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Pre-Wedding: Jawad & Aneela

Jawad and Aneela’s parents have known each other since the two of them were children. Originally from Bangladesh, Jawad now lives in Malaysia with his family but Aneela still resides in Dhaka. Their marriage was arranged by their families…and the first time they met was at the airport when she visited Malaysia for the first time. Both have engineering degrees, but their interests varies as she is more into literature, art (she loves painting) and music whereas, he’s into coding, playing badminton, cricket or football. But they have something in common – the love of nature and the sea.

From the first time they met, Aneela felt as if there was a connection between them… she was drawn to the way he smiled and talked. Jawad’s quite a shy and courteous person, always lowering his gaze around her. So Aneela was never really quite sure of how he felt towards her. Till one day… she caught his magical, piercing eyes looking directly at her. That look he gave her remained ingrained in her mind till this day.

Those tiny feelings they had for each other grew steadily and finally, Jawad told Aneela that he wanted to marry her. We’re so pleased to be able to photograph their portraits in Malaysia when Aneela came to visit earlier this year. It had been raining every single day since she landed, but on the day of our shoot, the skies remained clear! What a gorgeous couple!


Rustic Romantic Pre-Wedding: Calvin & Queenie

Every great love story starts with friendship. Conversations that make you feel connected, understood, and ultimately, loved. It was 4 years ago that Queenie joined the firm Calvin was working at. Their story took time to unfold though. On her first day at work, Queenie met a rather grumpy Calvin, who was having a rough day as he had to take over some additional work from someone who had left the firm. He was swamped with work and hardly had time to talk to her (though she sat next to him). Basically, Calvin just kept his distance.

Maybe being introverted had something to do with it, but during Queenie’s training over 3 months, Calvin hardly spoke to her. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t attracted his attention… through all that work, Calvin found time to just glance at her, half the time, wondering what she was doing (he claims he is a nosy person). He wanted to actually talk to her more, but didn’t know how to approach her. Finally, when her training period was about to end and she was offered a work contract, he found the courage to properly chat with her. It was a turning point for them, and after that, they became normal work colleagues, chatting about general stuff.

When their firm moved location, they started having lunches daily and that was when Calvin discovered the real Queenie, over conversations about family, life and relationships. Though their friendship grew, they were both in different relationships. In 2013, Calvin took a year off for personal family reasons. During this time away, he missed their daily lunches and thought about her often. In 2014, he joined the firm again, and it felt natural to hang out with each other again. That same year, both their previous relationships ended. Calvin decided she was worth it, took the plunge and bared his heart to Queenie. They have been inseparable ever since.


East Meets West Pre-Wedding: Matthew & Sophia

Matthew and Sophia’s pre-wedding was a blend of eastern influence meeting western culture. Since they both met and currently live in the UK, it was quite nice that their pre-wedding shoot was done in Malaysia when they came home for a short break. In such a short time, Sophia managed to buy a fitting red cheongsam for the shoot. We organized the make up artist Michelle for her and arranged for the gown from That Special Occasion. We discussed locations over email, made all arrangements remotely, and then met for the first time on the shoot day!

Wishing you an amazing future together – I am sure your kids will be blessed with good looks!


Lego Themed Wedding: Adrian & Jessica

When you love Lego as much as Adrian and Jessica, you’ll be prepared to sacrifice a lot of your free time before the wedding putting it together. At least for Jessica anyway, as I am not too sure how much time Adrian had in between flights as a pilot! I am seriously not a patient person, so doing something like this would make me stressed! My favourites are the ring ‘pillow’, Lego cupcakes and dinner cake, and even the wedding invite.

Adrian and Jessica had their wedding ceremony at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside. The ceremony was conducted by their pastor from Metro Tabernacle Church. It was a hot, sunny day, but it was a sweet ceremony shared between family and friends. I love how Adrian always has this perpetual grin on his face, always smiling and good natured.

Congratulations to the both of you! I hope you have a nice showcase in your house to display your entire Lego collection!

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