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Pre-Wedding in Krabi, Thailand

If you love the beach, I would totally recommend heading to Krabi, Thailand for a pre-wedding, anniversary or even a family portrait session! Recently, we were invited by Tourism Thailand and Weddings Malaysia on a familiarisation trip to Krabi. There were 5 of us – a few photographers, a videographer and a wedding planner. We were brought around to many beautiful resorts and met the sales people at these hotels. Some of these venues were just perfect for a wedding ceremony. In fact, with reasonable air fares, heading to Krabi on a 1.5 hour flight for a photo session is not only easily accessible but it is affordable.

This was my 3rd time on a photo session in Krabi, Thailand. If you are interested in our current promotion (rates start from RM5,500 not inclusive of flights & accommodation costs), contact us so that we can bring you around in the land of Amazing Smiles! Let us arrange all the details for the trip. We will also be happy to take you along for a post-shoot massage. Contact us to find out specific promo details.

These photos were taken around Hong Island and The ShellSea Krabi.

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Beach Wedding Tips

Getting married by the beach is such a dreamy idea.

The beautiful bride in her long, flowy dress. The groom looking dashing in his three-piece suit. The waves lapping behind the floral arch where the couple says “I do”. Flowers line the path leading the bride to her groom. Guests with wind-blown hair sitting around, thinking it couldn’t be any more perfect than it already is… except, are they really thinking of that? More likely your guests are wishing that their makeup isn’t melting into mush, or that those pesky sandflies attack someone else for a change, and maybe everyone is a little concerned about their sweat-soaked suits and dresses!

We’re not saying one shouldn’t consider a beach wedding because let’s face it, it really is dreamy. So here’s what you should look into prior to planning your destination beach wedding so it doesn’t just look beautiful, but feels comfortable for everyone too.

1. A practical dress code

Think light, thin material. Suits should be a no-no (the groom and groomsmen will thank you!). Well, if you really want to, keep it to a minimum. Allow your guests to come in more casual and practical attire. Of course, it’s ok to set some rules too as you don’t want everyone coming in t-shirts and beach shorts to your wedding! Continue Reading

Planning your dream pre-wedding shoot

Exotic locations are a hit when it comes to having breathtaking images to show at your wedding. However, there are certain things to look out for when one travels to a foreign land for some pre-wedding photos. Here are some tips to help you so you don’t end up disappointed with the whole experience.

1. Do your research about the locations you intend to shoot at and the season at the time of the shoot. Summer months may be crowded and you’ll have to get to tourist attractions in the wee hours of the morning to get the shots you want! Or if it’s during the winter months, you’ll need to know that the sun sets much earlier and you may have to rethink your outfit. Take into consideration the distance between each location and how long it’ll take to get there. Allocate sufficient time based on your plan and add on additional days for the shoot if required. After all, you’ve gone all the way there already!

2. Bring along your own makeup artist and gowns as you’ll have the flexibility of arranging your shoot sessions according to your itinerary and look beautiful in your outfits instead of just casual shots in your travel clothes. Also, remember that language can be a barrier if you go somewhere exotic and find yourself struggling to communicate with your makeup artist. We’re pretty sure you won’t want to add any unnecessary stress.

3. Be prepared to walk so bring along a good pair of walking shoes! When you’re not posing in your heels, you’ll need proper shoes to walk around in. Some locations may require some maneuvering to get the best scene so carrying your heels may be wiser than wearing them all over the place. There’s also a chance you might get chased out of a popular tourist spot during a shoot. Most locations require some sort of permission for a shoot, but sometimes even that gets revoked! Just take it with a pinch of salt and move on to the next location.

Our advice is to set the right expectations before setting off on an exotic pre-wedding photo shoot. Having a sense of adventure and flexibility will help make the whole experience more fun and less stressful. And looking relaxed and happy will certainly make prettier pictures!

Pre-wedding photography locations above (top to bottom): Turkey, Bali, Thailand and Malaysia

Naka Island Wedding, Phuket: Andrew & Katrina

20151017_WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_387Part 2 of Andrew and Katrina’s celebration continues, after their KL wedding events. It was my first time to Naka Island, Phuket and it was such a good experience being there. Thanks to the couple, I managed to also have a little break before the wedding and dipped in the sea, tried paddle boarding and cycling to my villa (which I decided was definitely more tiring than my full wedding day shoot, even though the ride lasted 10 minutes uphill).

Their ceremony was held at the royal horizon pool villa and it was just gorgeous, despite the rain that delayed the start of the ceremony. When we began, there was a beautiful rainbow overlooking the villa. It was a full rainbow too! Well, Andrew definitely found his pot of gold at the bottom of the villa, and it was Katrina!

So one of the things I discovered about Andrew and Katrina was that they can carry out an entire conversation by singing it in tune. They certainly know how to have fun together!

20151017_WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_463You have to watch the wedding video highlights below of their wedding day. It’s a pretty long highlight – 10 minutes, but there was just so much going on that we had to extend the highlight! Their first dance at The Majestic was sooo much fun too. Check it out here.

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Support NAAM Bow Ties

I think bow ties are really cute at weddings. Especially if they are all fun and multi-coloured like the ones from Boon Hui and Alice’s wedding below! I love how the heng tais were dressed in cool, Hawaiian shorts to match!

20131208_WEDDING_BOONHUI_ALICE_0396-X320131208_WEDDING_BOONHUI_ALICE_0329-X2Or if you have a little page boy or a pet dog that needs dressing up for the wedding, a bow tie can add so much character too! I mean, look at this family portrait. It is waaaay too cute for words! I wish I could bring this kid home after photographing him!

20140426_WEDDING_SIMON_LISA_160-X2So when I heard that these friends of mine, Kian Leong and Su Foong are helping disadvantaged women and girls at risk in Chiang Mai, Thailand raise their dignity, hope and worth by giving them a means to earn a decent living through sewing, I immediately thought of ways to help them. NAAM.asia is a social enterprise that provides small, home-based stitching jobs to needy girls and single mothers who are unemployed or are unable to work outside their home. Some of these women who are given these opportunities to earn a living through NAAM were rescued from sexually abusive relationships. You can read more about NAAM on their website link above.

Each product is hand-stitched and unique. They do sew more than just bow ties, like bags, covers for pots, key chains and cute little decorations for your Christmas tree or children’s room. You can custom order them too.

Below are some of the bow ties that are made by the women of NAAM. And just because I love these products myself, I have a few to give away! Just share about NAAM.asia and a link to this blog post on any social network of yours (Facebook / Twitter), and inform us by leaving a comment on this post. We will randomly pick 3-5 winners and post you a bow tie, for free! We have 2 types of bow ties – for men, and for little men. :)

So do support this initiative and we hope that through your support, you can help the NAAM women leave abusive relationships, send their kids to school and plan for a brighter future.

Price of Bow Ties: RM25 each
Types: Readymade or Self tie bows
How to Order: Email Su Foong at [email protected]

NAAM_BOWTIES_01If you prefer to tie your own bow tie (I heard it’s the more authentic way!), you can order those self tie bows like the navy print one on the right below.