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East Meets West Pre-Wedding: Matthew & Sophia

Matthew and Sophia’s pre-wedding was a blend of eastern influence meeting western culture. Since they both met and currently live in the UK, it was quite nice that their pre-wedding shoot was done in Malaysia when they came home for a short break. In such a short time, Sophia managed to buy a fitting red cheongsam for the shoot. We organized the make up artist Michelle for her and arranged for the gown from That Special Occasion. We discussed locations over email, made all arrangements remotely, and then met for the first time on the shoot day!

Wishing you an amazing future together – I am sure your kids will be blessed with good looks!


Cyberview Lodge Garden Wedding: Chris & Anusha

She thought of her early conversations with him, and how he envisioned her in this gorgeous white wedding gown… and she felt sad. Not because they weren’t going to tie the knot, in fact, he had already proposed… but she felt sad that if she only had a Hindu temple wedding, his dream wouldn’t come to pass.

Though finances were tight, they went ahead and planned for a garden wedding ceremony too. And his dream of seeing her in a gorgeous white wedding gown came to pass.

Chris and Anusha, the both of you look stunning!

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Amy + Stu, The Andaman, Langkawi, Part 2

After the short and sweet ceremony, we took some portraits on the beach. Having sunset shots are great, but timing is so crucial! We only had about 15-20 minutes of light before it quickly faded away.

20090724_WEDDING_AMY_STUART_0480.jpg 20090724_WEDDING_AMY_STUART_0508.jpg



I love umbrellas. I can now safely say that I have a collection of wedding + umbrella photos. Oh, and I also love veils, especially long ones.

20090724_WEDDING_AMY_STUART_0465.jpg 20090724_WEDDING_AMY_STUART_0528.jpg



I love the blue theme for the wedding deco, and how it’s so tastefully done! Absolutely love the leaves with the names written on it. Other plus points: Yummy chocs in jars, ready for guests to pick!


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Amy + Stu, The Andaman, Langkawi, Part 1

They met in Canberra years ago, while they were doing their masters. After years of traveling, and time apart, they are now living in Malaysia. Stu works for the Australian embassy, and Amy works with an NGO dealing with families. The moment I met them, I could feel an instant warmth radiating from their direction. It’s hard not to like them.

From various trips to Langkawi, 2 things stands out. The heat. And great sunsets. The other guys shooting with me (Mark, Kee Sitt and Nigel) were downing liquids through out the wedding. And I don’t mean alcohol. The Andaman is a really beautiful resort. Look at the view from Amy’s room!


Amy and Stu, getting ready for the wedding.




Isn’t she stunning?


I think these Malaysian ‘satay’ fans are a great idea!


20090724_WEDDING_AMY_STUART_0189.jpg 20090724_WEDDING_AMY_STUART_0196.jpg

I took so many shots of the rings, I can’t decide which are my favourite.


20090724_WEDDING_AMY_STUART_0011.jpg 20090724_WEDDING_AMY_STUART_0793.jpg

Back to the beach…

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