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A policeman & a lady: The Wedding of Kim Chuan & Elaine

Photographers: Grace & Alex
Dinner Reception: Hotel Equatorial, Malacca
Cake: Choffles
Wedding Invite: Tinggi Press
Night hand bouquet & flowers: Excellent Sense

“Congratulations, you are married to the force now. We will watch out for your family as one of our own.”

I overheard the Malacca Chief of Police saying to Elaine during the wedding reception. It’s a huge promise, but I am sure one that Kim Chuan (also known as KC) and Elaine appreciate. It’s not everyday that I get to photograph men in uniform (their guests were excited too!). During the dinner walk in, these sword bearers were there to welcome KC & Elaine into the ballroom.

I’ve known KC since I was still running around Malacca in my light blue school uniform (not such a cool uniform compared to what he’s wearing now). We went to tuition together, and it was nice that there were some of my old school friends who were there during the wedding as well. Elaine is from Malacca too, but I only got to know her much later. Since Elaine works at PJ Hilton, her standards of what is good is really high! It was great that she had a few hotelier friends to help in the wedding coordination.

So both KC & Elaine grew up in Malacca, got married in Malacca, and hired a wedding photographer who was originally from Malacca.

And the best thing about it?

Both KC, Elaine and I come from Peranakan families! A typical Peranakan/Baba Nyonya family would have lots of laughter, talking (really loudly at times!), singing and drama all in the same pot. Proud parents from both sides of the family.

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The Final Goodbye

28th June 2011. That was the date we said our final goodbyes.

Goodbye to the place I called home when I was a child. The place where I learnt to ride my bicycle, play fashion stylist to all my 9 Barbies, reluctantly helped my mom bake her pineapple tarts so she could sell them for Chinese New Year and also the place where I tried to cram my head full of info for my SPM exam.

It’s never easy to say goodbye, but in life, you have to move on.

While I discovered my treasure trove of Barbie dolls with clothes that have been lovingly hand stitched by my mom from scrap pieces of cloth…

My sister discovered some old pots that she decided was worth keeping. And my uncle from Brisbane discovered his old copper art piece that he created years ago.

We also discovered my brother’s old teddy bear that my sister claimed was bought by my dad when he was in London years ago (like 40 years ago or so!). And my dad’s beloved chess set. He was the President of the Malacca chess club in the 80s.

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SOLD: The family home

For those of you who have been following this blog, you’ll know that my parents made the move to KL in 2009 to live with my sister and I. Since then, we’ve been clearing up old stuff and trying to transport as many nostalgic things as possible to KL. After procrastinating for such a long time, we decided the time has finally come for us to sell the house. Today, we signed the S&P agreement.

As my mom sat in her kitchen (possibly the last time), I felt a little sad to hear her asking for things like her oven to be brought up to KL. She said that the glasses in the cupboard are really good and I should keep it. Those glasses from the 60s with floral patterns and which were only used during Chinese New Year.

Reality is, we can’t move everything with us. That’s life. We accumulate material items in our lifetime, only to die and leave them all behind. What’s left are memories.

My sister discovered some stray albums that we missed in our previous trip back.

My sister’s and brother’s car collection. Should this go on eBay?

My little Lego looking set that I had since I was a baby (according to my sis).

My parents outside our home. My dad is still oblivious as to what is happening.

Next trip would be to pack some larger items into the lorry for us to transport up to KL. Then, it’s the final farewell.

Vincent & Jen’s portraits

Photographers: Grace, Johan & Mark
Location: Majestic, Malacca

If you did not shoot a pre-wedding portrait session, you can always opt for a day-after session! You’re now husband and wife, the stress of planning your wedding is over, and you can just relax! The very next day after Vincent and Jen’s wedding, we spent 2 hours at the Majestic’s grounds taking photos. I love the old decor in this place! And also how candies from my childhood memories are randomly placed at various locations within the hotel. Yummy! Enjoy the pics!

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A Majestic Affair: Vincent & Jen’s wedding

Photographers: Mark & Johan
Location: The Majestic, Malacca

How it all began…

Jen: We met through the AIESEC traineeship programme back in 2003 when I left Malaysia for Belgium. Vincent was the person in charge of my traineeship integration in Belgium. He was the one who helped me throughout the beginning with all the required paperwork. Over time, we got closer to each other and started dating 3 months later.

Vincent is an intelligent, calm and composed person. I sometimes get impatient more easily than him, as my behaviour is quite the opposite! I believe that I learnt to be calmer over time because of him. I never felt that we are from different parts of the world. It feels like we belong together and managed to complement each other in every way. And the most important thing of all… he always makes me laugh and feel secure.

Vincent: My first impression about Jen was that she is a serious girl, but also very beautiful. I never saw any difference between her Malaysian and my Belgian’s stomach. We have always been able to eat each other’s food and complement each other. It’s a thing we do on every aspect of our lives… I made the right move!

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