Malaysia, he might not have imagined that he would one day come back with a wife. It all started 9 years ago in college and they have been together ever since. When they started working, they also began a long distance relationship that lasted 4 years. It’s never easy maintaining a long distance relationship, but they made it work by finding time for each other. They travelled back and forth whenever they had the chance.

And when they were apart, they focused on their careers and growth as individuals. On hindsight, Aflaah and Cher Waye felt that this time apart made their relationship stronger as they discovered new and exciting things about each other. Now they live in Maldives (gasp, surrounded by the deep blue sea!). Travelling and food are their greatest passions, so I asked them what holidays are like for them since they are already living in holiday paradise. They replied, no beach holidays for them! Haha so I guess that was why they chose the green Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat as the venue for their pre-wedding photo shoot.

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Pre-Wedding at The Banjaran Hot Springs, Ipoh: Shao Xuan & Li Li

After our tummies were filled with yummy Ipoh chicken rice, the Stories team headed to the exclusive The Banjaran Hotsprings & Retreat, where we were to meet Shao Xuan and Li Li for their pre-wedding shoot. When we arrived, we were greeted warmly by the staff and the pitter-patter sounds of rain. The skies looked gloomy and we were worried. Unfortunately, the drizzles turned into large droplets of rain, and soon, we felt the full force of a tropical rain forest storm.

But Shao Xuan and Li Li remained calm, and were so open to following our lead. We headed indoors into some really cool caves (some were really really dark!) and did some photos there. After a while, the rain stopped a little, enough for us to take some photos outdoors. I kind of like the wet look on the trees, it makes the venue look so lush. Thank you Shao Xuan and Li Li for giving us the privilege of photographing the both of you and for remaining calm despite the torrential rain!


Chinese Ancestral Home Ipoh Wedding: Si Howe & Joanne

Some time back, I photographed some portraits of Joanne for her 30th birthday and it was on that shoot that I met Si Howe. He struck me as a really fun loving, supportive guy who was ever willing to give Joanne a hoist to entertain her ideas of climbing trees for pictures. As we got to know each other more later, it struck me that they were two opposite personalities totally in love with each other. Si Howe, an obvious extrovert, was telling me all about his Ipoh wedding at his family courtyard home (where EVERYONE in their family holds a wedding!) and enticing Nigel and I with stories about giant Tanjung Tualang prawns served during the luncheon.

Needless to say, we were definitely looking forward to this wedding!

We were really smitten with the wonderful classic family home that we had the privilege of shooting in. Since Si Howe’s family was a large one, the tea ceremony took quite a while, serving approximately 180 people! One of the biggest challenges we had was doing a huge family photo that could accommodate everyone. At the entrance of the home (image below), it was hot in the midday sun, so to get everyone to stand / sit there even for 15 minutes would be really challenging. But the worst thing is that everyone would be squinting as they had to look towards the direction of the sun. So we moved everyone to the back of the house instead for the photos. Though it was very warm still, at least people weren’t squinting as much!

20141213_WEDDING_SIHOWE_JOANNE_0743I love this marital bed that symbolises their union. Si Howe told me how he and another cousin  had to painstakingly take the bed apart from another cousin’s home and transport it to this place. And then he had to put it together again, pretty much like a jigsaw puzzle. If you look carefully, you will see his yellow sticker notes on the bed frame which we ‘conveniently’ left in the shot. Tells a story!

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Pre-Wedding in Ipoh: Aaron & Jamie

It was Christmas a few years ago when I first met Aaron. Jamie had brought him to our church cell group Christmas party, and naturally, all of us were really curious about ‘who’ he really was. Soon, Aaron became a permanent fixture in our weekly Wednesday group. Very quickly, he was ‘approved’ and loved by all of us. They are both naturally talented in music, as they serve in DUMC’s worship ministry faithfully. As a couple, they fit like 2 pieces of jigsaw puzzle made for each other. Both equally passionate about God, responsible and faithful in all they do.

Aaron and Jamie, congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I am truly blessed to have gotten to know the both of you so well over the past few years. May God bless your marriage beyond what you can imagine, and may you find many exciting adventures as you travel along this road of life.

Since Aaron is from Ipoh, we took the opportunity to photograph some of these scenes near Ipoh and on the grounds of the Ipoh Turf Club.


Jack & LeAnne in Syuen Hotel, Ipoh

Not too long ago, I posted a blog entry about Jack and LeAnne, and their pre-wedding shoot in Putrajaya. Well, they are now married! I haven’t been to Ipoh for a while, so I was delighted to have the opportunity to shoot their wedding in Ipoh. Both Jack and LeAnne were really hospitable, and they made sure that I was comfortable at all times. Both Alex and I felt really at home and touched by their thoughtfulness! Wishing the both of you years and years of happiness ahead!


Trying a new style of post-processing.

20090627_WEDDING_JACK_LEANNE_0030.jpg 20090627-wedding-jack-leanne-0065.jpg

I love the way how LeAnne looks so serene here.


Oh and the shoes!



20090627_WEDDING_JACK_LEANNE_0095.jpg 20090627-wedding-jack-leanne-1061.jpg

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