Andaman, Langkawi: The Wedding of Kevin & Felicia

Two Asians, living abroad, who had never dated another Asian before. If it weren’t for his English accent, Felicia may not have even considered Kevin as date material. Interestingly, they both met at a pub in Australia… she was there for a friend’s birthday and he was just catching up with his mate. It started with a magic trick that didn’t quite work out for Kevin… but one thing led to another, and who would have guessed? They ended up marrying each other.

We’ve only met Kevin and Felicia via Skype before their wedding day. He seemed like a reserved, quiet sort of guy, and she came across as a friendly and fun person. Every beach wedding that we shoot is a challenging experience with the humid Malaysian weather combined with a difference in exposure between the beach and the shade. Unfortunately I forgot to drink enough water and fell sick the next day after the shoot! But I am not really complaining, because beach weddings are a nice break from the ‘normal’ weddings we get in the city.

During the wedding, we discovered that Kevin and Felicia are a really sweet, emotional and romantic couple. She cried quite a bit during the ceremony. The dinner reception was a blast, and everyone had fun dancing to Oppa Gangnam style (I lost count of how many times they danced to it!). Everyone participated… and the dance even extended to the sea (especially after everyone had a few drinks). Hope you’ll enjoy these photos and slideshow!

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Destination Weddings on Travel Channel

I am stoked to share that the TV programs I have been working on for the past few months are finally completed and will be screened next week! With Red Communications Sdn Bhd as the production company, my team and I provided the research, scriptwriting & direction for 3 episodes of Destination Weddings, a program that will be aired in 130 countries worldwide via the Travel Channel. Initially, the program was meant to be aired in selected countries only, but everyone did such a great job that it is now a worldwide release!

Deborah Henry is the travel host, and together, we visited various South East Asian countries to experience 2 very different weddings in each country. Here’s the episode synopsis for the programs I directed, including the episode’s air time for Malaysia. You can view it every Thursday, starting 6th December 2012 at 7.30pm on Channel 145 if you have HyppTV. For other countries, check out the air time by clicking here.

View the launch promo video below!

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An Underwater Experience: The Wedding of Seng Yong and Adeline

Ok, we didn’t really get wet for this wedding. In fact, we were totally dry. But what was cool was the fact that the underwater world was brought to us instead, in the form of flowery seahorses, shells, treasure troves, starfish and more! Seng Yong and Adeline are avid divers and they love the sea. Together, they’ve ventured underwater to many locations within Malaysia, Fiji and Bali. So their underwater themed wedding was their way of sharing their love of the sea to the hundreds of guests that attended their wedding dinner. Natasha Khoo’s team from The Peak Xperience did an amazing job at decorating the hallway.

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Pre-wedding at The Danna, Langkawi: Derrick & Fanny

Derrick & Fanny:

It was very early morning at 8am that we reached Langkawi.  Grace and Alex were very kind to wake up so early in the morning (after a full day shoot they had a day before) to pick us up from airport to the hotel.  I wouldn’t say the weather was great but good enough for us as it wasn’t raining heavily in Langkawi as it was in KL.  We started the shoot after lunch and went on all the way till sunset.  It was really fun and both Alex and Grace were so accommodating and patient.  We were a bit uneasy at first, not getting used to “showing our love” in front of the camera, but they guided us through all the way.It was a long and tiring day until nearly at the end when I was chit-chating with Grace and Alex that I found out the lovely couple are expecting a new family member!  Grace was so energetic and dedicated to her work and Fanny and I were feeling bad to have made her work so long!  The Stories team made our day and Diane has been very helpful in connecting things up for us from Day 1 when we started to engage them and got me hooked on chosing Stories as our photographer.  The video clip was wonderful! We can’t stop repeating it again and again, how great would it be if there is one song that could fit all the photos in! =D

Fanny and I knew each other since we were kids.  We were classmates when we were 10 in our primary school, little did she know that I was already admiring her back then!  Fate brought us back again together 10 years ago and we had been through loads of highs and lows, we are gladly thankful to have found each other and for being able to start our own family.

The proposal was really a spontaneous thing I did last June 2011 and I forgot about the previous few plans which I was cracking head on. We were both busy with work after our ROM in August last year. Needless to say, when it is the right time, you know what you ought to do.

Once again, a very big thank you to Stories, for making it work and capturing the once in a lifetime memorable moments for us.

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Pre-wedding in Langkawi: Sam & Kathy

I almost fell off my chair when I read Kathy’s email some time back. Their trip to Malaysia was going to a whirlwind one, as they only had a short break before flying back to Australia again. The main purpose was to attend a friend’s wedding, but of course, why not squeeze in time for a pre-wedding shoot? Best of all, why not fly in to Langkawi for a day trip, just for the shoot?

I tried to convince her to spend at least 1 night in Langkawi (you won’t regret it!) but time really wasn’t on their side. So our shoot became a little adventure. They arrived in Langkawi by noon, did their make up & hair, had lunch, and by 3pm off we went! I prayed so hard for great weather because we only had that short window of opportunity to shoot. God smiled on us, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous.

By the way, don’t you think Kathy’s short dress is just gorgeous!? I love how everything looks really simple and casual. She had also brought some props for the shoot, all the way from Australia!

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