Wedding in Christ Church, Malacca: Jeremy & Sarah

Jeremy and Sarah’s wedding was held at the beautiful Christ Church in Malacca. Being an 18th-century Anglican church, its Dutch Colonial architecture style and colors are unmistakable, as was the chemistry between the Sarah and Jeremy.

20131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_559Jeremy “likes to think of himself as an outdoorsy person”. And by the way that sentence was constructed, yes, we know you wrote that about him, Sarah! Hehe. Apparently, he loves hiking, kayaking and soaking up the air too. When I close my eyes, I can almost see him hiking up a mountain and kayaking down a river valley, with the song “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. Ain’t No Valley Low Enough” playing in the background. I’d say – Ain’t no river wide enough, to keep Jeremy from getting to you, Sarah.

Then “they” describe Sarah as more of an extrovert who has a soft spot for animals and all things quirky. She loves creative writing (no wonder she works in the media industry!) and little does she know that we found out that she’s actually published “The tale of a Malaysian girl in NUS” in 2012. Wow! Congrats Sarah!

By the way, a little bird also told us that Jeremy likes a Facebook page entitled “Sleeping with one leg out of the covers”. Now, I bet you didn’t know that about the groom.

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Heritage Wedding in Malacca: Dexter & Michelle

As I was growing up in Malacca, I always wondered who lived in this really grand, elaborate home along Heeren St. It is undoubtedly the nicest looking building on that street, and usually many tourists would stop by and take photos of the house. When we photographed the wedding of Dexter and Michelle, I was excited to hear that I would be entering it for the first time ever. It was Dexter’s ancestral home, and we had full access to all the floors! Naturally, as we were shooting in the front yard, tourists stopped to take photos!

Dexter and Michelle’s wedding was a 2 part event that started in KL and ended in Malacca. Where can I start about this couple… well, I first met them at the Westin wedding fair where they signed up for our photography and cinematic film service. It was an instant click – the feeling that you have bonded with someone even though you’ve only just met. They were humorous, ‘in-your-face’, fun, spontaneous… I guess part of it had to be the fact that Dexter is from Malacca…and you know what…Malaccans are a FUN and loud bunch! (Read: Grace is fun and loud too).

We created a fusion slideshow for them to show the next day at Equatorial hotel. Look out for the middle part of the slideshow where he strides in and lifts her off her feet!


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Malaysian-Mauritian Wedding: Charles & Jenna

“Jenna’s Mauritian, so I always tell her she’s my African wife…”

Charles and Jenna are a fun couple, and it really reflects through their wedding! I got to know Charles many years ago because we come from the same hometown, Malacca…and so I know that all the guys who were there at the wedding would make it really loud and rowdy! A totally sporting crowd! Unfortunately, I wasn’t there to witness this beautiful wedding, but Ben and Eric were there to photograph the wedding in Malacca.

Jenna was Charles’ sister’s housemate in London, and that’s how they met each other years ago. Charles was attracted to Jenna’s easy going personality…and so one thing led to another…and now they are married! Congratulations Charles and Jenna!


Charles’ home that was beautifully decorated for the wedding.


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Hindu Temple Wedding: Ashish & Lynn

They were best friends. Their dads, I mean. Ashish and Lynn knew each other since they were kids but somehow never really knew each other. It was always a hello-bye kind of friendship…and nothing really happened. For years. But as fate would have it, something changed. It was at Lynn’s brother’s wedding, and Ashish was asked to be the rep at the wedding. Somehow, something clicked, and from that moment on, they got to know each other better. Lynn felt that Ashish was the sweetest guy she had ever met, and everything just seemed right from all aspects, including being husband-material!

And from his look at the wedding, I can certainly say that Ashish felt the same way towards Lynn… he was absolutely smitten by her!

I always feel honoured when friends ask me to document their wedding day. I too, have known Ashish and Lynn for years… from the days when we were scrawny teenagers attending tuition class together. It’s also fun when you see all your friends at the wedding too! I was in my 3rd trimester of my pregnancy when I photographed their wedding…and as with all Hindu weddings, it requires quite a bit of work out with me doing quite a number of squats! But at the dinner, Mark and Diane took over and I got the chance to don a saree, and enjoy the meal!

Congratulations, Ashish and Lynn! Do join the parent club really soon… and our kids can all play together!

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Grand Red & Black Themed Wedding: Colin & Yee Xing, Hatten Hotel

lt was the first ever wedding at the new Hatten Hotel in Malacca. For weeks, everyone rushed to get the fittings and furnishings completed on time for the wedding of Colin and Yee Xing. There was no doubt about it, the wedding dinner had to go on, for this was no ordinary couple. Colin is the son of Hatten Group CEO Datuk Eric Tan.

It must have been a stressful and challenging time for everyone but amazingly, everything came together and the hotel opened its doors for the first time to wedding guests in March.

Some of you might remember Colin and Yee Xing’s beautiful poolside ceremony at Capella, Sentosa, Singapore some time back.  A week before the wedding dinner in Malacca, Colin and Yee Xing had their actual wedding day celebration in Singapore.

Actually, I was rather unprepared at the scale of this event. I was so amazed when I walked in that evening to see lorry-loads of decorations filling the hallway leading to the ballroom. The amount of detail that went into this wedding was amazing. Enya of Storybook did a superb job in decorating the cocktail and ballroom area. When I entered the ballroom, I instantly fell in love with the red and black theme. Stunning!

What was challenging for Weiming and myself as we photographed this wedding was the fact that we had to cover 2 different dinners, over 2 consecutive days, with the same setting and decorations but different guests. On the 2nd day, the Chief Minister and Governor of Malacca (TYT) was on the guest list too! We had to look at things differently and try to approach the event with a new set of eyes for the 2nd day.

So, be prepared for a barrage of images, especially details!

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