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Tanusya’s Ear Piercing Ceremony

I admit. It was my first ear piercing ceremony coverage, but that didn’t damper my excitement! I love doing things that challenge my own photography status-quo, and quite truthfully, I was also stoked that I get to wear my under-utilised Punjabi Suit!

Having known the very chatty and bright-eyed Tanusya when the family came to our studio for a photo session, I know I am in for good, lively company. The family enjoyed the studio session so much that Tanusya’s mom, Sri, decided to have me photograph the event. What great honour! So I jumped right into my research about ear piercing ceremonies  and prepared myself for what was to come.

20140907_Tanusha_Ear_Piercing_072And true enough, it is was really quite a grand event. The temple hall was quickly occupied by teachers, friends and family. I can tell they how much they love Tanusya just by seeing the amount of gifts they have given her.

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Maternity & Family Portraits: Chee Seng, Sze Min & Katelynn

Chee Seng & Sze Min and Alex & I have a lot in common, really. We have individually conquered Mt Kinabalu before, are certified divers, have 2 daughters that are the same age (1.5 years) and are expecting our 2nd child in the same year! Oh, and we live in PJ too, just 10 minutes apart!

The difference is that they dated for 10 years and were married in 2011. Alex and I dated for 2 years and married in 2006. :)

It was great getting to know this little family early one weekday morning at their apartment in PJ. Our main purpose was really to just capture moments together that are classic, timeless and real. Honestly, Sze Min and I share the same values when it comes to photographing our children. We feel that time flies so quickly and everyday is a new learning experience with the child. It sounds cliched, but it is true… they DO grow up way too quickly! And part of being a kiasu parent is the feeling that we don’t want to miss a single experience in their childhood years.

Even when I look back at the photos of my daughter just a few months ago, I notice her facial features have changed somewhat. I am really glad that it is relatively cheaper nowadays to photograph our families as compared to the days of our parent’s time! Developing film was pricey (and 1 roll was only 36 shots!)! There were no such thing as lifestyle portrait shoots (If you wanted a family portrait, you’d just get one done at the studio, and you only get 1 image!). Now we can shoot in burst mode even on our phones and seriously not think about it.

The downside is that most of us don’t even print most of these images, and the value of photos as it is, goes down when you have an overabundance of images all stored… somewhere.

But a well taken family portrait will be cherished for years and years to come.


Family Portraits: Albert, Serina & Alyssa

My first ever contact with Albert and Serina happened during a time when I was just a baby in the wedding photography industry. I hardly had any portfolio under my belt, and yet, they chose to hire us to cover their wedding. It was my first time too at Banker’s Club. What blew me away during their wedding was their beautiful first dance and performances that entertained the guests through out the night. Waltzes, flamenco… it almost made me dance too! We ended the night consuming lots of delicious strawberry fondue.

After the epic wedding, I had the privilege of photographing Serina again at a dance studio. She was moving to Kuching to set up her own dance studio (Albert’s expertise is Jiu-Jitsu, which is another successful business altogether!). We had a great time as she twirled in her belly dancing costume, looked stunning in her flamenco outfit, and jazz danced for the camera.

Fast forward to 2014. It is a true story of a client turned friend. I am so glad to have developed a friendship with this wonderful couple. Many of those who know them would testify  that they are an incredibly talented and giving couple. Truly a blessing to know them.

In December 2012, my daughter Krysta and their daughter Alyssa were born just one day apart of each other. Alyssa picked the better date and came out on 12.12.12. One year later, I am pleased to have been part of their family history, yet again.


Family Portraits: Matthew, Pooi San & Arianna

When you get to photograph a baby as cute and smiley as Arianna, it kinda gets your female hormones working a bit more… “Aaaww… I think I want to have another kid!” At 6 months, she is so sociable and super adorable. Naturally, it took her a while to warm up to Diane and I, but after a while, she was laughing at our silly songs, noises and whatever strange antics we had to do to get her all pumped up.

Matthew and Pooi San were really easy going and chatty too. It was nice to be able to connect with them and to spend some time photographing their family. I love how they described what they wanted out of our photo session… “We really want the photos to portray a tastefully done paparazzi shot…meaning it’s like someone is spying on our good times together and everyone is just enjoying each other’s company.”

Matthew and Pooi San, I hope I managed to capture the essence what you hoped for in our session!



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Wyeth Family Contest Winners!

Some time back, Wyeth ran a Be Photo Ready competition for families where the grand prize is a portrait shoot with Stories! Through this contest, I met 2 awesome families – CK, Martina, their sons Melvin and Mavis, and Ivan, Jennifer and their 2 cute girls Cayla and Liz-Myra. My job is a breeze whenever I get to photograph really cute babies like these…

I am sure he gets his cheeks pinched every so often.

Presenting CK & Martina’s family…

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