A better future for Malaysians

It’s a historical day for all Malaysians. People, young and old, all over Malaysia head to the polling stations to cast their vote for the 13th Malaysian General Election. Years ago, after I graduated from my studies in Australia, I had to make a choice… to head back home or stay on to work in Australia. Somehow, deep down, I’ve always felt that Malaysia was home. It wasn’t a difficult decision to make. Right now, I truly believe that unless God calls me elsewhere, this is my home.

Despite all the negative things people say about this country, I still have hope. In God I trust. Our future lies in His hands.

My prayer is that our country will rise up to its fullest potential and that my children will have a positive future to look forward to. To all my fellow Malaysians, thank you for caring. You are making a difference.


* My 4.5 month old daughter Krysta and I vote for a better Malaysia! *

Updated: 6th May 2013

Many Malaysians are mourning, upset and angry over the results of the elections. Change may not have come the way we expected. But as individuals living in Malaysia, let’s do our part in making Malaysia a better place to live in by living a life that is ethical, peaceful, treating everyone with respect. If you want to see change happen in this country, we have to each play our part to make a difference. No matter how small. Let’s not give up.

This blog is dedicated to celebrating life – new relationships as husband and wife, parents with their newborns, grandparents with their children and grandchildren… life carries on. It is my desire that the images we create here gives everyone hope that there is a future for the next generation. Remain positive. Remain hopeful.

Being a working mom

Ever since I delivered baby Krysta mid December, I have discovered the joys of motherhood. Everyday, my heart swells with even more love for this cute little baby of mine, especially so when she looks adoringly into my eyes and coos in her baby language telling me all sorts of things that happened in that day. Six diaper changes, lots of good yummy milk, and recently… her first overseas trip to Krabi, at 2 months old! While I was out shooting, Alex, my husband, was the baby sitter to Krysta!

* Krysta’s newborn photos, when she was 14 days old. 

Though I have tried to stay away from work and enjoy my maternity leave, I realized I can’t ‘stay’ still… in fact, I didn’t really observe most of the confinement practices (to the horror of some people). By the first week of her birth, after the C-section, I was up and about, attending Christmas events and even brought her for a theatre production at church. While on maternity leave, I was still replying work emails, meeting up with potential clients, skyping, and blogging. I now completely understand how difficult it is for working moms to balance between working at home and taking care of a child. All I can say is… thank God for the help of my maid, and the pacifier!

Now that I have officially starting working and shooting, I hope that the transition is not too difficult. I am a little concerned about being away from her for some of my outstation shoot jobs, especially since I am still breastfeeding, but I guess I’ll jump over that hurdle once I get to it.

* Krysta looking really happy at getting her very first ang pau for Chinese New Year!

I know the blog has been silent for 2 weeks, so here’s a teaser image from the recent pre-wedding session at Krabi, Thailand for Nicholas and Lina… my first client after delivery! More to come later!


From 2 to 3…

A week ago, I became a mum. For 9 months, I carried a little bundle inside of me… a little being that grew from a tiny foetus into a 2+kg baby. I brought her for shoots with me, and we grew, together. When we saw her first few photos on the scan, we were excited (doesn’t matter that it was just a mass of 2 oval shapes showing the head and body). When she kicked, we were delighted. Towards the end of my term, I couldn’t wait to meet her, my little bundle of joy.

A week before my due date, at about 2am, my water bag burst and an hour later, I was in the hospital. By 9am, I had only dilated 1cm and she was facing upwards, which made it hard for her to come out naturally. So by 12pm, a decision was made to go for a Caesarean birth, and within a few minutes, I was in the operating theatre. It felt like a blur, I couldn’t see what was going on, didn’t feel any pain, but I could just feel the gynae touching me and her being pushed out. All throughout the surgery, I was praying and singing the song “Lord you are always here with me”.

At the precise moment I heard her cry, my emotions just overwhelmed me and I couldn’t help but cry too.

She was brought to me not too long later and she was just beautiful!

One week later, and I have already posted countless images of her on Instagram and Facebook. I’ve joined that group of millions of mothers worldwide who are proud of their little kid. Not because of what they can do (she hasn’t earned any A’s in school yet, or started working to earn her keep), but because of who they are. Simply loved because they are their child. I am reminded of that same love that God gave to us… unconditional love, not because of what we can do, but because of who we are… His creation. And nothing we do in this life can take away Christ’s love for us.

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Romans 8: 38-39 –

Such is the heart of our Father…and a good reminder this Christmas! Have a great Christmas season and a Happy New Year!


Grace, Alex & Krysta

Last 2 Photo credits: Asther Lau Photography

A Surprise Baby Shower!

Two weeks ago, I was completely surprised when I opened my front door to reveal a group of friends who had gathered for a surprise baby shower for me! I didn’t expect anything at all so it was really sweet of everyone to make so much effort to organize everything… from the beautiful decorations to the cute cupcakes and great food that was served (oh, and not to forget the gifts too!). I was told that half an hour before I arrived, they were busy cutting butterflies to stick onto straws! I was awed at how everything looked so perfect. But of course, the main thing was that I had a roomful of my closest friends to celebrate it with. Thank you so much everyone for making my baby shower so special, and for the friendship that we share. Really love all of you!

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Life, Love and Death

Video from KarmaTube

My sister shared this video with me recently. It was really sad and yet heart-warming to listen to this true story about a couple’s love for each other. If you’re super Malaysian like me, it’s pretty hard to understand the thick accent, so you need to listen really carefully to catch what they are saying. I don’t think it was just my pregnancy hormones, but I cried when I watched this video.

Everyone wants to be loved.

Everyone wants to feel a love so deep, so true, so faithful and so everlasting in life.

In some ways, I feel blessed. I have this amazing relationship with Alex and I can truly say that I love this man so much, much more today than the day I  married him 6 years ago. He’s traveling a lot this month, leaving me alone for days at a time. Even before he leaves, I start missing him already… sometimes I think I might have attachment issues. But this time alone makes me think about life…and also death.

I pray that God will allow us to grow old together, experience many wonders together, build a beautiful family and go on many adventures together. I think about all those newspaper articles where I read of people going through accidents and losing a loved one before their time is up, or people suffering from terminal illnesses. It really saddens me.

Alex is always very candid about this issue – if God takes him back early, it’s always because He allows it for a reason. And he always jokes… “I’ll allow you to marry again!”

Our conversations always end up the same… I argue with him that it’s better if God allowed me to go first, then I don’t have to suffer the agony of being here on earth without him.

Sigh. Who can predict the future? How will I know how much time I have with my loved ones? All that matters is today.

Show them love. Unabashed, not holding back, wholehearted.