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grand hyatt

Grand Hyatt Dinner Reception: Calvin & Queenie

After we photographed Calvin and Queenie’s New Zealand wedding, they came back to KL to have their dinner reception at the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur. I always love the view of the twin towers from the sky lobby… it looks so majestic the moment you exit the lifts and enter the lobby. We were also blown away by the beautiful decorations at their wedding dinner. Long dinner tables are really unconventional for Chinese Malaysian weddings, but it seems to be the trend nowadays. If you are looking for a planner to help you coordinate all of these details while you are overseas, check out Mint Events & Soirées who were the planners for this wedding.

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Double Happiness Wedding: Christian & Sindee


Christian and Sindee first met in Vienna years ago when she was a student there. After being together for 15 years (which is amazing on it’s own), they flew back to Malaysia in 2016 for their wedding. For both the tea ceremony and the evening reception they wanted to have simple, elegant and fresh décor. They had an oriental touch with Chinese elements, such as lanterns, the double happiness stand, and local flowers which matched very well with the 1930s chinese jazz music the band was playing. The best part of the evening was their grand entrance with a lion dance performance!

Personally, I love seeing a blend of different cultures coming together like this. It tickles me to see all these ‘mat salleh‘ in our local terms (or rather, foreigners) playing fun games and eating chicken feet to get to the bride. You can’t tell from these photos, but Chris was suffering from bad food poisoning the morning of the wedding. He was such a trooper, and didn’t allow the tummy aches from robbing his joy! It was a lovely day filled with wonderful moments and we are so glad to be part of this celebration.

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Holy Rosary Church Wedding: Chris & Lydia

It was 2012. Lydia and Chris had just returned to KL from their respective stints studying and working abroad. Chris was in Melbourne for 8 years and Lydia on the other end of the continent in UK for 6 years. It was somehow a simple twist of fate that brought them back to Malaysia at that same time, and to the same company.

They bonded over having to adapt back to the Malaysian lifestyle….chats ranging from anything to everything, including conversations about weird old/new Malaysian coins, crazy Asian bosses, terrible drivers, triple flyovers, having to live with parents, good food, and shopping after 6pm. In the end, those late nights at work paid off for the both of them.

His cheeky and extroverted nature coupled with his knack for planning and organising events attracted Lydia to him. (and Lydia says, it makes her a lucky wife!). Chris says that Lydia may be tough on the outside, but is a total softie at heart. She loves her alone time at home and secretly loves to cook and clean. Which in my opinion, makes for a lucky husband!!

Chris and Lydia had a 2 part wedding – the first was their church wedding at the Holy Rosary Church in Brickfields and a dinner at Grand Hyatt, KL and the second part was a beach wedding at the Four Seasons Resort in Langkawi. These set of beautiful images were photographed by Weiming and Nigel. Enjoy part one!

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Wedding of Daniel & Alison at Wesley Methodist Church

20140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_0452It was the Easter weekend in Sydney. Daniel and Alison had already met in 2002 as family friends and then again in 2007 when Daniel visited Melbourne with his buddies and ‘coincidentally’ or perhaps, more ‘intentionally’ asked Alison to catch up. So now, it was Alison’s turn to travel to Sydney where Daniel was studying. Everything was still very platonic at this stage, but Daniel had developed some feelings for Alison by then. Somehow, a few things happened during this trip that made it so significant for them as a couple.

While walking along the Darling Harbour, a lady ‘statue’ in disguise randomly picked Daniel and Alison among their friends to come closer to her. In her hand, were some flowers, which she gave them to hold, and placed a flower crown on Alison’s head. In a simple gesture, she indicated for them to hold hands, which they sheepishly did. Then, there was the incident at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Daniel proved he was good at ‘aiming’ when he won a shooting game there and asked Alison to pick a grand prize that she liked. Together, they chose a giant unicorn which she brought back to Melbourne and subsequently to KL where it’s found it’s resting place in Alison’s bedroom till today. (it made an appearance in her wedding photos too!)

20140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_0012Though they were complete opposites in terms of personality (Daniel is the shy, quiet type – we had to work really hard to draw his cute dimples out during the wedding! And Alison’s the talkative, bubbly girl who doesn’t have any problems laughing or showing her expressions)… they worked well as a couple. Despite the distance between Melbourne and Sydney, they kept in touch and realised they had so much in common. After dating over 6 years, Daniel proposed to Alison on 17 December 2013 in Docklands, Melbourne…the place where he brought her on their first dinner date. Happiest day of their lives. And yes, Daniel is pretty good at his aim.

Congratulations, both of you! Be prepared for a whole series of images, taken by Grace, Nigel & Jamie.

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Wedding at Grand Hyatt, KL: En Ruey & Jas Min

One of the most wonderful things about being a wedding photographer is the ability to connect with others on a deeper level, one that goes beyond a client-vendor relationship. Ever since I discovered the wedding photography industry, my life has changed for the better. I have developed friendships and have photographed families as they grow through the years. En Ruey and Jas Min are one of those couples who are now my friends. To date, we’ve photographed their pre-wedding shoot, wedding, En Ruey’s family portraits and Jas Min’s parent’s birthdays. I look forward to spending more time with this wonderful family as we mature in life.

I’ll let them share their story and thoughts about the wedding as you view the photos below.

20140111_WEDDING_ENRUEY_JASMIN_0636How They Met

“We both were classmates in high school during F4 & F5. Amazingly we never really met each other until then. I think our classmates were even more amazed that we even got together despite all the bantering, yelling and slinging books at each other across the classroom. To be honest, at that age, there wasn’t really any “he’s the one” sort of moment and this was of course compounded by our breakup 6 months into the relationship.

But after two years of being apart, he realised he had made a mistake and asked me to be his girlfriend again. It didn’t help that about a few weeks after, we went to uni in different parts of the UK separated by a very expensive 4 hour plus train ride. To me, the gradual pacing of our relationship coupled with his maturity in handling all my ‘crisises’ allowed me to see him as someone very suitable for the long run (read: husband material). It also helped that despite the distance and only being able to meet up every 2-3 months, we very rarely had any fights or arguments. That to me proved that we were very much in sync with each other.”

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