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Church Wedding at DUMC – Ian & Michelle

As a couple, they have been together for 9 years, with almost 6 of those years being in different countries. But not many couples can say that they have gone through a life-threatening situation together at the tender age of 19. It was 2009 when Ian suddenly discovered a weird lump at the tip of his jawbone and underwent surgery to remove it. But everything came crashing down when the diagnosis revealed that Ian had cancer of the salivary gland. It was heartbreaking to find out about the cancer diagnosis at just the tender age of 19, when life seems to take off for most teenagers.

In 2010, Ian had to undergo another operation, and it took place on Michelle’s 20th birthday – on the 27th of February in Singapore. At that time, Michelle was undergoing internship with 1 of the most renowned airline in the world. It was a lesson on life’s priorities. She left her internship and headed for Singapore. Many condemned her, claiming it was a stupid mistake but she knew exactly what she needed to do at that point of time in such situation.

God saw them through the most difficult season of their relationship, to date. Ian later took the rest of the year off to recover from it.

On Michelle’s 25th birthday, Ian was officially CANCER FREE.

The journey was never smooth sailing, but it was necessary for them both to grow individually and in God’s perfect timing, all things were made beautiful. Hear more of their story in the 10 minute video highlight below.

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Church Wedding, Luther Centre: Siu Fai & Chia Wen

20141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_073420141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_0597Just recently, Siu Fai and Chia Wen celebrated the 100th day since they were wed. It was so lovely to see on Siu Fai’s Facebook page this note to his dear wife Chia Wen.

A hundred days from the day, dear Wen,
Everyday as blissful as we felt back then,
I promise my promise to you is true, 
A commitment to love, just me and you.

“Matrimony came from paradise, and leads to it. I never was half so happy before I was a married man as I am now. When you are married, your bliss begins. Let the husband love his wife as he loves himself, and a little better, for she is his better half. He should feel,”If there’s only one good wife in the whole world, I’ve got her.” – Charles Spurgeon

Though the wedding happened some time back, it felt fresh in my mind, as if it were just a few weeks ago. I feel privileged to have been given the honour to photograph this wonderful couple alongside my photographer sidekick, Jamie.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting this couple know that they are dynamic, passionate about the things of God, love people and through their actions, put their love into practice. As church leaders in DUMC, their lives have made such an impact to many around them. Just look at the number of people who attended their church wedding!


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Strong Family Ties: Wedding Video Highlight of Adrian & Carol

It is every parent’s dream that the family stays close together. Not just being physically close, but emotionally bonded. Even after marriage when the children have left the home. I don’t think Adrian and Carol’s parents have anything to worry about in this department. The love and strong family ties they share will guarantee a good relationship that lasts till the next generation.

As photographers and videographers, we always say a silent ‘YES!’ (and mentally high five each other) whenever anyone crying at a wedding. But when both the bride and groom shed a tear, and their parents cry… well, I think that almost deserves a double high five. I guess we just love filming these moments because we know that years from now, they will cherish it as they relive the memories captured on camera.

Their story began years ago when Adrian was completing his studies in Melbourne and Carol was back in Malaysia, working. They didn’t actually know each other then, but Adrian connected with Carol on Facebook through her cousin. After he graduated, he returned to Malaysia and decided to connect with his new found friend, Carol. Many months passed and Adrian fell in love with Carol. He confessed to her one day telling her he liked her, but her response “Thank you!” confused him. After a few days of thinking it through, and going through her boyfriend check-list, Carol decided that she’ll give him a chance.

And so, this year, Adrian and Carol were married at DUMC. Their wedding dinner was held at Doubletree by Hilton with lots of song and dance! Enjoy their wedding video highlight!

Videographers: Delvin, Jay & Felicia
Church Ceremony: DUMC
Dinner Reception: Doubletree by Hilton
Make up & Hair: Rynee Tan
Photographer: Jim Liaw
Decorations: Wishing Tree
Dinner Entertainment: Beevers

Lifelong Travel Partners: The Wedding of Tjin & Dawn

It was in January 2011 that Tjin met Dawn for the first time through his close friend, Lynsey. Lynsey and Dawn were close, childhood friends in Singapore. Interestingly, Tjin and Dawn’s first point of contact was an unintentional ‘romantic’ Singapore river cruise overlooking Singapore’s city lights. So, Facebook did it again… it connected Tjin and Dawn after that first encounter in Singapore. Their Facebook messages soon turned to Whatsapp messages which then transformed to Skype calls.

This is where it gets interesting. Since 5th January 2011, Tjin and Dawn communicated EVERY SINGLE day, whether it was early in the morning or late at night. But it was a grey kind of relationship for the first 6 months. Were they friends, or were they friends? It would seem obvious though that Tjin’s purchases of flowers for Valentine’s day and whenever Dawn was sick would indicate more than just a friendship. But still, it was not really clear.

Over the first 6 months, they grew to like each other’s personalities and qualities…but one thing was missing… meeting that ‘head’ image with a more concrete ‘face-to-face’ encounter. So June 2011, Tjin decided to make a trip to Singapore, and together with friends, they embarked on this Singapore – KL – Lombok – Hong Kong – Singapore adventure. It was during that trip that Tjin decided to end the uncertainty, and asked Dawn to be his girlfriend in Hong Kong.

20140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_32Tjin made a promise to Dawn that he would visit as often as he can. This resulted in a long list of flights every 2-3 months over three years – becoming Jetstar’s unofficial number one customer. Some trips were long trips to Hanoi, Bali, Seoul or KL. Some trips to Singapore were only 3 nights over the weekend. Many exciting hellos, and equally as many heartbreaking goodbyes. Dawn would also visit Melbourne at least once a year. Story of their lives for 3 years.

So finally, in March 2013, Dawn visited Melbourne and was put on a surprise flight to Launceston, Tasmania. It was there that Tjin asked Dawn to marry him over a romantic dinner. He made a photo scrapbook of their travels and adventure together, but the last 2 pages were blank. It was meant to be continued!

Congratulations, Tjin and Dawn! I am really happy for the both of you! Sorry I couldn’t be there to witness the wedding, but seeing the images taken by Johan and Weiming, and also the video by Nick, Delvin & Felicia made me feel as if I was there.

20140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_46Watch the Fusion slideshow of their wedding here.

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Christian wedding at Holiday Villa: Desmond & Sheila

“I was the first one to confess to him, I was the first one to ask him to marry me… I was all out for this man.” 

Sheila was one determined girl. They had been together for 15 years, through a friendship that started online during their college days. And what a friendship that has been. One that developed a deep sense of trust, and a huge faith in God that He would make things work between them. Desmond is one who takes his commitment to marriage seriously. It is a serious covenant between a man and his wife, and with God.

I think that is such an amazing quality, one that every woman looks for. Someone who would commit their life to you till ‘death do you part’ and mean it totally and utterly with all their heart. That there are no exit doors, no ‘what if’s’, or perhaps we should think of it as ‘commit till we can’t take it anymore’. No, this is a man who commits to his vows with his entire soul… and what a sense of security it is for any woman!

Their faith in God has brought them through many ups and downs, and I am sure their marriage relationship will be tested again in the future (as with ALL marriages)… but I am absolutely certain that this is one couple who will work hard to make things work no matter what.

And that is what a marriage is.

Enjoy this entertaining video filmed by Felicia, Wee Liem & Delvin, and the beautiful photos by Johan and Ben.

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