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Pre-Wedding: Adrian & Pei Hwa


Two students, fated to meet at an induction camp in Port Dickson before starting their housemanship. It just so happened that they were the only two from the camp posted in Ipoh. It was natural that they started talking about work, going out for meals together (and movies!)… and soon, Pei Hwa began to sense that there was more than just a friendship blossoming here.

Unfortunately for Adrian, she told him the line that every guy hates to hear…”Let’s just be friends.”

He was crushed.

It soon became awkward and the movies and dinner dates stopped, except for the occasional hi and bye at the hospital. It must have been fate again, because 6 months later, they started talking to one another again, and he followed her along for a trip to Bangkok with some of her friends.

Adrian: I honestly didn’t really dare to confess after what happened a year ago… but somehow I just felt that chemistry we had together. So yeah just thought a trip or two with others might let me get to know her much better but despite that, still didn’t really want to get squashed like a ripe tomato again >_<. Until she got mad = P 

Pei Hwa: I really did get mad and didn’t talk to him or reply his messages for the whole day. Then after, he came and confessed. Somehow, we started dating but we didn’t remember when it was. So in the end, we decided to have our anniversary on the first Saturday of December. Hehe…

Then came our dreaded transfers and the beginning of long distance– I got posted to Manjung and him, Parit Buntar. I had never been in one and it didn’t work out for him in the past. Was difficult only being able to see each other once every 2 to 3 weeks, sometimes up to a month. At times we fought, usually I was the one who buckled, but he never gave up on me. But through it, I’d say we both learned to make sacrifices to keep our relationship going. 

Want to hear more of their story? Watch the video below!

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City Lights: Allan & Bridget’s Pre-Wedding

What struck me most about Bridget was her laugh. And her smile. She had this ear-to-ear grin and laugh that was so infectious… so much so that it made me want to laugh along with her. If I could describe her in another way, she’s like this bubbly, happy Energizer bunny that bounces everywhere spreading cheer to everyone. I can see why Allan was attracted to Bridget. Just like magnets, his character was the opposite of Bridget’s. Though you can tell that he loves having fun, he’s a lot more calm, just like an anchor for Bridget.

For this shoot, we wandered the streets of Putrajaya and photographed from sunset till the night lights came on. Bridget had wanted some night shots, and so the bridges of Putrajaya with its colourful lights seemed like the perfect setting for their shoot. It had rained a little prior to our shoot, but as with most of my couples, a little rain doesn’t deter them from continuing the shoot… even sitting on the ground in their gown!



“Hi Grace! I saw the pics yesterday, it is exactly what Allan and I expected. We love all the pics. We showed the video to my future mother-in-law, and she commented that she had never seen any couple as happy as us. You did a great job! Thanks for making our pre-wedding shoot so memorable” – Bridget –

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Blue & White Wedding: Wilson & Elaine

I was stoked when Wilson and Elaine said that they’d use our little Smurfette, the VW kombi as their wedding car. I was even more excited when I discovered that their theme colours matched Smurfette completely – white & blue! Elaine is a hands-on bride, she planned and sourced for some of the wedding decorations that you’ll see in this blog post, even created the signage for the back of the kombi herself!

Well, even from our initial meeting about a year ago, I knew that she’d be a detailed person. After all, she is a lawyer, and working for such a big organization like the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, you’d have to be meticulous. Needless to say, she pored over the T&C in my booking form prior to signing it. A little nerve-wracking to have to explain everything to a lawyer! Haha…

Wilson came across as someone who was really easy going, but completely supportive of Elaine. It’s a great combination to have as a couple. Wilson & Elaine, we had a blast at your wedding. Thank you for being so relaxed and letting me head off earlier, even before the dinner reception ended, since I was really quite tired from the pregnancy. I love how everything came together so beautifully, and how the morning Chinese theme blended in with the more western theme of the evening. All the best for the future!

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Eng Wah & Penny’s pre-wedding portraits

Photographer: Grace
Make up & hair: Wedding Isle
Wedding Gown: Pretty in White
Location: Pullman Hotel & Botanical Gardens, Putrajaya

Sometimes life gives you a few interesting surprises along the way. Chance encounters that were fated. Especially when you’ve communicated with the person in the first place, but never met each other.

In 2005, Eng Wah’s company had a job vacancy. Penny’s housemate was his ex-colleague, so she got in touch with Eng Wah through MSN and sent him a resume. Unfortunately she did not get called in for an interview and as luck would have it, she never got to meet Eng Wah.

Two years later, they met each other in an IT event. She came with her colleague and he was there with his housemate. They sat together, had lunch but did not talk to each other.

Fast forward to 2009. Somehow his contact was still in Penny’s MSN list, so one day, she noticed his status had changed to include an IQ test. Penny answered and it was right. That was the first time they started a conversation online. Everyday, Penny and Eng Wah looked forward to their online chats. “Good morning” was the keyword to trigger the conversation of the day. Gradually, they found their similarities… same college, favorite restaurant, favorite food, favorite song, pasar malam, travelling…

Eventually, they started going out for dinner, movies, pasar malam every Wednesday…

When Eng Wah cooks, she tests his food. When Penny goes out for photo shoots, Eng Wah becomes her model (which is unusual, as most girls tend to be the model instead!). Their friendship grew, until one day, he finally mustered the courage to hold her hand while shopping at Isetan.

Which led to… 2011.

One day, Eng Wah picked Penny up from a company event and they went home together. When she arrived home, she found that he had used her color pencils to write “I LOVE YOU” on the ground. On top of that, there was a delicious looking jelly inside the fridge with the words “Would you marry me?”on top. And she said yes!

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Pre-Wedding: Christina & Sze Mai

Photographer: Grace
Hair & Make Up: Shinny Ong
Gown: Pretty in White

It’s amazing how two paths can cross… two distinctly different people who are opposites of each other, and yet these same two souls connect, and a relationship is formed. Christina and Sze Mai (also known as SM) first crossed paths as colleagues. Initially, there was nothing more than work that connected the both of them, but eventually, they started hanging out as friends, became best friends cum confidante, and eventually, discovered that they complemented and understood each other well.

Right from the start of the relationship, they talked about all things under the sun… from life, to marriage, childbearing, parenthood, religion… They held no qualms about discussing everything in life. Personally, I think the best relationships are formed this way, when couples start out as best friends. :)

Christina: What I love about SM… He is always the quiet and calm guy that takes everything in stride and is extremely patient! Since the start, we talked about everything… and I even told him about my dream proposal, wedding and future! He had always initiated the question to marry him right from the start, and I always joked, “Hey, where’s the protocol of a real proposal?”

SM: She’s always the happy and optimistic one and she keeps me in high spirits whenever she is around. Her smile, laughter and cute antics just lighten me up immediately. She always knew what she wanted, and I see that as her strength. I had always known that she is the one for me, and I knew that I wanted to give her a great proposal; which she would never forget.

A quiet beach. A relaxing vacation. What better way to propose!

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