Newborn Portraits: Marieke & Maarten

Remember Maarten and Marieke’s maternity portraits that Jamie shot some time ago? Well, they have now delivered an adorable baby girl and we had the pleasure of meeting her! She is just so gorgeous, perfectly formed with that cute button nose and beautiful lips. We love photographing newborn babies because they are just tiny once… (and remind you of the sleepless nights you experienced as a young mother). But once they get older, you will wish they were much lighter, and you start to miss all those little moments again… holding those tiny hands, the first time bitter sweet experience of breastfeeding your child or even worrying about why she can’t sleep at night or during the day.

This quote I read in Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project book resonates with me, and I am sure it will with you too.

The days are long, but the years are short

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Newborn Portraits: Ahmed & Balqish

Ahmed & Balqish’s baby is blessed to have two good-looking parents, of Saudi Arabian and Malaysian heritage. Perhaps one day, she might follow in the footsteps of her mom who is a traveller, a public personality and a youtuber. When the family came to the studio for their mini session, the little one kept exercising her lungs (By the way, that’s normal in most photo sessions involving babies!). Eventually, she calmed down, enough for Jennifer to get the shots she needed. Congratulations on the birth of your baby, Ahmed and Balqish Maarif!

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Newborn Portraits: Matthew

My friendship with Mark and Mun Tzin has spanned many years, ever since Mark became one of the first freelance photographers to work with me when I was just starting out in the industry. Then I got to know Mun Tzin… who became a colleague as she planned weddings and events under the banner of Milestones. I am really pleased to see how their little family has grown, with baby Matthew now. He was only 13 days old when we took these photos.

20160513-NEWBORN_MATTHEW-73The story of Matthew, by Mun Tzin

When I first started Milestones in 2012, we decided to put having a kid on hold so that the business can stabilise and we are not bogged down with too many things. As Milestones progress and after two years into running the business, I was open to trying to have a kid. We have been trying for a year and it was after a year, we were thinking of getting ourselves check by a specialist to make sure everything is working fine. Stress was kind of building up as Mark’s parents knew that we were trying to have a kid of our own. Little did we know that God has his own timing and plan for everything. In Mid September 2015, I was planning for a scuba diving trip and wanted to make sure that I was not pregnant before I go for the trip. It was then I discovered that I could be possibly pregnant. From being super kiasu by peeing on 3 pregnancy test to getting blood test to confirm, we were still not certain till we met our doctor. It was at the doctor’s clinic that he confirmed that we were going to have a baby. At that time, we were still fearful as we wanted to see our child’s heartbeat to confirm that he is alive. It was only after seeing and hearing his heartbeat the first time, were we able to celebrate God’s goodness to us.

From an easy pregnancy with minimal morning sickness to having minimal aches and pain, God has indeed watched over our family. Two weeks before I was due, Mark had to fly to Jakarta for work and I was supposed to travel to Genting Highlands for work too. In the beginning of the week, I fell ill and stayed at home. On the same week Thursday morning, I suddenly felt painful contractions while driving to work so instead of driving to work, I drove home to pick up my hospital bag and drove to the hospital. Doctor says this might be it and I quickly contacted Mark to come home. Little did we know that this was a false alarm and God was preparing us slowly for the real thing. Throughout the weekend and the following week, I kept having contractions and feeling uncomfortable. We kept asking our son when will he decide to come out and meet us.

On a bright and early labour day, I felt contractions at 6am. Thinking it might be a false alarm again, I decided to wait for another 2 hours before waking Mark up to head to the hospital. Upon arrival at 9am, I was immediately admitted to the hospital. From the time I was admitted to the delivery time, God made it so quick that I delivered our son before 12 noon. When we first laid eyes on our son, all our cares and worry was forgotten and we had so much love for him. Our son is indeed a gift from God in His own perfect timing. Matthew has been relatively easy to take care and we as new parents are learning from him each day. If we can love our son who is only a couple days old so much, how much more does our God loves us. We are very thankful to God for giving us the opportunity to be parents to Matthew.

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Highlights: Family Portraits 2015

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” ~ Robert Brault

Each of us only has 24 hours in a day. When I first started my business, I was grateful for the extra ‘time’ that I could have for myself, and then when I had kids, I wondered where all that time went! Each day, I am surrounded by news of disaster, and how easy it is to lose someone you love. Ironically, when I have time with my kids, I just wish they would fall asleep faster, and when I am away shooting a wedding at a beautiful destination, I wish I could be back with them.

I also want to do more in life, but when I have time on my hands, I just want to laze and not do anything.

Such is the irony of life. And then, before you know it, time just slips through your fingers and then a week passes by, and then a month, and a year. Just recently, on Sunday, I sat down with my husband Alex at a random cafe in PJ to talk about life (without the kids!). It felt like a breath of fresh air. We ordered fries, tea and coffee, then flipped our mac screen open to look at our February calendar and intentionally planned date nights, family nights with the kids, swimming sessions etc! We left that cafe a little more rejuvenated, and a bit more focused with what we wanted to achieve in our life as a family.

So, as a pause… here’s a little compilation we did of some of the 101 families we photographed last year. We hope you will take a moment to cherish your family today.

Photography by Grace, Diane, Jamie & Weiming


You Made me a Mother

This Mother’s Day, I’d like to share a poem that I came across on Facebook, written by this lady, Melanie Tan. It’s a really lovely piece adapted from another similar poem. I love how she has captured the feeling of motherhood through these lines. Wishing all amazing mothers out there, a Happy Mother’s Day.

20150429_FAMILY_NICO_MURIEL_YASMIN_27Two blue lines,
Tears, excitement and fears
Will I be a good mother?
Can I survive child birth?
I wasn’t ready

Then, the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard
Hearing your heartbeat for the first time
That fast paced rhythm
I told myself, I can do this

I felt you
Your first kick
I smiled
Your first in-vitro hiccups
I laughed

Suddenly, you were here
Daddy’s nose, mummy’s lips
and those eyes
staring at me when we first met
and I fell in love

I held you, fed you
You cried and I cried
Our 3am staredowns
Sleepless nights

That smell of your head
Little wandering hands
A sniff, a kiss
While you gently suckle on my breast
You doze off
With droplets of love on your lips
I wipe them off and put you down gently
Thinking how much I will miss this
When you grow older

But there are also times I wanted to give up
Then you smile at me
Your cheeky wide grin
And you grab my hands with those little fingers
I pick myself up and console myself
This only gets better

We are growing together
Seeing the world as new
I’ll open my heart and shower you with love
You’ll giggle and I’ll do it all over again
And we’ll walk hand in hand
Until you let go
and explore the world with your two little feet
and I’ll be right behind you
Cheering you on
Or to catch you when you fall
Wherever you need me most
I’ll be there, always

I made you…

But you made me a mother.

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