Tips on Photographing Babies & Newborns


It’s funny how it is through my career in photography that I get to handle infants. More so now compared during the time where I used to work directly with kids as a teacher! There’s truly a different set of skills to learn and be aware of with handling children and babies of different age groups and even with that, every child has different temperaments!

At Stories, I have had the wonderful privilege to photograph and document relationships between parents and baby. Every shoot is a new experience as every individual is different and more often than not, I rely a lot on my intuition to navigate through the differences. Just want to share with you some thoughts I have concerning photographing newborn babies and slightly older infants.


Studio Portraits

Over the past few years, many families have walked through our doors and spent one hour with us in our natural light studio, immortalising family relationships through our images.

STUDIO_10STUDIO_07Other than cute babies and families, we’ve also photographed casual portraits of couples…

STUDIO_05Boudoir photos…

STUDIO_03Corporate headshots for professionals…

STUDIO_02…The only thing we haven’t tried yet is fitting an animal into the studio!

While most of these sessions did not manage to make it to the blog, I’ve decided to select a few of our favourites and show them to you here. These images are taken by the Stories photographers, mainly Grace, Diane, Jamie, Nigel and Weiming. Do contact us if you’d like to pop over our studio for some portraits!

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Canon Family Portraiture Workshop

20140803_CANON_FAMILY_WORKSHOP_09In half a day, 25 participants were taught the basics of what makes a great family portrait even better and were even given the opportunity to photograph real families! Chaos reigned supreme during the shoot as with all normal family portrait sessions, and together, we perspired, jiggled rattles, played games, and simply had fun. It was my first workshop specifically on family portraiture, and though I had spoken at many workshops and seminars before, this one felt a little different.

I am thankful to Canon (yay, thanks Chris, Shing Eu and Kevin!) for being the main sponsor for this workshop, and for giving me the opportunity as to speak as their EOS Academy Instructor. We also got to test out the PIXMA Pro-10 printer which was great! I loved the prints that came out of it, so this one’s a keeper! We’ll definitely be printing more images and displaying it around our studio soon.

I’d also like to thank Diane, Jamie and Alex for assisting me on this day because no successful workshop can be done alone.

Here’s some photos from the workshop over the weekend, held at Tropicana Golf & Country Club.

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Family Portraits, Melbourne, Australia: Stewart, Georgina & Patrick

Two years ago, I photographed Georgina’s family portraits in Malacca, the town where both of us grew up in. It was a lovely time with her immediate family (and nieces & nephews) – it was cuteness overload! Fast forward to 2 years later, and now, Georgina and Stewart have their own little bundle of cuteness to raise. At the time of the shoot, Patrick was just 6 months old, and learning to suck on lamb chops as I was told, most Australian kids do! (apparently the Asian side of Patrick rejected the porridge that was offered to him, much to Georgina’s disappointment).

Anyhow, I didn’t get to witness any lamb sucking activities (though that would have been epic!) but the 4 of us headed to a little park near their home in Melbourne for some family portraits. It was a beautiful day, though the week before, Melbourne was pouring! Patrick stole my heart and I ended up photographing so many images of this little one…

Enjoy the photos!


Family Portraits: Marcus & Su Leen

As a parent, I hear comments from people saying that it’s always easier to take care of little girls compared to boys. They are sweet, easy going and easier to manage than boys. Also, it’s fun to dress them up. Honestly, I am not too sure how true this claim is, but as a parent of a little girl, I must say, I enjoy her very very much. Of course, if you have TWO little girls, that is double the fun. Especially when they are cute and sweet as Marcus and Su Leen’s kids – Isabel and Caitlin.

Diane and I truly blessed to have met this family recently. We had a good time eating roti canai and walking the park together. I first tried breaking the ice by singing my favourite kids song “Wheels on the Bus”. But I was told by the kids that their favourite song was “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift. Gee, within half a second, I felt outdated. Haha…

It did take them some time to warm up to us, but at the end of the session, we were like good friends.

Thanks for the fun, girls!



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