Family Portraits: Win, Aindra & Edga

Win and Aindra were both medical students from Myanmar who fell in love with each other while studying in Malaysia. In fact, they’ve lived in Malaysia for so many years that it has become home to them, even though they recently made the move back to their home country. With their little one Edga in tow now, they see lots of opportunities as Myanmar has risen up through the years and is a growing country.

I too have fond memories and links to Myanmar. My great-grandfather from my mother’s side moved from Myanmar to Malaysia years ago so part of my family history originates there. I have also traveled to Myanmar in 2008 where I spent 2 weeks around Yangon, Inle Lake, Bagan and the surrounding areas climbing stupas, cycling the streets, talking and eating with locals, chasing sunrises, and visiting churches. In Malaysia, I have photographed 2 Myanmar refugee weddings – for Zwe & Stellar and also Bobo & Catherine.

So recently, while Win and Aindra were back in Malaysia for a short holiday, we did a photo shoot for their family. It was a beautiful day in the park, and we had a great time together. Edga, the little man, was ever so happy to be with his parents chasing after birds, being lifted in the air, or just simply walking around. Here are some of my favourites from our session together.


Pre-Wedding: Chris & Li Yen

It was at a neighbourhood park that Chris planned to do the big proposal. He had a group of friends hiding at some corner of the park, all ready with huge cards saying, “Will you marry me?”. Li Yen, well, she was completely unsuspecting. She went along with him to the park because he said, “A friend’s car broke down and we have to help him”. Little did she know that this group of guys would spring a surprise on her shortly after.

Out came the ring…

Li Yen was shocked, but she grabbed the ring before saying yes! There was not a moment doubt… Chris and Li Yen were on the road to marriage.

During our pre-wedding shoot, I found out how much fun Chris and Li Yen were. They were comfortable in their own skin and being silly in front of the camera. We started our day at Porto Romano Restaurant where they had their first date.

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Ben, Kat & Aaron

Since Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and it’s the season for families to get together and celebrate life and love… it’s appropriate that I put up some family portraits today!

If you have spent even 10 minutes with this particular family, you will know instantly how warm and friendly they can be. Ben and Katherine are sincere, caring and absolutely trustworthy people. I got to know Ben and Katherine more than a year ago, and it’s been months since they’ve made the move to Singapore. Some time back, I photographed their maternity portraits, and now, little Aaron is one!

When I was in Singapore last December, we went to the Singapore Botanic Gardens for a family shoot. It was my first time there and I absolutely loved it! The place was just so pretty and definitely worth a visit again. Especially if I want to go somewhere nice to chill in Singapore (that is not a mall).

So here are some photos taken during our time together at the park.

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Ka Wai’s 5th Birthday

Jeannie tells me that she and her husband Eric makes it a point to take family portraits every year, especially since their son Ka Wai was born. I think it’s a superb idea, since it’s a great way to document your family history and see the physical progress of your child. This year, Ka Wai turned 5, and Jeannie was delighted when she found out that I was able to do the shoot on his birthday! Early that morning, we trooped over to the Taman Tun park and had a great time together. Jeannie, your son is getting bigger by the day, and I do hope that these images manage to capture the innocence of childhood! Ka Wai is great in front of the camera (from all that training you’ve been giving him from those shoots! haha). Love love love his expressions!

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Family Portraits: Jason, Peng & Leia

Leia is 17 months old. She loves music, dancing and playing on the slide. It took her a while to warm up to me, but in a short time, she was running around and having fun with her parents, Jason & Peng. And when Leia smiles, you just can’t help smiling along with her.

It’s obvious that Jason & Peng dote on Leia.

I love her second outfit, isn’t that super sexy for a little girl? :)

I enjoyed our little outing together, Jason & Peng! I had a great time chatting and getting to know the both of you during the shoot too! Thanks for the wonderful time!