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Beach wedding at Four Seasons, Langkawi: Chris & Lydia

Langkawi’s one of our favourite locations for beach weddings in Malaysia. The blue skies and gorgeous sunsets never cease to amaze us. No wonder some city folk I know have uprooted themselves and made Langkawi their home over the past few years! Chris and Lydia had their KL wedding ceremony a week before their Langkawi leg, and what a good choice it was! After their church ceremony in KL, it was party time in Langkawi! The vibe was relaxing and everyone was just out to have a good time. Enjoy the wonderful photography by Weiming and Nigel.

20150711-WEDDING_CHRIS_LYDIA_LANGKAWI-01Here’s some advice¬†from Chris and Lydia on how to plan a beach wedding:

We chose Four Seasons because we wanted our guests to feel like they’re on holiday at a resort the moment they arrive. Furthermore the beautiful architecture of the bulidings and the landscaped gardens by the beach helped add to the getaway feel.

It is essential to have a Plan B for outdoor weddings and we felt comfortable with Four Season’s in case it rains. The rhu bar at Four Seasons is an open air shaded area overlooking the beach which can be converted to accommodate the wedding ceremony if needed. And since we wanted to be as close to the beach as possible, rain or shine, this was perfect!

The beach can be extremely hot especially during the dry, hot months. So choose the cooler months and dress appropriately. We wanted a more casual wedding and thus didn’t opt for the full suit and tie. Our overseas guests certainly appreciated that they could pack light :)

We also provided some additional items for our guests like sunglasses, mosquito repellent, heel stoppers, sun block, hand fans, and snacks. There were also rental cars for their use in case they needed them to head out to the city. Guests will definitely appreciate these little thoughts when they arrive at your location.

Lastly, it’s important just to enjoy the moment and the whole occasion with the family and friends who have made the journey. Talk and mingle, laugh and reminisce. Time really flies when you’re having fun and before you know it, the day will be over.


Andaman, Langkawi: The Wedding of Kevin & Felicia

Two Asians, living abroad, who had never dated another Asian before. If it weren’t for his English accent, Felicia may not have even considered Kevin as date material. Interestingly, they both met at a pub in Australia… she was there for a friend’s birthday and he was just catching up with his mate. It started with a magic trick that didn’t quite work out for Kevin… but one thing led to another, and who would have guessed? They ended up marrying each other.

We’ve only met Kevin and Felicia via Skype before their wedding day. He seemed like a reserved, quiet sort of guy, and she came across as a friendly and fun person. Every beach wedding that we shoot is a challenging experience with the humid Malaysian weather combined with a difference in exposure between the beach and the shade. Unfortunately I forgot to drink enough water and fell sick the next day after the shoot! But I am not really complaining, because beach weddings are a nice break from the ‘normal’ weddings we get in the city.

During the wedding, we discovered that Kevin and Felicia are a really sweet, emotional and romantic couple. She cried quite a bit during the ceremony. The dinner reception was a blast, and everyone had fun dancing to Oppa Gangnam style (I lost count of how many times they danced to it!). Everyone participated… and the dance even extended to the sea (especially after everyone had a few drinks). Hope you’ll enjoy these photos and slideshow!

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Wedding in Andaman, Langkawi: Joe & Oanh

It was another beautiful day in Langkawi, and the sun glowed through the clouds, as if beaming its approval for that day’s wedding. It couldn’t have been more perfect. For Joe and Oanh, who had traveled many hours from London to Langkawi, the day started off beautifully. At about 4pm, flowers were strewn across the sand, oriental umbrellas were arranged and icy cold water was prepared for the guests. Most of the guests had flown in from various continents across the world just to be there to witness this wonderful occasion.

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Beach wedding in Andaman, Langkawi: Vanessa & Michael

I’ve said it countless times before, and I’ll say it again, I simply ADORE beach and garden weddings. Despite the fact that tropical Malaysia is rather hot and humid, the whole atmosphere during a beach wedding is completely relaxed and laidback. There were days when I waltzed up to a shoot in flip flops or barefooted! Vanessa and Michael’s wedding was held at the gorgeous Andaman, Langkawi. White sandy beaches, blue skies and seas greeted us that day as everyone bustled around in preparation for the wedding.

Though I was excited to photograph this wedding, it came with a new set of challenges as I had just twisted my ankle the day before the wedding. In an unglamorous fashion, I tripped when I came down a short flight of stairs at my home, just before I was due to head to the airport. My ankle ached that entire night even though I had placed an ice pack on it, and I had no choice but to pray for a better ankle for the shoot the next day. On the morning of the wedding, I hobbled slightly to Michael and Vanessa’s room, but miraculously, once the whole event started, I was prancing around… almost normally.

I also thank God for Johan who was there as my 2nd photographer. On the day we arrived, he carried my bags, drove the car to Andaman and got me food and an ice pack. I could not have done it alone! That’s just one of the reasons we ALWAYS shoot a wedding with 2 photographers! Photographers are always expected to perform, even though they are sick or injured. Vanessa and Michael were really kind though, they were totally concerned about my foot and my wellbeing.

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Wedding on Redang Island: Frank & Demi

Photographers: Grace & Alex
Hair & Make Up: Grace Wang
Location: Laguna Redang Island Resort

Redang is an island paradise. It promises turquoise seas that meet deep blue skies, soft sand under your feet, and lots of friendly fishes that eat from your hand. It’s also a diver’s den, because there are loads of beautiful dive sites around Redang Island and Perhentian Island. I have fond memories of Redang because it was there that I did my first ever snorkeling trip – almost 8 years ago now. I was just amazed at the beauty under the sea… I couldn’t help but feel in awe at God’s creation! Though I came home sunburnt (my butt was more burnt actually… it was quite buoyant haha), I told myself that I must visit those islands again some day. That experience drove me to get my diving licence a few years later.

In August, I received an email from Frank who said he was going to have a beach wedding in Laguna Redang Island Resort. Though my calendar was already quite packed, I couldn’t resist shooting another beach wedding. Frank & Demi are from Chengdu, China. I was a little concerned about the language barrier since my Mandarin is worse than kindergarten standards. But after a few conversations with Frank on the phone, I said yes, packed my bags, and went to Redang with Alex. When I reached there, I found out that Demi doesn’t speak much English but somehow with loads of body language, a smattering of English and my kindergarten Mandarin, we managed to communicate. (actually I just said piao liang most of the time!)

During our first meeting, I asked Frank how many guests would be at the wedding. And he said, “Just the 2 of us.”

I was surprised. He must have seen that look on my face for he then started to explain about how Demi had always dreamed of having a beach wedding. This wedding ceremony at Redang was just for them. Their family and friends would celebrate a month later in a grand banquet in China, attended by 700 guests.

Frank must really love Demi because he made her dream a reality.

And so to date, Frank & Demi’s private wedding is the smallest wedding I’ve ever photographed in terms of number of people.


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