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Ways to personalise your wedding bands

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Rings and Bands, a concept store based in the elite neighbourhood of Valencia. Li Dong, the owner of this exclusive wedding ring fine jewellery store, shared some of her experience in the jewellery business. The rings were just exquisite – you could choose from rings made of platinum or gold, or even rhodium. You can also custom design your own rings at the store, overlooking golfers on the lawn next door.

ringsnbandsPhoto courtesy of Rings and Bands

I was also excited to hear about some interesting ways you can personalise your wedding bands, other than just engraving your name. You can sign your promise, inscribe your love story, write a personal note on the surface of the rings… and wait for this… even put your fingerprint on it!

What a great idea! Not only is it totally unique, you can even use it as a security feature if your wedding band ever got stolen! Just compare fingerprints and you’re done. :) Obviously, the band is not really able to fit your entire fingerprint, but just a small portion of it.

I was also invited to give a short talk to some of the residents at Valencia about the art of people photography. It was nice to be able to collaborate in such a manner. Do visit their concept store or check out their website to see their collection of finest engagement rings and wedding bands.

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Getting It Right: A Basic Photography Workshop by Stories

It’s been a while since I conducted a photography class / workshop. So here I am kick-starting it off again this 18th June. If you are new into photography and are struggling to understand how to get the right exposure, this workshop is for you. Other than personalised attention, you’ll also get great coffee, so do sign up and I hope to see you there!

Register online at www.tkt.my/GettingItRight


Canon Family Portraiture Workshop

20140803_CANON_FAMILY_WORKSHOP_09In half a day, 25 participants were taught the basics of what makes a great family portrait even better and were even given the opportunity to photograph real families! Chaos reigned supreme during the shoot as with all normal family portrait sessions, and together, we perspired, jiggled rattles, played games, and simply had fun. It was my first workshop specifically on family portraiture, and though I had spoken at many workshops and seminars before, this one felt a little different.

I am thankful to Canon (yay, thanks Chris, Shing Eu and Kevin!) for being the main sponsor for this workshop, and for giving me the opportunity as to speak as their EOS Academy Instructor. We also got to test out the PIXMA Pro-10 printer which was great! I loved the prints that came out of it, so this one’s a keeper! We’ll definitely be printing more images and displaying it around our studio soon.

I’d also like to thank Diane, Jamie and Alex for assisting me on this day because no successful workshop can be done alone.

Here’s some photos from the workshop over the weekend, held at Tropicana Golf & Country Club.

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Family Portraiture Workshop August 2014

I have never conducted a photography workshop that is just focused on family portraits, so this is the first! If you are a parent who is interested in taking better family photos, I would totally encourage you to come for this workshop! The workshop is targeted towards beginners and amateurs who may have some experience taking family portraits. I will share my experience, not just technically, but also some really practical tips that will help you achieve better results. Even if you are not a parent, but love taking photos of families and children, I do encourage you to participate.

If you do have any problems registering for the workshop, do contact us and we will assist you.

So do join us this 3rd August. Space is limited.


How to Sign Up:

Visit Canon EOS Academy website and sign up online.

Terms & Conditions for the Complimentary Portrait Session:

1. The selected shoot date must fall within the month of August 2014, and on weekdays only.
2. The shoot location is at our studio in SStwo Mall, PJ and will be done by one of the assigned Stories photographers.
3. You will get 3 digital soft copy images (printable up to 8R size) and one photo print from Canon.
4. Rescheduling of dates is only allowed once, after which, the session is considered as forfeited.
5. Maximum of 6 persons in a session.
6. Please arrive 15 minutes before your session as we value punctuality  and we may have another family scheduled after your session. No extension of time will be given if you are late for your session.
7. Limited weekend sessions are available with a commitment fee of RM30 to book your time slot. This fee will be considered as forfeited if you are unable to make it for your time slot.
8. You may purchase additional high resolution photos, prints or upgrade your session to a full one hour session at an additional cost. Please contact us for more details.

I look forward to meeting you at the workshop!

Bloom Workshops #3: Portraits in Penang

Our 3rd Bloom Workshop was held in beautiful, heritage Penang where tradition meets modern art ideas and creativity abounds. As usual, we had the support of wonderful sponsors such as Schmidt Marketing, WCA Fine Arts, Simplr, Kitty Bakes, My Hyper Store, Black Milk StudioBarnyard & Prairie and That Special Occasion. Our 3 day workshop focused entirely on the art of posing and portraiture, and the participants had a great time with the theoretical and practical sessions.

I personally find teaching satisfying, though pretty exhausting. I’ve conducted about 20+ workshops and also taught photography and film editing to college students through out the past 8 years. It’s a challenge to think of how to verbalize your thought process and simplify it to students. I guess the good feedback I receive from my previous participants have shown that I am doing some things right!

If you ask me, I don’t think I’ll ever give up actual photography work for teaching. I still love creating images through my lens and making my clients happy when they see those images. But every now and then, you’ll find a workshop or two coming your way from us.

Here’s some highlights from the workshop. Enjoy!

Bloom III_Group Shot

The four Bloom girls speaking at the workshop – Anna-Rina, Fiona Lim, Asther Lau and myself.


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