Love Treats – Debbie & Eric

Debbie called me one day and said, “I want to surprise Eric for his birthday!” And so we organized a portrait session for the both of them. On Eric’s birthday, Debbie showed him the receipt for the portrait shoot. He was stunned! I thought it was such a sweet idea for a birthday present. It’s not just tangible (they get cool photos + a cool album!), but a whole new experience between the both of them. I’ll be photographing their pre-wedding in Pangkor Island next month, and I can’t wait for it! The both of you are super fun to be with, thanks for making the photography session a breeze!

Albert & Michelle, Garden wedding at Cyberview Lodge

Michelle probably planned her wedding years ago. While some couples are uncertain about where to start looking for reliable vendors, Michelle knows them all. And this is because she has planned many other weddings before. No, she’s not married multiple times – Michelle is one of the wedding planners in my church and she has helped countless couples in their wedding preparations.

She knew where to go for the best bargains, where to purchase unique wedding favours, and also scouted all the cool locations in town.

And so, there are lots of yummy details that went into their wedding. Photos by Grace & Ian Chong.


Lovely gown by That Special Occasion.





The cool heng tais…


The things they had to do!! Since Albert & Michelle are close friends of ours, my poor husband Alex had to be one of the heng tais as well! (he’s the one of the right)


After the tea ceremony, we proceeded to a friend’s home to take some photos in their home.


And what a lovely home it is!!




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Amy + Stu, The Andaman, Langkawi, Part 2

After the short and sweet ceremony, we took some portraits on the beach. Having sunset shots are great, but timing is so crucial! We only had about 15-20 minutes of light before it quickly faded away.

20090724_WEDDING_AMY_STUART_0480.jpg 20090724_WEDDING_AMY_STUART_0508.jpg



I love umbrellas. I can now safely say that I have a collection of wedding + umbrella photos. Oh, and I also love veils, especially long ones.

20090724_WEDDING_AMY_STUART_0465.jpg 20090724_WEDDING_AMY_STUART_0528.jpg



I love the blue theme for the wedding deco, and how it’s so tastefully done! Absolutely love the leaves with the names written on it. Other plus points: Yummy chocs in jars, ready for guests to pick!


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Amy + Stu, The Andaman, Langkawi, Part 1

They met in Canberra years ago, while they were doing their masters. After years of traveling, and time apart, they are now living in Malaysia. Stu works for the Australian embassy, and Amy works with an NGO dealing with families. The moment I met them, I could feel an instant warmth radiating from their direction. It’s hard not to like them.

From various trips to Langkawi, 2 things stands out. The heat. And great sunsets. The other guys shooting with me (Mark, Kee Sitt and Nigel) were downing liquids through out the wedding. And I don’t mean alcohol. The Andaman is a really beautiful resort. Look at the view from Amy’s room!


Amy and Stu, getting ready for the wedding.




Isn’t she stunning?


I think these Malaysian ‘satay’ fans are a great idea!


20090724_WEDDING_AMY_STUART_0189.jpg 20090724_WEDDING_AMY_STUART_0196.jpg

I took so many shots of the rings, I can’t decide which are my favourite.


20090724_WEDDING_AMY_STUART_0011.jpg 20090724_WEDDING_AMY_STUART_0793.jpg

Back to the beach…

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Wedding of Alfred + Geeta, Thean Hou Temple KL

Definitely multicultural. A Hindu wedding in a Chinese temple. Chinese tea ceremony with hands covered in henna. Sarees amongst Chinese lanterns. I love it. I love the fact that we live in a world that is so colourful. Alfred and Geeta are definitely a fun couple. Geeta is an old school friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in years till last year. After shooting their engagement in 2008, they had to go through a change in plans after Alfred was diagnosed with cancer. The wedding was postponed to this year and I am soooo pleased to photograph this event. It really goes to show how love can really be the glue that holds 2 people together. Through thick and thin. Alfred & Geeta even had to go through the challenges of long distance relationship, with him being in Africa for a period of time, then KL, and she in Malacca. Here’s their story from Geeta’s perspective.

“We met through a mutual friend, Sharon in 2005. We started chatting on YM and met after Wesson’s wedding. We didn’t click right away. Then, he calls me from Africa and we talk almost everyday. I was attracted to his simple and honest nature – and he is a good listener. He surprised me by turning up unexpectedly at a conference at which I was presenting my paper. That’s when our love blossomed – and the rest is history.

We have gone through ups and downs throughout our relationship, that which only strengthened our love for each other. I was already a wife to him and he was already a husband to me when we stood there for each other during the hardship we faced when he was going through chemotherapy. Going through that difficult part was like on an auto-pilot mode – just going through one day at a time together – supporting each other with loving words and hope that tomorrow will be a better day. Now looking back, we are thankful for having each other and we thank God for the second chance He has given to us.

This is just the beginning of a happy journey where every passing day is happier than the preceding day. Our toast to each other, ‘Grow old along with me, The best is yet to be.”

Alfred and Geeta, I wish you years of bliss together. Thank you for your friendship! Photos were taken by Grace, Mark and Ian.


20090705_WEDDING_ALFRED_GEETA_0165.jpg 20090705_WEDDING_ALFRED_GEETA_0190.jpg

Thean Hou Temple in Taman Seputeh.



The ceremony had a few parts to it – firstly the groom’s ritual where he is offered a ring made of tharpai grass to wear on his right ring finger. A Pillayar poojai is then conducted by tying a saffron thread to the right wrist of the groom. During this time the groom will hold a coconut, uncooked yellow rice, and some other items in both palms. Then a few women will come and perform the nallungu to signify the fertility of the union.


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