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Engagement Portraits: Mak & Elsa

He cracks a joke, and she laughs. And when Elsa laughs, the whole world smiles along with her. Mak & Elsa are a pretty laid back couple. They are willing to try anything and are pretty sporting even when I told them to sit in a cracked bath tub on the roof top of the Heritage Hotel!

It was a hot, humid day when we did this shoot but Mak was a sport. He willingly stepped out into the hot sun in his suit and smiled away. I sometimes wonder how is it that we’ve come to adopt this ‘style’ of dressing in Asia. The weather is HOT near the equator. Suits were made for cooler countries! Mak doesn’t really look like he’s sweating buckets here, but I am sure he was hoping for an air-conditioned room!

Elsa’s gorgeous gown is from Pretty in White, one of our recommended gown partners.

The lace details on this gown is intricate and beautiful.

A change of gown, location & flowers…

Another gorgeous gown from Pretty in White. I love gowns with bits of colour in them.

Shooting from sunset till night gives you lots of opportunity to play with lighting…

Looking forward to your wedding in May!

Sadi + Purny

After traveling to Bangladesh in April for Ali & Farhat’s wedding shoot, I’ve had multiple inquiries about flying the team to Bangladesh for other weddings. I’ve learnt so much about the Bengali culture these past few months and found out that there a number of Bangladeshis who live in Malaysia! (even Integricity‘s office has one working there).

One day, I received a call from Purny. She is a Bangladeshi student in MMU and is engaged to Sadi who also studies at MMU. Their wedding is in January 2010. Though they didn’t fly me to Dhaka to cover their wedding, I had the privilege of shooting their portraits here in Malaysia.

Can you believe that this was taken in their backyard in Putrajaya? If only Putrajaya wasn’t so far, I wouldn’t mind waking up to this kind of view every day!

Jack & LeAnne – Pre-Wedding at Putrajaya

I’ve been to Putrajaya a number of times but all this while, I’ve never shot there before. So when Jack and LeAnne requested for a pre-wedding shoot in Putrajaya, I thought, ok where to start!? There’s just too many buildings and too many choices. The best thing about Putrajaya as I discovered was the lalang. Plentiful of good lalang to take shots in! :) We started our shoot in the afternoon and carried on till after sunset. I love how Putrajaya looks at night, it’s just a completely different feeling to the day shots.

Jack and LeAnne seem quite at ease in front of the camera. Jack is into photography as well, so Leanne’s pretty good at posing in front of the camera. She has had practice. :) It’s easy to make her look good on camera because she is super photogenic. I’ll be shooting their wedding in Ipoh this coming week, so am looking forward to that!



20090604_pre-wedding_jack_leanne_025 20090604_pre-wedding_jack_leanne_030

Don’t they look gorgeous together? Her laughter is so infectious.


Her gorgeous gown is from our vendor partner That Special Occasion. You can choose from a variety of gowns when you book a pre-wedding session with us.

20090604_pre-wedding_jack_leanne_050 20090604_pre-wedding_jack_leanne_053






I don’t usually shoot pre-weddings on my own because it’s a lot easier when you have someone holding a flash or light for you! This time round, I had 2 with me – Nigel Sia who recently joined the Wedding Story team and Hafiz Ismail who tagged along that day. Thanks Hafiz for pointing the way to good lalang. :) Here’s a funny shot of the both of them clowning around!


The sunset in Putrajaya that day was absolutely stunning! I haven’t seen such a good sunset within 50 km radius of KL for quite some time.








Warren & Amy Weds! Part 1

Some time back I blogged about Warren and Amy’s portrait session at KTM. Recently Warren and Amy said “I do!” to each other in the company of many witnesses at Putrajaya Marriott. There’s just so much joy and love in this wedding. It just overflows, you really cannot contain it! Amy is such a beautiful bride, it’s no surprise that Warren could hardly take his eyes off her that day! There are thousands of photos from this wedding, it was a really tough choice to choose just a few to highlight here. Photos were taken by Grace and Mark.




20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_0267.jpg 20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_0245.jpg

The guys trying to peek into the room as Amy is getting ready. Warren just can’t wait to see his bride!



20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_0324.jpg 20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_0218.jpg

Finally they get to meet!


At the hall, everyone waits in anticipation for Amy to walk in.




Warren was just beaming!




20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_1145.jpgAmy cried as she told her parents how much they mean to her.




20090509_wedding_warren_amy_1313 20090509-wedding-warren-amy-1317.jpg





Warren and Amy Weds! Part 2

After the ceremony we took some portraits before the sun sets. I always recommend setting aside 45 mins to an hour to get these type of shots on your wedding day. Just a short time alone from all the crowd, just the both of you.


20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_1594.jpg 20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_1616.jpg





20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_1611.jpg 20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_1607.jpg

The dinner reception started not too long after the ceremony ended. They had a really neat idea of taking polaroid shots of their guests and then sticking the photos in a guest book where the guests would sign next to it. Their polaroid photographer was pretty good at posing himself!

20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_1725.jpg 20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_1726.jpg




Senior pastor of DUMC, Pastor Daniel said grace before dinner started.



Amy’s dad gave a really good speech!

20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_2100.jpg 20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_1917.jpg

Another great speech by Warren’s dad. His sisters were excellent emcees.

20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_1886.jpg 20090509_WEDDING_WARREN_AMY_1820.jpg

The best men…


The highlight of the night was when Amy and her dad performed a duet. They both sang extremely well!


There were lots and lots of singing that night. Definitely a talented family!


If these photos aren’t enough to whet your appetite, view another 100 or so photos here in this slideshow. Runs for 10 minutes. Enjoy!

[flv:warren_amy2.flv warren_amy2.jpg 500 281]