Church Weddings

Kenny & PC’s Purplelicious Wedding Part 1

Photographers: Grace, Benjamin & Weiming
Location: Banker’s Club, KL
Stationery & Wedding Planning: The Peak Xperience
Decorations: Creativelines & La Flaire
Wedding Gown: Federick Lee Boutique, Singapore
Groom’s Attire: CYC Custom Shop, Singapore
Make Up: Remy Ngan
Cake: Isabella Kek
Dinner Entertainment: Rafizah Amran

Ok, I made that word up – Purplelicious. I just can’t help it. Every single detail in Kenny and PC’s wedding looked amazingly yummy. To top it off, it’s in one of my favourite colours – purple! It reminds me of days when I was younger, chewing and blowing grape flavoured bubble gum which usually just bursts onto my nose. It also reminds me of my lavender bedroom I had as a teenager. And my purple wedding four years ago. And so the moment I stepped into PC’s purple bedroom, I knew we were kindred spirits.

PC has an eye for details. I am sure she took months and months to perfect everything and it definitely showed on the wedding day! Everywhere I turned, there was something different to photograph. I love weddings like these! Firstly, check out her cool wedding shoes!

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Singapore Art Museum Wedding: Ben & Jun

Photographers: Grace & Ian Chong
Wedding Gown, Groom’s Attire & Make Up: Blush Blush Singapore
Decorations: Defloral Gallery, Singapore
Church Ceremony: Singapore Art Museum (SAM)
Dinner Reception: Carlton Hotel Singapore

When Jun first contacted me about her wedding shoot in Singapore, I was ecstatic. I had never shot an actual day wedding in Singapore prior to this wedding. And then when she told me that her wedding was to be held at the Singapore Art Museum, I was squealing like a little girl (of course outwardly, I appeared all calm and professional). Anything with the words “artsy and colonial” definitely gained 200 brownie points in my book.

After a little crisis two days before Ben and Jun’s wedding, I was glad to have landed safely on Singaporean soil. Since Ben and Jun live in Perth, I did not have the chance to meet up with them until the day before the wedding. Instantly, I knew I could connect with them. Hearing their funny stories about each other made me laugh too. It’s so good I have to share it here…

Ben’s Story:

We met in a “safe” environment in church. The first impression that I got was: “this girl is bubbly and she can talk.” What attracted me was her outgoing nature and her ability to talk. This was the second time I met her in the company of 10 people. We went into a discussion about food in Malaysia and other random bits. The amazing thing was throughout the conversation, I was attentive to her, and found myself participating in that conversation in spite of having eight others talking in the background.

Growing up in a family that loves food, I come to realise soon enough is that she is a keen lover of food too and many of your dates were based on food tasting which was pretty cool but those dates certainly did not help my waist line.

One thing that never fails to amaze me is her beautiful voice. I can still remember the first time when I heard her sing in church. Words just don’t do justice to the sweet voice I heard that day. Mesmerise might be a good enough word to use and since, I have never allowed an opportunity to slip by to listen to her singing.

After knowing Jun for almost three years, I am still amazed at how thoughtful and caring she can be. The way she treats her family, her friends, “wow” is the word I use to describe it. Of course that caring nature does flow on into our relationship. Those times when I needed assistance, tender loving care, she has always been there for me. I am truly thankful to have found someone to spend my rest of my life with.

If there was an analogy that I could use to describe Jun, It would be a piece of onion with many layers. She has showed me different aspects from the sweet loving “Everything is fine” to the “This is not going to work”, Gung-ho attitude. All I can conclude is the more I get to know her, the more loveable she becomes.

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Church wedding: Kevin & Michelle

Photographers: Grace, Johan, Ian Chew, & Weiming
Make Up: Steven Sunny
Wedding Decorations: MNG Bouquets
Church Ceremony: Zion Lutheran Church, KL
Lunch Reception: Ishq Restaurant, Crowne Plaza Hotel
Dinner Reception: Doubletree by Hilton

Kevin is a funny, witty and articulate person in love with Michelle… and cars. During the lunch reception, Kevin’s mom gave the guests an insight into his passion for cars. Ever since Kevin was a child, he could tell you the technical specifics of each car model. It’s no surprise then that on their wedding day, a gorgeous Bentley rolled up to send Michelle from home to church.

Michelle is a soft spoken, gentle and elegant lady. I first met her when I was featured on Faces magazine as one of the Top 10 female wedding photographers. As the editor for Faces, Michelle has an eye for detail and beauty. All the lovely details on their wedding day were planned by her – from the turquoise theme colour to their customized logo design.

I have so many images I’d love to share (as usual) but I can’t do all of that here. So, I’ve included a same day slideshow at the end of this post. Enjoy!

Now those are mighty high platform shoes!

Kevin proposed to Michelle with this watch. Yes, a watch, and not a ring! Another personal touch… Michelle wore her grandmother’s necklace on her wedding day. That was really sweet!

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Mark & Mun Tzin weds!

Our resident photographer Mark Leo is now a married man himself! Ever since that first date at GSC 4 years ago, Mark has grown more and more in love with Mun Tzin. Over the past 3 years, my friendship with Mark and Mun Tzin has grown and I must say that this is one funny couple. Mark is always telling funny jokes which causes Mun Tzin to either erupt in laughter or look at him strangely. They are passionate about life, friendship and God, and you always know that you can count on them to be there when you need them to.

I asked them to describe each other, and here are some fun facts about Mark and Mun Tzin (with my notes in italics):

1. Mun Tzin loves that Mark is such a rational, solution oriented person. And that he is really funny.
2. What she dislikes about him – that he is always trying to pack his day with activities! And that he is always late. (but not on shoots, right Mark!!!)
3. Mark can wiggle his ears (I find that really weird). And he has really really long arm hair.
4. What Mark loves about Mun Tzin – that she is focused & opinionated (eg. she can talk about one issue the entire night, especially if it’s something that irks her).
5. And what Mark dislikes about Mun Tzin – that she is not spontaneous enough!

By the way, Mun Tzin has been coordinating quite a number of weddings in Damansara Utama Methodist Church, so she is a really organized person!

Anyhow, back to the point of this post! In tune with Mark’s funny nature, I thought it would be appropriate to create a proposal video that is sooooooo Mark. And of course, soooo Mun Tzin. Enjoy!

Here’s a shot of Mark and I before the ceremony. His last moments as a bachelor.

Praying before the ceremony starts…

And here she comes…

Congratulations to the both of you! Wishing you many many years of exciting, spontaneous (but maybe not too spontaneous for Munz) fun and lots of laughter. Have a great honeymoon in the Maldives!

Laughton & Wendy’s Wedding

Photographers: Grace & Andrew C
Bride’s Make Up & Hair: Michelle Touche
Make Up & Hair (Mothers of the bride & groom): Angie Ng
Church Ceremony: Assumption Church, PJ
Dinner Reception: Oriental Banquet, PJ
Wedding Cake: Buns in the Oven

Months ago, Wendy emailed me from London to ask if I was available to shoot her wedding in Malaysia. After a looong conversation over email, Wendy decided to make a booking, which eventually lead to another booking for her pre-wedding shoot. I really enjoy getting to know my clients before their wedding day, and even before I met Wendy in person, I felt as if I already knew her.

She is a really chatty and easy going person. On Laughton & Wendy’s pre-wedding shoot day, I discovered that Wendy’s a Peranakan, just like me! From Malacca! That describes the talkativeness and the fun nature! My brother jokingly reminds me all the time that Peranakan women are noisy, fun, love to dance and are full of drama!

And consistent with the nature of most Peranakan families, there was a little drama on Wendy’s wedding day.

Wendy’s lovely bouquet (featured below) was accidentally left behind at the Seapark Brickhouse prior to the church ceremony.

It was quite an upsetting moment, especially when Wendy had to walk down the aisle with ‘replacement’ flowers. But after all that drama, everything turned out well… the church ceremony went ahead beautifully, the friends were excited for Laughton & Wendy over their marriage, the dinner was scrumptious, and the families were happy.

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