A dog named Prince and a lot of love: Jeremy & Sarah

Shortly after Jeremy and Sarah tied the knot, they decided on a little portrait session involving their two dogs as they weren’t there during the wedding. As an animal lover myself, I can imagine how much this means to them! Unfortunately, about a week before the shoot, one of the dogs passed away, and Sarah was devastated. So only Prince made it for the shoot. He was such an easy model, they must have bribed him with lots of goodies before the shoot started! Love how he is soooo photogenic (I guess Jeremy and Sarah, you guys look quite ok too! :P)

Personally, I think having a post-wedding shoot is quite a good idea. You feel more relaxed, and you had all the posing practice at your actual wedding! (Thanks Johan and Nigel!) There is less stress to ‘perform’ so that everything is perfect. Thanks Jeremy and Sarah, for making the shoot so enjoyable. Glad you love the photos!


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Pre-Wedding: Adrian & Pei Hwa


Two students, fated to meet at an induction camp in Port Dickson before starting their housemanship. It just so happened that they were the only two from the camp posted in Ipoh. It was natural that they started talking about work, going out for meals together (and movies!)… and soon, Pei Hwa began to sense that there was more than just a friendship blossoming here.

Unfortunately for Adrian, she told him the line that every guy hates to hear…”Let’s just be friends.”

He was crushed.

It soon became awkward and the movies and dinner dates stopped, except for the occasional hi and bye at the hospital. It must have been fate again, because 6 months later, they started talking to one another again, and he followed her along for a trip to Bangkok with some of her friends.

Adrian: I honestly didn’t really dare to confess after what happened a year ago… but somehow I just felt that chemistry we had together. So yeah just thought a trip or two with others might let me get to know her much better but despite that, still didn’t really want to get squashed like a ripe tomato again >_<. Until she got mad = P 

Pei Hwa: I really did get mad and didn’t talk to him or reply his messages for the whole day. Then after, he came and confessed. Somehow, we started dating but we didn’t remember when it was. So in the end, we decided to have our anniversary on the first Saturday of December. Hehe…

Then came our dreaded transfers and the beginning of long distance– I got posted to Manjung and him, Parit Buntar. I had never been in one and it didn’t work out for him in the past. Was difficult only being able to see each other once every 2 to 3 weeks, sometimes up to a month. At times we fought, usually I was the one who buckled, but he never gave up on me. But through it, I’d say we both learned to make sacrifices to keep our relationship going. 

Want to hear more of their story? Watch the video below!

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Beach Wedding, Andaman: James & Brielle

It was the perfect setting for a summer romance. The venue: Penang. Two families from 2 different continents – James from UK and Brielle from Australia happened to meet by chance at the very same resort. They were 15… young, adventurous and naive. From the moment James said hello to Brielle by the pool side, they were inseparable for the week of the holiday.

What started out as a teenage holiday crush, turned into keeping in touch regularly as pen pals. Naturally, they took every opportunity to meet up whenever Brielle came to the UK to visit family as she was growing up. Soon, the teenagers grew up, and after a backpacking trip to the UK when Brielle was 21, they both realized that their teenage crush was more than just a crush.

It was then that they started a relationship. Their first holiday as a couple was in Langkawi, and so Malaysia was a place where many memories were born.

Brielle returned to Australia and James to UK…and 6 long months of being apart made things really difficult for the both of them. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite work out. But circumstances changed in 2008, when Brielle returned to the UK to live there. With some persuasion from James, they met up and rekindled that teenage romance once again.  From that moment on, they went on from strength to strength, and in 2011, he proposed.



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Pre-Wedding: Eric & Jennie

Photographer: Grace
Hair & Make Up: Michelle Touche
Wedding Gown: That Special Occasion
Flowers: My Bridal Florist

It’s such a great honour when another photographer chooses to hire us as their wedding photographer. It’s also quite stressful, cause they have certain ideas about what looks great, and with their x-ray vision, can probably tell if I’m making a mistake. :) But thankfully, Eric is super easy going and went with the flow… and Jennie, well, she is used to being in front of Eric’s camera.

Eric is a destination wedding and portrait photographer, having set his footprints in Australia and Indonesia. Currently, both Eric and Jennie live in Jakarta, but last month Eric and Jennie traveled to KL; he had planned to attend CM Leung’s photography workshop and during the same trip, be photographed by us!

Since their flight was scheduled to arrive in KL the day before the shoot, that meant we had very little time to organize everything. Multiple emails were shot back and forth before the wedding. They chose the location, we organized the flowers and the make up artist. After their flight landed on Saturday afternoon, they headed straight to That Special Occasion and found a beautiful gown for Jennie.

We had an awesome time wandering the streets of KL, and it was great that we had so much help! Together with my assistant, Diane, Eric & Jennie had brought their entire family along! Eric’s sister Elsa was shooting some behind the scenes photos, and Jennie’s parents were there for moral support! Now this is a different sort of family holiday!

Eric & Jennie, thank you for your confidence in us. It was so easy talking to and photographing the both of you! I can’t wait to fly to Jakarta next year for your wedding… it would be my first trip there, so am excited about it! Perhaps I can spare some time after to go shopping as well. :) Hope you like these images!

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Nabil & Maisha’s Portraits in Malaysia

Photographers: Grace & Weiming

It’s been a few months since Nabil and Maisha’s grand wedding in Bangladesh. The colours of the beautiful outfits, smell of briyani rice, joy and laughter is still fresh in my mind, as if it happened just last month. Recently, Nabil and Maisha came to KL for a short holiday. We spent some time taking more portraits in KL city. We had a good time despite the hot weather. I am amazed how graceful Maisha looked wearing her thick and heavy lenga in the hot Malaysian weather. All for the photos! :)

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