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Lake Gardens

Pre-Wedding Love Story Video: Jason & Victoria

The moment we met Jason and Victoria, we fell in love with them! As a couple, they are just so adorable together and they are just so full of life. The fun and warm energy they exude just bubbles over and infects everyone they meet. When we were discussing ideas for their pre-wedding video, we got to know them so much more as a person… including all of Jason’s OCD actions and Victoria’s love for all things girly. But in all seriousness, we see their love for each other, people and for God that binds them together as a couple.

This video was played as an intro before Victoria’s grand entrance into church during the wedding ceremony. Chi Yin did a great job shooting the video below. We revisited Lake Gardens for the shoot – the location where their original proposal took place.

Pre-Wedding Portraits: Nilshan & Praveena

Nilshan and Praveena live in Australia but came home to Malaysia recently for their pre-wedding shoot. They wanted something really relaxing and casual for the two hour session, so we decided to head to Lake Gardens for a stroll… along with a chair, a gorgeous bouquet, and some props! How strange it must have looked to some people that we were dragging a chair around the garden. I do think that the venue is usually secondary to the couple itself – all that matters are the two people in love! I look forward to the wedding this June. Here are some of my favourites from the session.

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Family Portraits in KL: Michael & Dejha

Michael and Dejha wanted to remember their time in Malaysia as an expat family with some beautiful casual family portraits at the park. We met their son who was 3 at the time of the shoot, and he was such a handsome chap! That headful of golden hair really captivated us! It was a rather hot and humid day but you can hardly tell from these photos. Thank you for the opportunity to meet your lovely family and for the time together in KL. All the best to you for the next stage of life!

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Portraits of Adnan & Ameerah

They met in medical school 8 years ago. He was the boy in class who made the most noise, and was always fun loving with a great sense of humour. He thought Ameerah was cute (apparently that’s all it takes, according to her). They started going out as friends, initially in big groups which eventually shrunk to just the two of them.

They spent a lot of time studying together, while listening to music on her iPod. It was only years later did she find out that they did not share the same taste in music at all! It was his excuse of sharing earphones just to be close to her. One fine day, he told her he loved her, and they became a couple. He was a total romantic, writing Ameerah love letters and sweeping her off her feet with flowers and fancy dinners. Many years later, he proposed at Lake Como and she said yes… and this March, they got married!


Tenth Anniversary Family Portraits: Paul & Yin Huei

It’s been months since I took these photos of Paul, Yin Huei and their cute little family as a celebration for their 10th wedding anniversary. The children have grown but I thought it’d still be nice to share the images from our session together at Lake Gardens. Yin Huei, being creative, brought along a mirror for me to come up with different types of shots! She was also very comfortable in climbing trees like the one below, including reading old love letters from Paul! I thought it was really sweet of her.

Here’s what Yin Huei had to say about the shoot:

I wanted this photo shoot to mark this important milestone in our lives. We have come so far in this journey together, grown stronger together and been blessed by the most amazing children. I want us to be able to reflect on this moment many many years ahead and be warmed by this beautiful memory.

And I want to dedicate this to my husband and my children:
“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where
I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride

So I love you because I know no other way.” 

Pablo Neruda (Sonnet XVII)