Studio Portraits

Over the past few years, many families have walked through our doors and spent one hour with us in our natural light studio, immortalising family relationships through our images.

STUDIO_10STUDIO_07Other than cute babies and families, we’ve also photographed casual portraits of couples…

STUDIO_05Boudoir photos…

STUDIO_03Corporate headshots for professionals…

STUDIO_02…The only thing we haven’t tried yet is fitting an animal into the studio!

While most of these sessions did not manage to make it to the blog, I’ve decided to select a few of our favourites and show them to you here. These images are taken by the Stories photographers, mainly Grace, Diane, Jamie, Nigel and Weiming. Do contact us if you’d like to pop over our studio for some portraits!

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Newborn: Kay Lynn

Yee Ming and I go way back, to when we were little kids, growing up in the town of Malacca. She’s always a cheerful person, great company and a loyal friend. As time went by, we grew up, I moved to KL, and somehow we didn’t really keep in touch through the years. But thank God for Facebook because then we could get reconnected again!

Yee Ming and her husband Boon Hock now shuttle back and forth from JB to Malacca to run their own business. I personally don’t know how she does it with a newborn every 2 weeks or so, but I guess Kay Lynn has learnt to adapt, waking up in JB one day, and then another day in Malacca.

I was pleased to have been able to photograph little one month old Kay Lynn at their apartment in JB recently. Truly happy for the both of you, and I wish you lots of amazing moments with the little one!


Newborn Portraits: Vinod, Pamela and Rahul

Johan and Mark photographed Vinod and Pamela’s beautiful outdoor wedding at the Royale Chulan in 2012, and ever since then, they have gone productive and produced a lovely baby boy named Rahul. I was privileged to photograph Rahul’s newborn photos at their home. I love seeing our couples grow into little families like this. If possible, I’d like to be there at key moments of their lives, seeing the family grow through the years. What a joy it is to see them happy!

Congratulations, Vinod and Pamela… I am sure Rahul will bring many sleepless nights, but it is oh, so worth it.



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Newborn Twins: Akash & Isha

It was a huge milestone in her life. She turned 40, was pregnant with twins and about to embark on the wonderful journey called parenthood. When Akash and Isha were born, Li-Hsian left her high-flying job in corporate communications to be a full-time mum. I personally think a full-time mum’s role is even more challenging than any corporate job out there! (especially when you have twins!). Li-Hsian now writes for this really cool online mother’s portal for urban Malaysian mothers called Makchic. Here’s one of her articles on how to survive breastfeeding twins!

I was privileged to record two very important moments in Li-Hsian’s journey of life… her maternity images and family photos after the twins were born. They are now about 3 months old and are developing really well (I love how they’ve filled up with chubby cheeks!). Li-Hsian and Srihari, thank you for sharing your life with me. I hope we’ll be able to do more photos with the twins when they are a little older!


Isha and Akash about a week after they were born. Babies change so quickly, it’s so easy to forget how they looked like when they were born. Akash says, “What’s up, sistah!”


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Studio Portraits: Chong Family

Taking on this shoot for the lovely Chong family reminded me a lot of the season in my life where I used to work at Vital Years, where I needed to connect with boisterous and fun toddlers. Little Ethan is cheeky, playful and loves singing. Little Katelyn is shy in the beginning, but is a ball of energy once the ice is broken. Baby Isaac is simply adorable. It must be a handful for parents, Adrian & Michelle!


Here are some of my favourites from the shoot:


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